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reader17's Journal

3 June 1963
I like to watch anime, old movies (gidget, yours mine and ours), 80's movies (breakfast club, better off dead, st elmo's fire, sure thing), some of the newer movies usually some kind of romance or comedy.

Love to read romance novels, manga, Harry potter, twilight, sisterhood of the traveling pants, demons and angels, Twilight, The Morganville vampire series, and the Hunger Games. Recently started reading m/m books.

Love to watch K-drama,T-dramas,J-Dramas and listening to Kpop. So far favorites CNBLUE, MBLAQ, BEAST(Highlight), BTS, Henry, Shinhwa, Vixx, Teen Top, Shinee, JJ Project, Infinite, MonstaX, Got7, BlockB, Sistar, Mamamoo, Led Apple, Aziatix, Eric Nam, BAP, Seventeen, Winner, Ikon, B1A4, Big Star, Day6, Royal Pirates, The Legend, Apink, Twice, and Oh My Girl. I keep adding more and more groups to my list of favorites soon all of the kpop groups are going to be here (LOL). Enjoy Running Man and Return of Superman

I try to update my Live Journal with books I have read, and things I have watched. Yes I get behind on lots of the books, and I have been behind on all of the drama's I have been watching. (smiling to busy watching instead of updating),