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Evernight, Get Backers, Love Attack, Pretty Poison and Pure Heart

So much for trying to post more often :D

At work I have been putting in alot of hours, and starting to get burned out. 

Yes it is good to have a job and the overtime money is nice but I am drained at the moment.  The only good thing is at the place I am working now they just hired 3 new people.  1 more for 2nd and 2 for 3rd which means once I train the 2 on 3rd I get to go back to first :D.  I won't know how to act.  Then once they all get trained hopefully some of this working on the weekends will end.  Yes I got the weekend of for Easter but when you work Friday into Saturday it is like having one day off.  So I will be happy when I get a whole weekend again (this might not happen for another 3 weeks) but looking forward to it.

I've been reading alot of Manhwa lately and got really behind on Dancing with the Stars and American Idol.  I have no clue who is even still left on the shows.  Maybe I'll get caught up after both of them have a winner (LOL).

So here is a few more books that I read back in April. (What would I do without goodreads since I type up the books comments there I only have to copy and paste).  Which this makes it even harder to figure out why I don't post more often.

Books Evernight by Claudia Gray

Evernight - Loved this book. At first it seemed like it was going a little slow but was enjoyable. But the middle of the book took a turn that really surprised me. And then the end of the book had another really big surprised that I wasn't expecting. This book had a lot of things in it that I enjoy. Romance, somethings made me laugh, but the twists really made it interesting.

I could relate to Bianca personality being shy at first and not really fitting into the school and wanting to run away from it. Then slowly making friends. Lucas is one of those guys that girls fall for somewhat bad so it seems but in reality he is a guy that will look out for you and want to protect you. He also has a romantic side in him. He has the personality that as a girl I would fall for. Looking forward to reading the next book when it comes out

Manga Get Backers, Love Attack and Pretty Poison

Get Backers vol 2 - I love this series. I know it is a strange series and strange things happen but the reaction between Ban and Ginji makes me laugh. Now Akbane shows up in this one and what a character he is (he is a dark and very mysterious character that can kill anyone on the spot and likes it). In this volume they have been assigned a task to get a box back from the transporters which just so happens to be Akbane, Himiko and the guy that won't stop driving. (yes I have Ban and Ginji as back wallpaper at the moment) :D

Love Attack vol 3 -
I love this series. It is so cute and makes me laugh. There are a few developments in this volume. The first chapter has Chiemi and Hirata locked in a storage shed. The next chapter is about Ohno and Yukari I thought this chapter was really cute with Yukari trying to change her image, and getting closer to Ohno. The last part of the book has a girl from Hirata past showing up. You would have to read this volume to find out what she is up to.

Pretty Poison -
This was okay. This is for mature manga readers. This volume had 2 love stories in them. The first one is about a girl that thought she has meet her dream guy but he really is a jerk. He wants to dump her so he pays another guy to help him get rid of her. So that is how her and the other guy meet. The second story I liked better about the soccer player and his girlfriend.

Yaoi Pure Heart

Pure HeartLove this story. It is about Tozaki that had a crush on Kurata in high school only Kurata didn't know it. He was to shy to speak up. Years later the meet again by their two companies working together. They start having a relationship is it only as sex partner or is it leading to more? One thing I liked about this story is they have flash backs to when they where in high school and how they first meet and weren't friends but they where aware of each other. Looking forward to volume 2 to see if there relations becomes more then what it is now.

 I am going to do a few word of the day so if you read my post you will understand what Manga, Manhwa, Yaoi and Anime

Function: noun
: a Japanese comic book or graphic novel

Manhwa  (note I always list this under manga anyway)
Function: noun
: (comics) Korean comics

Yaoi (YAH-OH-EE):
'Yaoi' is a Japanese term meaning 'boy sex,' or sex between two males. It is largely seen in various Anime, Manga, and fanwork, and has become a rather flexible term. It is usually mistaken for Shounen-Ai, or 'boy love'.

Japanese for "animation" or "cartoons." In American fandom however, it's used to refer to any form of animation produced in Japan. Anime comes in the form of animated TV shows or movies, video games, and comic books (see Manga).

That is all for today.  Maybe in the next few days I will get time to post again.

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