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City of Ashes, A.I. Revolution, Pschic Power Nanaki, Beauty Pop, Black Cat, and other manga

Yeah done taxes (of course since it past the 15th) otherwise I would be in trouble.   Finished City of Ashes and read lots of manga this weekend.  It was a lazy weekend I finally got to do what I wanted relax and just read.  I could of read more but the weather was gorgeous on Saturday so sat around outside just enjoying the weather.  Then today I just decided to take a nap next think I knew it was two hours later.  (I guess life caught up to me).  I could still go lay down and sleep some more.

Anyway I shouldn't be napping or reading I should be getting my daughter ready for Georgia.  She is heading off to a Deca competition the end of this week. But this is like me I save everything for the last minute.  Luckily it is mainly doing the wash getting the bigger suitcase out, and packing.  

I haven't watch any Tv except in the morning when Fruit Baskets is on and watch a few minutes of Kodocha.  I just love watching these first thing in the morning.  (But now I am getting out of the house later then I should for work). 

So here is my list it has gotten out of hand so I figured I better start typing.  (Maybe I will split the post and write some of the manga today and some tomorrow).    

Books read City of Ashes by Cassandra Clare

City of Ashes is the Second book in "The Mortal Instruments" series, the first book was "City of Bones".    I did enjoy this book.  Of course once I got into it.  (As I said before I had started it but then taxes had to get done).  So once I was done with that I was able to sit down and read it.   It is much better when you can sit down and spend time on it then reading only a few pages here and there.   In this book it seems that some young downworlders (werewolves, fairies, etc) are being killed and they need to find out who is behind it and stop them.   Also in this book you find out more about Jace's relationship with , Isaebel and Alec's family.   Magnus and Luke are in this alot (I really like these characters).  Clare and Jace learn they have some special talentss, and Simon different things happen to Simon in this book.  I am not sure I agree with what happens to him but I can understand some of it.   There are a few new characters introduced into this book Maia I like her.  I am trying not to give anything away this is a really good story and hard to put down once you start reading it.  If you like vampires, fairies, werewolves, mundanes (humans) this is a great story to read. 

Manga A.I. Revolution, Pschic Power Nanaki, Beauty Pop, Black Cat, The Devil Within, Tactics, I hate you more then anyone.  (Okay so I am writing all of them)
A.I. Revolution Vol 1This is a new series that came out awhile ago.  Volume 2 just came out a week or two ago.  I like this new series.  It is about a girl and her father makes robots.  He has created a new roboot that looks just like a human.  He looks so much like one you can not tell he is robot except for maybe the way he talks.   Then there is another robot introduced partway into the book and he also looks like a human.  So far it has been about her meeting the robots and some of the things they can do.  Also a scientist that they used to trust they can no longer trust.   It has some fun parts, some scientific parts, and one or two sad parts but I enjoyed this.  Looking forward to volume 2. 

Psychic Power Nanaki Vol 1 - This is another new series that came out awhile ago and yes volume 2 is also out.  This is about a teenager Nanaki that has realized he has special pscychic powers.  They are tryingto get him to join the Paranormal task force to help solve some mysteries.  He is teamed up with another member Ao.  I like these two together the crack me up.  One of course flies off the handle Nanaki and Ao is the more calm one.   They have a boss that Nanaki keeps calling old man.  It cracks me up.

Beauty Pop vol 7 - Mussy head (Kiri) I love her. This volume had so many good and funny things happy in it.  They find out who the guy is that is being Narumi double and why he is doing it.   They go to Hollywood and meet a new character Billy.  Kiri mother and father are in this story more.  I just love everything about this series.  All of the characters I like next to Kiri I have to say I love Narumi next he cracks me up he is such a character. 

Black Cat vol 11 - Poor Train is still a little kid in this volume.  Somehow Kyoko has decided she really likes Train and has decided to follow him around.  Charden asks Train to take care of her.  Of course Chronos is out to destroy Kyoko since she was once one of Creeds gang.   Kyoko is fun in this since Train has told her not to kill she is trying hard to follow that.  She makes me laugh.

The Devil Within Volume 2 - This is the last volume in this series.   This was such a strange series I did enjoy it but I did get confused with some of it.  And the ending well I try not to give hints but at the end you still don't know how things will end up.  You sorta know about Rion and Tenshi but still I don't think everything is resolved. Tenshi looks really cute when he is in his grown up form.

Tactics volume 3 - Kantrou can dispel spirits also with Haruko the emon eating tengu.   In this volume I was kinda of confused only during the one story it is becasue the girls where twins and some of the time I couldn't tell the one twin from the other.   In another of the stories it had some weird things happening with Haruko some strange character was trying to make him marry her along with her dad.  Kantrou was talking to it looks like a frong.   Him talking to the frong made me laugh.   

I hate you more than anyone Vol 3 and Vol 4 -  Okay today when I started to read vol 3 since I had vol 4 I went ahead and read it.  This is one of those series that I sorta forget about until I have it in my hands and start to read it and I love it.   I don't know why I think it is the characters both Hazuha and Sugmoto.  In these two volumes it centers around Hazuha family alot and her feelings for Sugmoto.  Her little brothers and sisters are so cute.   And her younger brother is going through some rough times which causes some emotional problems within her family.  In volume 4 she starts working with Honjo at his hairstyling place along with his mother who runs it.  His mother made me laugh.   Also I am enjoying the parts with Honjo and Senko I am rooting from them to get together and for her to get over Sugmoto. 

Yaoi Manga and Novel, The prime Minister's Secret Diplomacy, Voice or Noise, Don't worry Mamma
The Prime Minister's Secret Diplomacy - I enjoyed this book.  But then again I like everything Youka Nitta has done. This story is about the prime minister (Yoshinaga) and one of his helpers (Shiraishi).   But the twist is the Prime minister is engaged to Shiraishi sister.  Shiraishi catches Yoshinaga kissing another guy which then leads to him telling Yoshinaga to stop it, to think about his position and his sister.   This of course leads to Shiraishi somehow getting feelings for Yoshinaga.  There is another book in this series and I can't wait for it to come out and see what happens next.

Voice or Noise vol 1 and Vol 2 -  I loved this series.  I think it is so cute with the talking cat.   It is about Narusawa who can talk to animals and Shinichiro has a problem with his dog go he goes to Narusawa to help him with his dog.  At first Narusawa doesn't help him and he tries to tell Shinichiro to go away but as things goes on Shinichiro since he can also talk to Narusawa cat thinks he may also have the availbilty to talk to animals so he starts to train under Shinichiro.  Of course he starts to have feelings for Narusawa but he doesn't understand them.  And Narusawa starts to have fellings for Shinichiro.  The way volume 2 ends you know that there is more to come with these two characters it even tells alittle about volume 3 but I don't see anywhere where a volume 3 maybe coming out or if there even is a volume 3.  I will be sad if there isn't I really liked this series.  Especially the cat.  

Don't Worry Mamma - Yaoi novel.  This was the first yaoi novel that I have read.  I couldn't put it down.  I started to read it and I had to finish it that day.  (since I love books I haven't figured out why I hadn't read one before).  I have a few of novels but I hadn't read them until someone online asked for recommendations and everyone suggested starting with this one.  No wonder.  At first the one character (Imakura) I didn't like but as the story goes along I like him..  This story is about Yuichi and Imakura (who is Yuichi boss) they get stranded on a deserted island.  As the days go on their relationship starts to change.  Yuichi really doesn't like his boss who is really a Mamma's boy and can't do anything for himself.  But once Imakura starts to change Yuichi falls for him.  Imakura is suppose to be in his thirties but looks really young.   He doesn't act mature either since his Mamma did everything for him and told him waht to do.  I think that is why I like this character it shows how is slowly growing up and becoming more self assured and a different person. 

Well that is all for now. Sorry the list is so long.  Most of the manga I read yesterday and today.   I will post again next week.   Going off to read some more. Where to start more manga, or a Young adult book.  Hmmm choices  to many. 
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