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Grr I really hate it when you have do things you have no clue with.

Okay now I am going to sound like a big baby here but I really dislike doing taxes!!! 

I know we all of to do it and yes I could go to an agency and spend alot of money to get it done and save myself from becoming insane and upset with doing them.

Yes it is much better with Turbo tax. I was able to do My Sons, my daughters (first time) and mine with no problem.  Yes it took a little while and if you don't pay attention you will skip things.  Usually it is my interest I skip and have to go back and add it when I realize somehow I never got the option.

Pennsylvania state tax isn't to bad after a few years of doing it online.  The only problem it doesn't let everyone sign up, plus you have to have some valid stuff like drivers license etc to do it.  So I tried Telefile with the phone for my son.  Yes that is what they sent him in the mail.  No dice it wouldn't recognize his SS number.  So I had to do his by hand, along with my daughters.  But at least they have a nice handbook if you can sometimes understand the gargon in it.

Next we have the local tax.  Grumbling. They made it much nicer do it online.  Yeah mine was done in seconds, my son's didn't take to long either.  But my daughter (first time) it won't let you do it.  So luckily I got something in the mail to do mine by hand if I need to.  So I figure cross of my name put hers and mail.  NO!! I just call my sister to check on the percent and make sure I am doing it right.  (I am not good with math never have been).  Was telling her my daughter will be getting most of it back.  Then she tells me the line I'm looking at is wrong. Okay I compare it to my son's W2 and what printed from him doing it online.  Yes I am looking at the right line.  But she tells me that is an EMT thing and shouldn't be there.  NOW I am not a tax agent, I am a normal person, reading the stupid paper that they give me nothing there says anything about EMT.  2 days left to file taxes (My fault I will start sooner next year).  Try to call the local tax office no they are not in (How can they not be in 2 days before filing?)  I know they have worked hard and will have to work harder but you would figure the last 2 or 3 days they would have someone stay to field questions, or at least have an answer machine and say they will get back to you tomorrow.  Tried to email online that will take 4 days before they get back.  So do I send it in as is because that is what the W2 says on it and I am following instructions and have them send it back, or do I keep trying to get a person on the phone to help me out.  Very Frustrated at this moment.   (if I would of filed online I would of never even known this block was wrong).  Plus if you are doing the local taxes by hand it doesn't tell you which boxes to fill out, you guess).  Online it is nice and simple but not the regular form.

Most people don't have these problems but I have been working on taxes since yesterday afternoon took a break for a few hours since it was Easter.  Then finished Federal up in the middle of the night.  Today it was State and local and have been at it most of the day.  Sick of working on them and trying to figure them. out.

I guess I am done ranting for now.  You can skip over this.  Just had to get it of my chest so I can try and lay down before work tonight.


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