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Yen Press updated website with release dates of Angel Diary, Bring it on, Choclate, Hissing others

 Yeah!  I am so happy.  Yen Press updated their webiste.  (Which I do like the new layout easier to read then what it was before.  They have included the old Ice Kunion titles release dates (which I have been waiting for). 

According to their website they are going to start releasing some of the titles in May, June, July and August.  I only copied down the one's I am reading at this time and waiting for. It looks like they are picking up with the volume that Ice Kunion had stopped at.

11th Cat May 2008
Legend May 2008
Your to Cool May 2008 (1st volume)

Cynical Orange June 2008
Bring it On June 2008
Choclate June 2008

Hissing July 2008
Angel Diary July 2008
Gong July 2008

Comic August 2008
Forest of Grey 2008

There are other series like One hundred and one  nights,  The antique gift shop,  Moon Boy (which only has 3 volumes listed), and some of there new titles.  I didn't write the older series dates down since I haven't started reading them yet.   

I am sad that they are not all coming out at one time since I have been waiting over a year, but for the pocketbook I guess it is better then I won't have to figure which one to buy first. 

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