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I am so glad I was pointed in the direction of yaoi daily. I am really enjoying all of the different stories and the wonderful artwork.   I think everyone has done a really good job. They also list the websites where  these stories are found (which give me more to read).  I have started to download my favorites.   

I wish for some of these to be licensed in the US so I can own them and re-read them when I want.  I realize alot of them are being licensed, so if the story was posted before it has to be taken down.  The sad part is once they are licensed you can not always get your hands on them.  (they either go out of stock fast), or some of the older stories are no longer available.  

I know this is kinda of boring but it is what I am thinking of. As I read some of my favorite stories wishing they would come out , and hoping if they do I can get a copy.  (If they all came out I would have no bank account).

I am only reflecting since it has not been quite a year since I started reading manga and watching anime and some of the authors I love have licensed stories but  I can't get a copy, and I will most likely not be able to read the stories.

I just wished the publishers would realize if they are out of stock , none are available and we are asking for more why  they don't publish more copies. Also if a series is still running why do they not make all of the volumes available.  Some  fans stumble across a series and get the latest volume realize there are prior volumes that are no longer available.  

I know as one fan this would make me happy and I would not miss any of the wonderful stories and the artwork.


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