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Manga: Tears of a lamb, Tail of the moon, Reborn, king of cards, Host club, Auqa, Everlasting love

Okay I am driving you nuts by now. I have 10 manga down and 4 to go.  I keep thinking it will be easy if I just get time to read.   (LOL try to get time is the hard part).   

Work has me so busy and stressed out.  
Why is it when you know you are going to be laid off instead of having clean up time and all you end up working more hours and doing tons more stuff to elimnate your own job?  This is the second time in 3 years, at least the last time all the work was learning everyone else job since I was being transferred but  this time it is helping get the equipment switch dealing with issues after they are switch.  By June all of this will be done.  Hopefully then I will get down time to clean up, pack things up and job hunt.  Maybe get an actual life where I sleep normal hours and can read whenever I want.

My daughter was out at FBLA competition the and came home yesterday she got 7th place.  She was happy.  But since we where in the middle of watching Get Backers we had to pickup where we left off.  
Watched the rest of DVD 7 and 8 last night.  (Luckily for work it was long running jobs so I could watch with her).  Now I am on a quest to find Get Backers Icons.   Can you say obsessed (LOL). I especially want Ginji in the chibi form he reminds me of a hampster and everytime one comes on I laugh.  (It is a great stress reliever).

So I am going to post 7 more manga then I will post the last of them when I read the next 4.  
Manga Tears of a Lamb, Tail of the Moon, Reborn, King of Cards, Ouran HIgh School Host Club, Aqua 
Tears of a Lamb vol 1 - I enjoyed this new series.  In the beginning of the story it had me laughing at Kei harrassing Kanazaki and her interaction with her cousin.  She is trying to get into Kanazaki apartment since she thought she lost something there and wants to find it.  Everyday she asks Kanazaki but he says no.  I liked how deteremined she is.   By the middle of the book they have brought angst into the story about Kanazki, and then they touch on why is the matter with Kei.   Parts of this book made me sad.  I am looking forward to the next volume to see how everything progresses.  WIll either of these two work through their issues.

Tail of the moon vol 9 -  I still love this series.  Sometimes I think they are dragging the story out and I can not believe the stupid things Usagi does.  When Hanzo tells her to do something and then she doesn't listen.   Of course it ends on a cliff hanger.  Luckily the next one comes out soon.  But who knows with the rate I am reading when I will get to it.  Most likely before the next comes out.  (that is my new goal try to read the old ones before the new ones come out)

Reborn vol 2 -  This series grows on me more and more.   I am enjoying it.  To me this story is total crack.  They introduce new characters in here that are even wackier then the first characters.   Bianchi cooking was cracking me up and how her brother is afraid of her because of her cooking.   (we have up to volume 7 so I am sure you will be seeing others posted soon)

King of Cards vol 2 - I felt bad for Manami in this story.   First she finds out her cousin has a girlfriend then she loses her best card.  I sometimes can not follow the story when they are playing the games, but I still like these series.  I enjoy that the people she plays in the past doesn't like anyone trying to take her card away from her.  (Since secretly they all want to win it off her). 

Ouran High School Host Club vol 10 -  Love this series. Fianlly I have some insigt on how to tell the twins apart.  Not that I will remember.  It has to do with the way she styles their bangs left vs right.  Some of the parts that cracked me up in this story was them trying to dress Haruhi up.   The first part of the story was cute with the one member for the black magic club trying to steal hunny soul.  

Aqua vol 1 - This series we have had for a little while I just got to read volume 1.  This seems cute.  I like the cat in it.  Akari goes and transforms to the planet Aqua formerly knows as mars, but now it is mostly covered with water.  She is going to learn how to become an Undine which is someone that rows tourist around in the waters for sightseeing and stuff.  She is working for a company her the president is a cat.  The president cat makes me laugh.  

Manga Yaoi Everlasting Love
This books has a couple different stories in it.  I enjoyed them.  The first story about two little boys as they growup the one follows the other around.  He takes girlfriends off of him since he doesn't think they are good enough for him, and does some other stupid things.   All because he cares for the guy.  Another story I thought was cute was about two kindergarten teachers.  The one starts likely the other and he is very clutzy and acts more like a kids then an adult.  I like how they interact with the young kids. Another story is about a shopkeeper that takes a young boy in and as the young boy grows up he gets feelings for the shopkeeper.  It made me laugh the shopkeeper has a friend that the boy doesn't like so whenever he get this guys order if he says no onion the boy loads it up.  

 Just a side note.  For some reason I went out to Julie Kenner website.
I wanted to see if there is any update on Good Gouls do.  In  the FAQ she says it is done for now (it is not contracted).  In this response she says she would like to finish Beth's story so she is checking into ways that maybe she can.  I hope she can figure out how to finish it.  It ended on a cliff hanger.  I loved this series and I hope eventually there will be more.. 

That's all for now.  My lunch time is over (which I should of read instead of updated live journal).  Hopefully I will get the next 4 read by this weekend and start City of Ashes.
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