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I know everyone get sick of me talking about work.  You know what I think i'm sick of talking about work.  So since I have these two weeks on 1st shift before I may or may not go back to 3rd I figured I would give an update of books read (hangs head in shame) from March. 

Books Leaving Paradise by Simone Elkeles

Leaving Paradise by Simone Elkeles - Loved this book. Enjoyed how the writer had teh book one chapter being from Maggie point of view and the other by Caleb. This book is about Maggie who is hit by a car that Caleb is driving. Maggie has spent the last year in the Hospitol then being home schooled while she has had operations and physical therapy. Caleb has been in juvenile detention for the past year for hitting Maggie and running from the scene of the accident along with being a drunk driver. Maggie is now finally able to go back to school and Caleb has been released from Juvenile detention and is going back to school. How will these two react to one another, how does the rest of their family and friends react to them being home and back in school. You will have to read on wonderful book to find out.

Manga- We Were There, Fairy Tail, and Chibi Vampire

We Were There vol 1 - I really enjoyed reading this first volume. I thought it was cute and sad at the same time. This is a story about a girl nickname is Nana and she is starting High school. She is very excited to be starting school and making new friends. At first it is hard for her to fit in. There is also a popular boy named Yano that at first she really doesn't get along with it. One minute he is nice to her the next he is a jerk. I like the development of this story of her making friends, and becoming closer to Yano. She is a sweet girl, that can't say no to others and seems to be taken advantage of. But she knows she is a push over, she just likes to try to please people.

Fairy Tail vol 2 - This series is still good and it makes me laugh. The charcter's are something else. In this volume they have taken on a job to get a book back and burn it but they have to get it of one of a crazy guy that thinks Lucy is ugly and his maids which are all really ugly are beautiful. The next chapter introduces a new girl Erza who is making Natsu, Gray, Happy and Lucy on an adventure to get Lullaby back before it causes major destructions.

Chibi Vampire vol 8 - Everytime I read this series I forget how much I love it. In this volume Maki is trying to get Karin and Kenta to take the next step but at least admitting that they like each other. Even though Kenta wasn't even thinking of anyone including Karin in that way. She sets up a chance for them to go on a date to the Zoo. Also there is a new girl in town that is working with them at the restaurant. In this volume the introduce her but we really don't know much about her. Looking forward to finding out more about this new girl and how Karin and Kenta date is going :)

Yaoi - Millenium Darling 2006 and Where has Love Gone

Millenium Darling 2006 - This was an okay volume. It was strange with the stories in it. I am not sure if any of them where actually all that long. Most of them seemed like a few pages about characters and then moved on to others.I think these characters where all in another story and maybe if you read it you would know more about them. There was a page that I kept referring to, just to understand who was who, and who the kids belonged to. This volume has about 4 or 5 different couples and it jumps around from one couple to the next. One is about the couple and their child might be sick, the other is the couple and the kids wake up in the middle of the night. The main story in this book seemed to about a guy whose father wants him to get married and go meet the girl. They are trying to arrange with the girl that she pretend she has a boyfriend so he gets out of it. Some of the stories made me smile.

Where has love gone - Enjoyed reading this volume. I enjoyed it so much I hope there are more of her books published. Most of the book is about the same characters with only one little extra towards the end of the book. This is about 2 guys Takayama who is gay and his co-worker Ishikawa who is straight. One night Ishikawa catches Takayama kissing a guy. The next day thest two start having sex. The Takayama keeps trying to stop with Ishikawa because he tells him he will fall in love with him, but Ishikawa wants to keep seeing him. I really like how the go from being workers together, to start caring for each other and wanting to be with each other. The extra at the end with Ishikawa is trying to plot on how to get Takayama to stay the night made me smile the whole time.

Well that is all for now.  Don't want to bore anyone.  But yeah that was one pile moved from my desk so now I can see my computer again.  (Yes I hadn't put the books away from my last post).   Maybe in the next few days I will post again with some books I read in April (smiling).

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