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Manga: After School Nightmare, Go Go Heaven, Monkey High, Absolute boyfriend, Dog style and Rourevil

I finally finished reading my 14 manga before starting my next Young Adult book.   Yes I have started to read a few pages of City of Ashes before this post, and then I was reminded I didn't do my taxes yet.  YUCK!  I hate doing taxes. So tomorrow hopefully I will get together with my sister and then get them all done so I don't forget to do them. 

I also finished watching anime season 1 and season 2 of Get Backers, and two episodes of Wallflower. 
Which I know I have written about in each of these post's.  I have heard the manga is different then the anime and since we have a few of the manga I will have to go and find them and start reading them to see how different they are.   I have to add this to one of my favorite anime series.   We also started watch the DVD volume 2 of Wallflower we only watch 2 episodes.  But I sit and laughed at these stories.  Sunako is so cute.   In the second episode even the guys are in chibi forms.  

Manga I just read Monkey High, After School Nightmare, Go Go Heaven, and Absolute Boyfriend
Sorry when I write about some of the manga I use the words love alot.  Sorry about that not sure of any other word to use to express how much I enjoy that series.  (Yes I have quite a few favorite series) and the list keeps growing!

Monkey High Volume 1 - I have to say I loved this first volume. This story is about a Girl Haruna that transfer into a new school and she feels like it is just like Monkey mountain.   This one boy even reminders her of a baby monkey (Macharu).  Macharu friend is one of the popular boys in school and he tries to go after Haruna since she is cute but she doesn't pay any attention to him. The class decides to have a play and Macharu is a dwarf since he is small, about the same height as Haruna.  She is assigned to make costumes and one of them is for Macharu.   These two start to talk and start to become friends.  They go on a class trip and Haruna hat gets wet and Macharu gives her his hat.   This story made me laugh. It is really cute and sweet.

After School Nightmare vol 6 -  There is just something about this series that I love.  I don't know if it is that the person is gender/bender but it is whether the character is a girl or a guy.   In this volume the character takes some steps towards deciding which to be.  I felt sad in this volume since Mashiro and Kureha seem to have a fallout, last book it was Sou and Mashiro.   Then it seems as though Kureha and Sou maybe getting together.   Now I have to wait for the next book to see what is really going on between them. 

Go Go Heaven Vol 3 -  Can I say this series gets wackier and wackier.   In this book the prince keeps tryingto get Shirayuki to marry him.   Then they go to heaven for a brief meeting.  Then for some reason their is another side to Shirayuki which is the dark side who comes out and demolishes the school.  Then they are doing a swan dance for the Pope.  You just never know where this series is heading, and why.

Absolute Boyfriend volume 5 - I enjoyed this volume little NIght I loved him :D !   He was so cute in the little chibi form.  Him trying to put toothpaste on the toothbrush,   when he was trying to help clean and was being sucked up in the vaccum.  In this volume they are going to try and take Night away since he is still not fixed properly and Riiko has to chose between Night and Soshi.   I will not give anything away since I think there is only one more book after this.  I just liked it alot and want the Chibi night as one of my Icons.  I will have to figure out how to scan it in and make it happen.

Manga Yaoi Dog Style, Roureville (shonen-ai)
(sometimes I write books as yaoi may actually be Shonen-ai.  I may write them up with manga and other times down with Yaoi.  I think it all depends on the mood I am in and if I know the difference (LOL) which means I have to check  online at baka updates or someplace else to know which it is.
Dog style vol 1 - I enjoyed this story.  It was kinda of confusing in the beginning .  This story is about 4 guys.   One older brother and his friend MIki, then the younger brother and his friend Teru.   There is an old building that Miki uses on certain days and the other days Teru uses it.  For some reason one of the brothers asks Miki to give Teru a message for him.  When Miki goes to deliver the message it makes Teru laugh.  (For some reason in this book Miki thinks Teru reminds him of a Stray mutt).  So throughout the book he is always referring him to a dog.   I love it when Miki ruffles Teru hair it always looks so cute, especially since Teru is suppose to be a tough guy.   I didn't realize until 2 days ago that their is going to be another volume which will be coming out soon.  Can't wait to see what happens next.

Roureville vol 2 -  I like this story.  I am starting to learn more about this strange town Roureville,  In this volume you learn a little bit more about Jayce (even though it is still not clear what he is still).   We also found out more about the characters that live in this town.  I thought it was cute when Pryce gave Jayce the teddy bear to keep him company but yet Jayce still shows up to watch him.   Anyway in this volume Pryce brother Eric and his finance Cleo come out to Roureville to find him.  Cleo asks Pryce if Jayce is the reason coming between them and it ends with Pryce trying to figure out why he can't deny it.  So hopefully in the next volume we learn why he can't deny it.

Well that is all for now.   Of to read my online stories, or city of ashes, or go to sleep.  (I am leaning towards sleep :) ) oops now another option.  My daughter wants me to watch Alvin and the chipmunks with her.  (I just don't think my eyes will stay opened!)
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