reader17 (reader17) wrote,

Hey just a brief update

Sorry haven't updated in a while.  Life has been really crazy.  (well work and trying to sleep has been crazy).

I think I gave an update before that 3 people where starting.  So I was training 2 for 3rd shift and one was being trained for 2nd shift.  The 2nd shift person did not work out so they took one that I was training and put them on 2nd.   Then the process began again to find a new person.  So I continued to try and train the new person for 3rd shift.  It is hard training her.  When I show her something, she responds back with " I understand", or " I get it".  SO I am not sure if she really knows it or not.  (plus it is hard  to train on 3rd shift, the first week or two everyone is falling asleep while being trained just getting used to the hours).   Now they found another person for 3rd shift and I started the process all over again.  So no computer at work for me, then when I am home it is trying to get my kids back and forth to work and school.  Then fit sleep in.  So I don't have a lot of extra time to myself.

That being said this past weekend I had a wedding, and my Daughter graduates from High School on Sunday.  (very proud of her)!!  So next weekend is her graduation party.  So I will have to clean, and prepare for the party.  

So unless I get a free moment in the next week or so I won't be posting again.  When I do I have lots of books to post, since I still have to post about the book I read in March. 

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