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Choices, Salem Witch Tryouts, Manga Alive, Magical JXR, Pearl Pink, and more

 Okay I made quick post yesterday about Yen Press and it's releases.  I have been sick off and on since last week. 

It is driving me nuts.  One day sore throat,  next the sniffles, next day coughing, next day headache and so on.  I know it would be rotten to get it all at once but still every day it has been something different.  Can't wait until it is all done. (I know I shouldn't complain since others have got the flu alot worse).  

My daughter went away for a Deca competition.  I am so happy for her! The issue today was everytime she tried to call me and tell how it went or how she was doing I was on the phone with someone from work. Yes I know I was at work but I felt really bad that I didn't get to talk to her.  So if she is reading this I hope you did a great job.  Miss you, See ya tomorrow :)

I haven't posted any books since the 17th so the list is long as usual.  I keep thinking if I would post one or two as I get them done then everyone wouldn't have to read such a long post.  Sorry one of these days I will.  So here is my list of books and manga 

Books I have just read two really good books.  Both in different ways,  I didn't want to put either of them down.  One made me wish it wasn't over and had me thinking about it for days after I got done reading it.  The other one I enjoyed and I am happy it has two other books so I can see what happens next.

Books Choices by Deborah Lynn Jacobs and The Salem Witch Tryouts by Kelly McClymer

Choices by Deborah Lynn Jacobs - I loved this book. It is about Kathleen a girl who loses her brother and she is not sure if she is going crazy. One day she wakes up and her parents and friends treat her one way. The next day she wakes up and they treat her another way. What she learns is she is shifting among alternate universes. In one universe she is called Kate, another Kathleen, another Kay. When she wakes up she is never sure which universe she is in, and if who her friends are that day, or how her parents are going to act. She meets a guy Luke, who seems to shift along with her. What does Luke mean to her in this story. You will have to read it and find out. I didn’t want this book to end I thought it could go on for longer. After it was over I kept me thinking what if there was another universe would I want to see it, go and find one where my Mom was alive, would I want to make changes to my life and live a different way, would I of taken a different path. This was a really good book I would recommend reading this I couldn’t put it down.

Salem Witch Tryouts by Kelly McClymerThis is a cute series.   Prudence Steward lives in Beverly Hills and is about to become the Captain of the cheerleading squad. The only problem is she is a witch, and so is her brother. Prudence father is a mortal and her mother is a witch. Her father is jumpy around magic so growing up Prudence was taught not to use magic. The problem happens when her brother cannot control his magic so they are moving to Salem Massachusetts to a witch school. This book covers Prudence not wanting to move and leaving her friends, and of how she is trying to make it in the new school. She is having trouble with her magic, and making new friends at the school. I like Samuel the one guy she meets who is willing to help her in exchange to learn about the mortal world. This has other books in this series, which I am going to read, so I can see what happens next.   Does she get better at magic, does she get new friends, and how will she do with cheerleading. SO many more questions I need to find the answers to.

(I need to start writing when I get done the book instead of waiting until I am about to post) . That is why sometimes I write more about some books then others.  

 Manga Canon,  Platinum Garden, 100 % Perfect Girl, Pearl Pink, Alive, Fujoshi Rumi, Magical JXR

Canon volume 4 (end of series) – I liked this series. I liked the way it ended.   This story was about Canon girl student that was the only survivor of the vampire attack. She is now a vampire. The real vampires to not like humans that are turned into vampires, and they don’t like vampires that are half human and half vampire.    Canon is going after the Head vampire Rod to avenge the death of her friends. Along the way she meets Sakaki another vampire who she doesn’t know if he is an ally or an enemy. You would have to read the series to find out. This series is only 4 volumes long and it has a lot of vampire’s trying to kill each other in it. 
Platinum Garden Volume 6 – I enjoy this series. I like the characters in this. I feel bad for them. Kazura goes to the Magahara estates in this volume and meets Mizuki sister. Some people act very strange to her and try to get her in trouble. The part with Ah-chan and Kazura some of it had me laughing the way he was holding and carrying her. I feel bad for the way the family treats Mizuki and his sister.   This story has so many people treating the other ones bad, I sometimes don’t understand why. That is why I keep reading this series to see why they have treat each other bad and how will it turn out between Kazura and Mizuki.    
100% Perfect Girl Volume 3 – This series is one of those that I am not sure what the main characters are really up to. Sometimes it seems Jarte might eventually kill Jay with how intense his feelings are, but other times it seems he just generally cares for her.   In this volume Jay saves a Luigi a mafia don from being killed. She gets hurts and doesn’t remember who she is or anything else. Jarte is trying to find Jay throughout this volume. It shows Luigi starting to fall for Jay and Jay starting to fall for Luigi. At the end of the volume Jay does get some of her memory back but not all of it. So of course now I have to read the next volume to see does she get her memory back, who does Jay really care for and what happens next.
Pearl Pink Volume 4 (last volume) – I love this series. I am sad it is over. In this final volume you learn some details about Kanji father. She starts her first role in a drama series. Tamako has to study for finals and is not in the picture as smuch Kanji as to start learning to do things on her own. I just loved this volume and couldn’t put it down. I enjoyed the end where the author goes into how some of the characters are in the future.   I would recommend this series it is only 4 volumes long and it is funny and cute. 

Alive Volume 1 – Yes I have had this volume for awhile (since the summer) and just finally got to pick it up and read it. What a strange story. I am enjoying it! I know I have read books with violence in it but this is creepy violence. A strange virus is causing people to commit suicide. Tons of people are committing suicide, and other characters are being murdered.   There are a few main characters and one of them their personality has completely changed.   I liked Hirose in the beginning, I like Taisuke he is always trying to help someone or get into a fight, and I like the way him and his sister act together. Ochiai I like how she cares about Taisuke and Hirose and the way she treats them. But story is so strange with everything happening in it, now I can’t wait to read the next volume to see what happens next and if everyone will be okay. 

Fujoshi Rumi Volume 1Loved this story. I know it is the first volume but it had me laughing out loud. This story is about Rumi Asai who loves to draw and has one wild imagination. She is a Yaoi Moe Otaku girl. She is caught up in the BL stories. Accidentally she is bumped by Takahiro , who she thinks is in a BL relationship with his best friend Shunsuke. Takahiro begins to like here and having to deal with her Otaku, and BL obsession is fun to watch. She tries to have him dress up, and get into strange positions so she can draw him. This volume had some really funny things happen in it. I would recommend this if you are looking for a good laugh but you should be 16 or older since it has some mature contents in it.

Magical JXR volume 1 - This is a cute new series. This story is about Jay and Aru and Wizard school. To graduate from school they have to spend 1 year in the Human world with Sho Ah who they have a contract with.   Most of this volume was introducing Jay and Aru. The first part of the volume showed them as younger and they are partners in the magic school one is good with fire and the other is good with water. They where making me laugh they way they where bickering and fighting back and forth when they where younger. One is smart and the other is lazy they are like opposites but they are so cute together.   Towards the end of the volume is when they meet Cho Ai.   Wondering what these guys will get into in the next volume.

Manga Yaoi Junjo Romantica, Same Cell Organism, After I win
Junjo Romantica Volume 4 – Misaki had me laughing in this. Usami is winning an award for some book he wrote and Misaki didn’t know anything about the award, he actually realizes he dosen’t know much about Usami and wants to find out more. He is s funny the way he goes about trying to congratulate Usami for winning the award. I enjoy reading about these guys. They bring up Usami brother in this volume but he hasn’t appeared yet. I think he shows up in volume 5. 
Same Cell Organism – This volume has a few different stories in it. I enjoyed them all. I liked the angel story the wings look so fluffy, and when they showed him as the little angel with his wings I wanted to hug him (so cute). The last story is so cute with the little girl wanting to marry the one guy and the other one is jealous. Each of the stories where sweet in a different way.
After I win – I liked this one. It was so cute. Kiyori likes his roommate Hiyori and throughout this book he tries to be with him. But something happens. Usually they become nervous and one of them leaves the room. Hiyori has an older brother in this who he goes to for advice. His older brother cracks me up with some of his facial expressions. It seems as though someone is always blushing throughout this book which is so cute.  

That is all which I guess you are all really glad that this big post is over.   I know no one cares about my opinion on American Idol but does everyone else think that the judges are being harder then normal.  Yes normally Simon is but it seems like Paula and Randy are also being a little harder then normal. 
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