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If I have a wicked Stepmother Where's my Prince, Manga Fever, Me and my Brothers, and a few others

This is has been an eventful week.   I think the last post I was ready to quit my job a few times, but this week has been much better.
Now others in my department are starting to have the melt down.  It seems to be affecting someone else on different days.   I actually told the owner's brother I am in "Countdown Mode".   Luckily everyone is understanding of the whole situation.   Now they are relocating some of the departments to other buildings so one of the girls I have lunch with often will be moving to the other building.  (Which she is really not happy with since it is 20 more minutes added to an already long commute). 

I went out and had ice cream with a friend that was an old co-worker as I was leaving another friend (old co-worker) drove up.  It was really nice seeing them.   I love that when that happens out of the blue you see someone you hadn't seen for awhile and just by a few words it feels like you had only talked yesterday.  No strangeness, no empty space not knowing what to say. 

Also this weekend I tried my hand at my first posting in one of the communities I am in.  I was so nervous. 
Hopefully by the end of this week it will be alot easier to do. It want from taking me almost half a day Sunday just to figure out how to do a post and set it up, to tonight it took me less then 45 minutes to get it all together.  Mainly because I copy and paste everything and make a few changes.  I also brought a notebook so I could write some information down like what I wanted to say and where it should land. 

I feel like I have gotten somewhere with reading Manga or else I haven't posted for awhile since the pile is big.   So I am only going to talk  about a few  of them, then I will do another post later with the rest.  (The funny part is as fast as I read them I buy another pile that seems to be bigger then what I just read).  Plus I seem to be staying towards the Manga this week I know the Host came out today and don't want to get caught up in another book so when I pick it up I can start reading it.  I heard it was really good.

So here onto the updates.

First I read another book with the theme of Cinderella called: If I Have a Wicked Stepmother Where's my Prince?  by Melissa Kantor
I really enjoyed this book.   This book is about Lucy who's mother passed away when she was young and her father has recently remarried.  Lucy is moved to the East coast with her new Step Mother and Step Sisters.  She doesn't seem to get along well with any of them.  Her Father still works in California but comes home on the weekend so he doesn't really see how Lucy is treated.   The new Step Mother acts one way when the Father isn't around and then another way when he is.  Lucy has to start at a new school, and the only thing she enjoys is Art and she knows alot about basketball.   Since she knows things about basketball she starts talking with some of the guys on the basketball team.  Especially Connor Pearson the senior on the team that is the most popular boy in the school.   She also meets Sam who is in her art class.  I like Sam.  Why he rarely says anything,   and always seems to be cranky.  Which if you have read my post before this is one of my favorite characters.   This story shows Lucy trying to make a new life on the East Coast,  the relationship with her new family, and her father.  I would recommend reading this story.

Manga Fever, Me and my Brothers, Gakuen Alice, High School Debut

Fever vol 1 - This is a new series. I'm not exactly sure how I feel about this story.   I was kinda of confused while reading it.  Hyung-in seems to be the main character in this book.  And it goes into her character at school and about a friend she had.  She would acknowledge the friend outside of school but not in school.  And wouldn't stand up for her.  At first it just keeps saying the Friend went away.  But if you read the back cover it seems the friend committed suicide.   Anyway, Hyung-in meets two other guys in this.  The one guy she just bumps into and it goes into his background a bit. Like how one of his friends like's him, and I think he has a thing for this friend's sister.   Then she meets another guy that has a dog .  I like this character he seems like he tries to make her have fun.  But at the same time I don't know much about him.  I will have to wait for the second book to see what is really happening and  how this story proceeds.

Me and My Brothers  vol 3 - I love this series Sakura is so cute.  I felt bad for Masashi in this.  He cares about his sister so much.   The first chapters actually has her going into some kind of fantasy world where she encounters Masashi in the past when he was 14 and she was just a baby.  When she meets him he tells her about his cute little sister.   Then one part is about the cultural festival, and she is Juliet in the play.   There is another chapter dealing with Christmas and Masashi is taken away by is editor so he finishes the chapter he owes.  I just love Sakura and her brothers, and the way they are still learning to interact with each and get along. 

Gakuen Alice vol 2 -  I love this series.  All these little kids are so cute.  I feel so bad Mikan in this one.  In this story there is a new teacher introduced that really seems to have it out for Mikan.  He gives her the lowest ranking that there is.   They won't let her see her Grandpa. Since she is the lowest ranking she gets alot more work to do,  hardly any food, and a bedroom that she is afraid of.  But the Prez is always there to help her out and so does Hotaru.  She also meets a new character in this volume Tsubasa who starts looking after her.   I really have to watch the anime sometime.   I really enjoy this series.

High School Debut vol 2 - Another series I love.  This volume there is so much to say but I will try to keep it brief.  Yeah right.  Anyway.  I was happy when Haruna went on the date with Fumiya.  I thought it was funny that she had to have Yo in the background telling her to talk and to quit acting nervous.   I will try not to give anything away in case you didn't read it but Yo sister made me upset in this the way she acted and some of the things she did. But I loved the end with Haruna playing softball and Yo telling her to just be herself, and then when she was watching him play basketball.  Luckily I have the next volume so I won't have to wait long to continue reading this wonderful series.

Manga Yaoi Pet on Duty
Pet on Duty - I really liked this story.  Mizuki is so cute.  He has lost his job and he goes to stay with his older brother who happens to live in a dorm room for the company he works with.  Since he is really not allowed to stay there they keep him in secret and they treat him like a house cat.   One of the room mates Toru at first Mizuki doesn't get along with him.  But as time goes on Mizuki and Toru end up together more and more and he finds out that there is more to Toru then he thought.   These two start dating and seeing each other.  The part that cracks me up is the other roommates are not happy that Toru is taking there house cat away from them and that Mizuki spends more time with Toru.  This story had me laughing alot.  

Since this post has now turn longer then I thought I will stop here for now.  I have already read 4 other manga and in the middle of another.  So don't be surprised if I don't post something later this week. 

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