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It's been about a month since my last update.  I was cleaning my house since my son was having a visitor, verizon was coming to install the tv, and Easter ended up being at my house.  

All of the rooms where cleaned

(like it was spring cleaning) furniture moved, curtains, washing down walls, except my room which was the last room to be done and the worst. (I ended up just running the sweeper, dusting and washing the curtains.  Hardly any furniture got moved.  Only my Tv that I new he was working on.  (I threw everything up in the attic now I can't get up the stairs).  I hate to bring everything back in to my room since I can offical walk thru it. 

It started with verizon coming then a week before they came my son who is now in college had an online friend who he meet online way back in middle school, come and stay for a few days

.  She was really nice.  I didn't get to spend alot of time with her since I work both days and nights.  But she fit in with my son and his friends.  I'm glad it went so well and they are still friends.

I have been reading a little  here and there just haven't had time to update so I am going to post what a read over the next few posts so I don't drive everyone nuts.   

First I will start with A Great and Terrible Beauty by Libba Bray.   I started reading this before my son's friend came since I knew she read this series.  (Plus it was recommended to me by Michelle).   

I'll start off saying I did enjoy this book.  It has now been about 3 weeks since I finished.   At first I couldn't get into this book.   (I don't know if it was I was so busy with everything or if it has a slow start.  I will take it as me being to busy).  By the middle of the book I was enjoying it.  This books is about Gemma Doyle who is sixteen, the book starts off with her being in  Bombay India wishing she was in England.   Something happens within her family, so she is sent to Englad to an all girls school Spence Academy.   Here she doesn't fit in since it is a school that grooms you to be a proper English lady for marriage.    She is different she has visions that sometime come true.   When she was in Bombay she met a young men that follows here to England.    While at the academy she has some incounters with the other girls, but eventually she becomes a part of a small group.  

Therer is so much more going on in this book.  I still don't know what is really happening.  There are strange things that happen throughout the book, some secrets.  Some you find answers to and other you are left hanging.  This has two more volumes after it so I hope all is revealed since there are so many unknown questions to be anwsered.  I also want to learn more about the young men that followed her. 

Manga Venus in love and Penguin Revolution

Venus in Love volume 1 is a new series that started a few months ago (actually volume 2 is out already).  I finally started to read it.  I like this series it was cute.  A young girl goes of to start college where she hopes to make new friends, join clubs and get a boyfriend.  She moves into a building and meets her neighbor Eichi.  (Who I really like I think he is funny).   She mets a nother girl Hinako that she becomes friends with and Hinako knows Eichi from way back.  She also meets Eichi friend Fukami who she gets a crush on, and it seems as though someone else also has a crush on him. 

Penguin Revolution Volume 5 - this is a great series.  This story is about Actors for the Peacock agency and a girl that manages one of the actors.  They have to disguise themselves so know one knows who they are.   The one boy just messes up his hair and wears glasses,  the other pretends he is a girl,  and the girl pretends she is a boy.   So only one or two people really know who they are.   This books goes deeper into some of the characters background.  You find out more about Ryo mother and father,  we learn how Makoto started to live with Ryo.  I would recommend this series to anyone it is so cute.  It has some angst, but it also has funny moments.

Manga Yaoi Love Share

This books starts out with two guys that where friends and hung around together.  But then they fall in love.  They are together through this book where different things happen.  It covers there story over some time.  I enjoyed reading this story of these guys.  

Oh by the way I am enjoying the Funimation channel that came with the verizon tv. 

Even though I have Fruits Basket and Kodocha on Dvd, I love watching it when they are on.  Know I can get my daily fill of my favorite anime characters.  YEAH.  Even though I stopped the Peach Girl manga (because Sae was driving me nuts) I have caught a few of the Peach Girl episodes and I do like the story.  Hopefully once work isn't so crazy I will be able to get into other anime series on this channel.  (This is great you can watch anime without  having to spend so much money, and if I end up liking a series I am sure I will go out and buy it).

I also got the box where you could record and watch it anyplace else in the house.  I recorded both Dancing with the stars and American idol.  I liked doing that now I can fast forward through the commericals, and parts I don't like.

Well that is all for now I will cover other books I read either later today or over the next week.  I have one other YA book that I read but my goal is to read 14 manga before starting any other (4 down 10 to go).  So in the next post I will cover that book and then sorry it will be all manga.  Luckily when you get a chance to sit down and read manga the go really fast. 

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