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Well I was going to post later on Saturday/Sunday but I didn't get a chance .  My Daughter was heading to FBLA competition on Monday and we had gotten the box set of Get Backers (anime) a few weeks earlier. 
This box set has season 1 and season 2.  So Saturday night we started to watch it.  We couldn't stop we keep saying more episode.  Then on Sunday when we got up most of the day was spent watching it.   I am adding this as another of my favorite anime's.   We are up to DVD 7 and have to go all the way up to 10.   I Love the chibi form of Ginji he reminds me of a hamster.  Every time it shows him in this form (which is a lot) I start laughing. (I'm like a little kid I want to find a stuff toy of chibi Ginji).   This anime is about Ginji who has special powers of Electricity and Ban his partner who has a few special ablities one is strength and the other he can make people have a dream that something is happen that really isn't.   They try to get things back that people have lost.   They end up with all sorts of friends and enemies.  But so far all of the enemies have showed up to help them in one way or another.   I have to at  least mention Akabane who is like an enemy but everytime him and Ginji get together it cracks me up.   I am sure we will finish watching the rest of this series this weekend.  

I will now go into the book Chosen by P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast.  Love this book.   
The last book of hers made me cry this one made me upset at the main character and some of the things she does.  Zoey is trying to help one of her friends but in the process she is keeping secrets from other friends.  Some how she ends up with 3 boyfriends in this book.   I felt bad for her in some ways since it seems everything goes downhill for her by the end of the book but I am upset at some of the choices she had made in the book.  Hopefully in the next book things will get better.  I can't wait to see what happens next. 

Manga Fall in love like a comic, Hands off Don't call us angels, Dazzle
Fall in love like a comic vol 2 - this is the last book in the series which surprised me.  I really enjoyed this series.  The way the main girl melts still makes me laugh.   I did enjoy how they last chapters covers how they are doing when they are older.  This was a fun read and it is only 2 volumes a recommend reading it if you want to laugh.

Hands off (don't call us angels) vol 1 -  I like this story.  I enjoyed the orignial and I thought this was going to be them again but instead it is two new characters.  Kiba has a gift to see the future with a signle touch, and he knows another guy Udou who uses his powers in an unsavory way.  Even though Kiba really doesn't like Ubou him seems to be following him around.   

Dazzle vol 6 -  I like this series since still after 6 volume I really don't know what is going on or where these guys are heading.  This volume is really sad.  

Manga Yaoi Love Bus Stop
Love Bus Stop - I liked this book.  It is about two guys that pass everyday at the bus stop.  The one starts looking forward to seeing the other everyday.  Eventually they talk and get together.   It has a few other stories in it that I enjoyed. 

Well that is all for now.  Waiting to hear from my Daughter today to see how she makes out at FBLA I hope she does good she sounded like she didn't feel well last night.   I have 7 manga down and 7 more to go before reading more Young Adult.   I thought I would get more done.  But for some reason yesterday I seem to lose track of time.  (I hate that when it happens.  Just like now I thought I would be done in 15 minutes.  Now it is 40 minutes later.  I guess I better get a move on and get ready for work.  LOL.
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