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Not much going on just trying to catch up on my wash.  Looking for my kids cell phones that they have missed placed.  Found my sons but not my daughters.  (She doesn't take it anywhere so I believe it is still in the house, I hate that when you misplaced something and you know you haven't lost it but you still can not find it).  

My daughter had done that once before with the game boy advanced she misplaced it.  For her Birthday after looking all over she got a new one.  A year later we where cleaning up some boxes, we found it in a box for one of the game boy advanced games.   I was really happy we found it since it was still driving me crazy that we could not find it.  So I have faith that the cell phone will show up hopefully within the next two weeks since she is going away and she will need to have one with her.   

It seems I am finally making some headway in reading my manga.  Not that I will ever be close to catching up since I buy more every week.  (maybe when I lose my job later this year I will get caught up while looking for a new job).  I know I haven't read tons of it but I was able to read 9 and the book Beastly (which I really liked).   So here is my list of books and manga from this past week. 

Books Beastly by Alex Flinn I enjoyed this book. It is a modern version of Beauty and the Beast but from the Beast point of view.  

When I first started reading this book I did not like the main character Kyle I thought he was stuck up and obnoxious. I didn’t like the way he viewed people.   As the book goes on I feel sorry for Kyle and can see the progress he is making to change himself.   By the end of the book I really liked Kyle. I like the other characters in the book his teacher and his housemaid, and of course Lindy.   Throughout the book they have this group that chats online. I loved Froggie, Grizzly guy, Beastnyc and Silentmaid in the chat rooms the conversations made me laugh. I would recommend this book to anyone it was a great book to read, I was surprised at how fast I read it. 

Manga - Click, Sand Chronicles, Nana, King of the Lamp, S.A., Cipher

Click vol 4 and 5 – I enjoy this series. When I was reading volume 4 I was so glad I had volume 5 waiting since it ended on a cliffhanger. I enjoyed that Joonha was with his childhood friend (Jinhoo) more in these two volumes you can see how close they really are, and Taehyun is stating that he wants to date Joonha whether he is a boy or girl.   I don’t really care for the nutcase Heewon (she’s scary), but I do like her friend Youngshim I think she is funny. I will be waiting for the next volume to come out to see what happens next.
Sand Chronicles vol 1 - I loved this series. It was sad but sweet, and funny. But it is driving me nuts. When a story starts out in the future and then goes to flashback, and you really do not know who is involved in the future. It starts out with Ann packing up to go and get married and move away (it doesn’t say who she is going to marry). In one of the boxes is an old hourglass that brings back memories of when she was a child and her mother gave her the hourglass. Then she moved to a small town and met Daigo (who I love) he is the typical little boy. She also becomes friends with Fuji and Shika his younger sister.   What I enjoyed is, it started out as one age and then had them get a little older and it shows them going to camp.   But the things Daigo does and then Ann is yelling at him are so funny. The have a snowball fight, catch a rabbit and other things. This story made me laugh and also made me sad. I cannot wait for volume 2 to see where it goes from here.  
Nana vol 1 – I have always heard good things about this series and now I know why. I loved this series. Both Nana’s I like a lot and they are so different. In the first few chapters I felt bad for Nana K. with all of her boyfriend problems and how she hurt Shoji feelings. (I like Shoji he makes me smile).   The last few chapters with Nana O. and story with Ren made me so sad. I will have to go and read volume 2 to see what happens with these two very different Nana’s and their futures.
King of the Lamp – I loved this book. It is by the creator of Tenshi Ja Nai, and it is a little more racy then that series was but the King of the Lamp made me laugh. This volume has different stories in it, the lamp is sold to different girls and the king has to grant them 3 wishes. I don’t think I could pick out which story I like over the other two. I enjoyed reading this. All the girls and guys are so cute in this. I love this artist drawing style.  This is only one volume, and for sixteen and older since it does mainly deal with mature content.
S . A (special Academy) vol 2 – I still love this series, I think volume 2 is just as good as volume 1.   Hikari and Kei make me laugh. He is so protective of her and she doesn’t even realize it.   There is a part in the volume we she has lost again (not giving anything away since she always loses to him), he gets to have what ever he wants, he asks her to cook lunch for him. Her cooking skills are really bad. This part really made me laugh the way she makes the rice balls. Looking forward to reading volume 3.
Ciper vol 9 – I still haven’t figured out why Cipher will not contact his brother or Anise.   I know he is fighting with Siva but you would of thought he would at least call once in a while to say he is okay and ask how his brother is doing. I know that they need to be apart to find their own identities but I still don’t get why they don’t at least call once in a while. In this volume you find out more of how each of them feel and more about Alex.    I liked how they where trying to save the baby sparrow, and I enjoyed the part where Alex was trying to dog walk.   I have volume 10 sitting here so, eventually I will be able to see what happens next. 

Yaoi Manga - Party and Camera Camera Camera
Camera Camera Camera vol 1 – I enjoyed this first volume. Akira has a crush on his step brother and he is always doing stuff for him like riding him to school and other things. One day he meets Kaoru a photographer who has feelings for Akira. I like Kaoru he is funny and when he hurt his arm do to Akira accidently pushing him down the stairs it is funny that things he makes Akira help him with. Can’t wait for volume 2 to see how this proceeds.
Party – This was a cute story. Mamoru confesses his feelings to Natsu and Natsu tells him he loves him back. This story involves a few different friends that seem to get in the way of these two guys.   But I enjoyed reading it.  

Other things happening I ordered Verizon television yesterday my Dad and Daughter seem to want it.  I am looking forward to the funimation channel (maybe I won't be spending as much money on anime if we can watch them on funimation).  Sure I doubt that would happen but you never know.  
I have heard that the picture quality is better I am sure it is but my bill is going to go from the 70's up to 170's since we have so many televisions.  (I know I shouldn't complain) but for as much as I watch television I don't think it is worth it.   But with the changes going to happen next year with analog going away, I guess it is better to change now instead of later.

That is all for this week maybe sometime I will have something fun to write (I just like to read, and have a quiet life not much for adventures).
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