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Otomen, Goong, Wild Ones, Your Honest Deceit, Air Heads

At least I made it one more day this week to try and post.  In this batch I don't have any Young Adult just manga.  I have been on a Manga kick these last few days.  I think I was making up for the days I didn't read any since I was reading City of Glass. Plus I have almost all of the Manga in my room again except 1 bin.  We cleaned up my Daughters room and moved  the bags up to my room.  So I have been reading some that I haven't seen in months.  It's funny how once in awhile I will come across something like an old movie, record (yes vinyl), Cd's or something and when I see it, I have to watch, listen to or read it.

So here is my list of the manga I read. I'm still trying to keep the list down but I have so many now to write.  I keep thinking I will post more often just to get them off my desk and put away. 

Manga Otomen, Goong, and Wild Ones
Otomen vol 1  - Enjoyed this book. If you want a manga that makes you smile this is on of them. At least I think so. This series is about a guy that likes girly things and can cook, sew and likes to read shojo manga. But in school he is the cool guy and is number one in Judo and Kendo, and can fight pretty well. He tries to keep his girly side a secret until he meets a girl that for some reason brings out his girly side more. What I liked about this book is it makes me smile when he is trying to give up the girly things and he blushes and really can't. Also his new friend that he says is not a friend with makes me laugh with how he acts

Goong vol 2I forgot how much I liked this story. The prince is such a jerk to her. I can not figure out why he is so mean to her. In this volume hey marriage had taken place. Now Chae-Kyung has to try and fit in. She askes the Prince if she can go home for a few days and he goes with her. It did make me smile when they where trying to figure out where he should sleep and he opted for her bed. It was funny her trying to sleep with him there and then her becoming intrigued with his back. You would have to read it to what I am talking about :)

Wild Ones vol 3  -  Still enjoying this series. The Yakuza guys make me laugh. Yes most of the chapters in this where silly this time the first being a underwear theft but It made me laugh with how all the guys where acting. Then the next chapters had them going away to a restor where Sachie gets kidnapped and Rakuto has to try to save her. In the last chapter there are guest staying at their home and one of them is boy that acts like a brat but no one ever scolds him. I love the interaction between Sachie and Rakuto you can almost feel their emotions while reading. If they are anxious, concerned, upset or happy. They are cute together.

Yaoi Manga Your Honest Deceit

Your Honest Deceit vol 2 - Enjoyed reading this volume. Not sure if it was as good as the first volume. In this volume there is a guy from Kitahara passed that making Kuze-kun jealous. Is he really going after Kitahara or just trying teasing him. It seemed to be both. I did like the side story about the cat that was left at the lawyer office. The cat was really cute. Also the last story with the brothers.

Movie Air Heads

Air Heads - This movie makes me laugh.  This is about a band that just wants to try to get their record played over the radio.  They go down to the radio station and some how end up taking over the station and have everyone as hostages.  But they are really are air heads and don't know the real way to do this.  Some of the hostages have to tell them what to do.  There guns are not real, they are water guns.  It is just a really funny movie to watch.  Plus I love Brendan Fraser. 

Word of the day :)  I am reading a book and this word was in it.  Looked it up to see what it meant


Pronunciation: yoo-bik-wi-tuhs
existing or being everywhere at the same time : constantly encountered
ubiq·ui·tous·ly adverb
ubiq·ui·tous·ness noun
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