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Okay,  Work was horrible last week.  I think the one day if I could of found anything to apply to on Career Builders or Monster I would of applied right then and there and hoped for an interview.  (But of course nothing was listed in the area I was looking, either commute wise or job wise).  I think it is really going to be hard to find a job when I get laid off later this year.  

The one night I even lost it I was trying to pack my daughter for Deca competition (I was going to do it during a job that runs a really long time) when my boss called asking if something was done.  I asked if it could wait until the next day.  (NOW note my boss usually is very understanding and has helped me through alot of things and normally would say don't worry about it).  But this time he seemed to really want the information.  So I did not start to pack my daughter until after 11:45 and never finished until around 2:30 we couldn't find some of things she needed to pack.  Needless to say I did not get alot of sleep and the next day we had to be up earlier then normal for her to get her flight.   But as I said I lost it.  I throw my cell phone done on my bed (which of course it bounced off luckily it didn't break), and of course while I was doing his work I had tears in my eyes which makes it harder to work.    So of course the next day he couldn't figure out why I was still mad at him.  I asked to think about it.  But him being a man he was clueless.  Luckily one of my co-workers asked why I was mad at him and I told her the whole story.  Of course she then went into telling my boss that he was clueless and shouldn't of done that and yes the work could of waited one more day.  (which he still hasn't done anything with, which ticked me off even more that day).  But luckily I had the weekend to calm down and get my missing sleep.  

As for my Daughter at Deca they had opening ceremony and she went into an Ashtma attack and didn't feel well and was losing her voice.  Luckily she took her nebulizer with her and I packed Tylenol Cold medicine in case anything should come up.   (I always over pack, especially with medicine you never know when something will come up and if you will be able to find a store opened to buy what you need).   I haven't heard from her yet today I hope she is feeling better they had orientation.  Monday is competition so I hope her voice is back.   (SO Good Luck and I hope you feel better if you read this)

So that is my tale about last week.  Yes I got some reading done before all of the mess with packing, lack of sleep and having a minor melt down.

Books Read Cindy Ella By Robin Palmer
I enjoyed this book.   Of course it was like the Cinderella with a Stepmother and Stepsisters but even though some of the things they had her do and said well it really wasn't all that bad not like the real Cinderella.  Actually what I felt for them was more like laughing at them and the way they acted. 

This story has Cindy (who really doesn't like fairytales) and since she lives in L.A. they make way to much out of the prom.  She writes a letter to the newspaper stating that everyone makes to much out of it and that is way to much about fashion and other things then what it really should be about the passage of time, of course not everyone agrees with her letter.  She ends up having a crush on a two different guys, and she has an online buddy that she can pretty much tell everything about herself to.  She has two friends Indie and Malcolm.  These two are very different then your average teenage friends.  But I liked the characters alot.   One of the things I really enjoyed in the book was all of the references to the 80's movies Like Pretty in Pink, Sixteen Candles, all of the John Hughes movies (which I loved), they even make references to Valley Girl (I know I am strange but I love that movie).  One of my favorite things in the book is how her and her little brother Spencer (who is a toddler) are together.  (It makes me laugh how he is always trying to undress himself).  I would recommend this book it was cute and funny a really enjoyable story. 

Manga June, My Heavenly Hockey Club, Minima
June  vol 1 and vol 2 - I have had volume 1 for almost a year now and never got to it.  My daughter had read it and didn't really like it so I put it on the back burner since I have so many others to read.  Well Volume 2 just came out and I realized it was the author from Click Which I love.  So I picked up volume 1.  It is a very different story about some doctors that are secretly cloning human beings.   The one doctor his daughter falls in love with this guy who eventually becomes and doctor and also part of the secret groups making the clones.   It shows how the daughter Jaehee and  Gangjae meet and get together.  They fall in love and are really lovey dovey whenever they are together.  Their are side characters in this another girl who likes  Gangjae and hates Jaehee,  another guy that likes Jaehee,  a childhood friend of Jaehee who works with Gangjae as a partner,  the  parents, and police officers.  Just so many other characters it is hard to get all of the names correct.  Anyway they make a clone of Jaehee which Gangjae really didn't appreciate and always wants to destroy the clone.   Something happens to Jaehee and it has a ripple affect with all of the characters and the clone.   I feel really bad for the Clone and the way it is treated especially by Gangjae I get really upset.  In the second book she is found and being cared for by the people that found her .  The clone now has a name of June.  She  looks really happy in the second volume at the end but of course Gangjae is trying to find her to destroy the clone,  the other guy that liked the real Jaehee is looking for the clone.  So I have no clue where the story is going but I am looking forward to see what happens nex.t

My Heavenly Hockey Club vol 4 - I really enjoy this series.  It is so funny.   Hana makes me laugh with the way she loves to eat and sleep.   Everything always comes down to food and sleep with her.   In the first chapter the team finds out that her grades stink on the test so they are trying to make her study.  The poor girl just wants to sleep and eat.   It made me laugh she was hiding in the bathroom to get away from the guys.  Of course she didn't hide long since she had to come out for food.   The next story about the twins Hana looks so cute in the all girls outfit, and of course she gets all of the notes wrong she is suppose to be taking to give the the boy twins on the team so they can impress the girl twins. The chicken story had me laughing the chicken that wouldn't lay and egg and they where all working really hard to try and make it.   The Haunted house chapter cracked me up.  Izumi being afraid of  ghost's and he was trying to find a girlfriend  all at the same time.  (I think he did it just to try and make Hana Jealous, but that could just be me).  If you want a fun manga to read this would be the one.   Just alot of silly stories involving the Hockey club which never seems to play hockey. 

Minima vol 1 -  This is a new series.  It looks like it maybe cute.   Of course it starts out with a wedding and you have no clue who is getting married.  (which will drive me crazy).  But it has Ame who finds a toy at the amusement park and the toy can talk.  Everyone can hear the toy talk.  The toy becomes famous around the school since it can talk.  Ame is very quiet and shy and seems to have a crush on one of the boys which of course the toy sorta let's out that she does.  She has two other friends a Girl who seems to hang out with all of the boys but seems to care about Ame and another friend who is a boy Midori who is very nice and funny I think.   He gives her things and helps her out with Nicori the toy.   He seems to be there for her.   I am not sure who Ame is suppose to be with.  But so far I think I like Midori the best since he seems to do things for Ame and watches out for her.  I guess I will have to see what volume two brings.

Manga Yaoi Glass Sky
I really like Yugi Ymada stories.  They usually make me laugh in some way or another.  The plot or the character that look like birds her (chibi's), or just something that happens.  This book has a few short stories in it and I enjoyed every one of them. I actually don't think I could pick a favorite out of it (well the last story was good but I like the other one's better).   The first one has two guys working at a convience store and the one has a girlfriend but is having sex with the other guy that also seems to like the girl.   As it turns out the one is only dating the girl to keep her away from the other guy since he likes him.  Another story is about two guys that meet once they are older and realized that they still have feelings for each other.   This one would do flash backs to when they where younger.  Then their is a story about the teacher and a student.  The student grows up but is still jealous the teacher maybe with the younger students and tries to pretend he is a student again.  (which made me laugh).   The last story is a little more serious I liked it but not as much as the other.  This one had a boy always being bullied and the bully seemed like him.  But it seems that the boy enjoyed being bullied by him. (which I think was odd.)  But still I really did enjoy this book.

So that is all for now.  I figured I ought to post before I read anymore.  This was a big post just because I was getting stuff of my chest.  Whew.   So I figured I should post what I read so far.  So maybe the next post won't be as big.  Yeah right if I read one book a week and 6 manga and only post once week that is still talking about 7 items.  Going off to fight with the dryer that isn't working up to speed.  Lots of wash to do and lots of reading. 
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