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27 Dresses, Uninvited, Love master A, High school deput lots of other manga

Normally I post on Thursday but I didn't get a chance.  Since I have read so many Manga I figured I had better post now before the list gets longer.  So I will write about the movie I saw 27 dresses, and the book I read Uninvited first then I will go into the manga so you can skip it if you want. 

Movies I saw 27 dresses this past weekend.  I thought it was good but my daughter fell asleep, but her friend was there and she really enjoyed it.  (So I will take is as my daugher would of enjoyed it if she hadn't been asleep :) )

27 Dresses. This was a cute movie. Some of it was predicatable, and parts of it made me laugh. I even got upset in some of it. This is about a girl that loves weddings. She helps everyone out and she has been in 27 weddings. A guy reporter stumbles upon her decides to do an article on her, not that she knows this.   They meet up on different occasion, and they start to become friends. Of course this is a romantic comedy so you can figure out what happens.   But it was a good movie if you like Romantic comedies.

Books I read Uninvited by Amanda Marrone – I enjoyed this book.   It was different, then what I am  used to reading.
This book is about Jordan and how her life sucks and her ex -boyfriend Michael visits her everynight trying to be invited in. What I liked about this series is how it deals with so many teenage issues and Michael trying to get in is only part of it. It tells about how she is drinking, and does drugs, how she used to like to party.   It cover’s how her friends act, how she feels about her friends. It goes into how her and Michael met and how they broke up. I enjoyed how this book showed so many things that teenage could have wrong in their lives and cause them to do of the things they do. How some act, and how they can change their lives if they want to. I would recommend reading this book.

Manga - High School Debut, Love Master A, Reborn,  Love Com, Anima, Skip Beat, Crimson Hero
High School Debut volume 1- Loved this new series. This series is about Haruna when she was in Junior high was was only interested in Manga and Softball, now that she is in High school she wants to find a boyfried. She does everything wrong. She reads all sorts of magazines to figure out how she is suppose to get a guy. Since she isn’t succeeding on her own she decides she needs help so she asks Yoh who is an up classman to help. The only condition he has is she is not allowed to fall in love with him. Of course now that he is coaching her he takes her out to buy clothes and tries to tell her how to act. She’s always blushing around him and still does things wrong. She also meets his friends and sister in this. Being the first in this series I am already in love with it and hope it stays as good. I can’t wait for the next volume since it already has a cliffhanger.
Love Master A volume 1 – Another new series that I enjoyed reading.   This story is about Aria how has transferred to a new school in hopes of a quiet new life, but her reputation has preceded her.   She was nicknamed “the love master” at her last school. The reason isn’t a good one for the nickname it is because she was turned down lots of times before.   When she starts this new school she is immediately told she is the president of the student council president. In this volume she helps two others couples out in getting together. This series so far is very cute. The student council cracks me up. Especially the girl that dresses like a guy and is afraid of girls.   I did enjoy this series and look forward to the next volume.
Reborn volume 1- Okay this series has been out for a while and we have to volume 6. But I just started to read it. This is a fun manga.. Tsuna is a failure at school, and sports and his social life. His mother hires a Mafia hit man to tutor him. Only the hit man name is Reborn and he tells Tsuna he is there to train him to be the next mafia boss. The way of training him for this is by shooting him with special bullets. Once hit if he has any regrets he will do what it takes so he doesn’t have that regret. In this volume you meet a few other characters that are all funny. One guy likes to blow things up, the other is a baseball player and the last is Lambo who is there to try and kill reborn (but of course he messes up). I would recommend this manga just since it has so much stuff to laugh at and enjoy. 

Love Com volume 4 – I love this series! I don’t think I am going to give anything away if you read the back of the volume you know what happens. So I can comment on it. In this volume Risa finally realize’s how she feels about Otani. At first she doesn’t want him to know but her friends convince her to confess. Throughout the book she tries to tell him how she feels, she gives him hints, her friends give him hints, she even comes out and tells him. But Otani is way to dense to catch on. This volume made me sad and happy. I just can’t wait for the next volume to see what happens next.
Anima volume 5 - This is a really cute series. In this one they come across an apple orchard and they end up staying at the house for a while. Cooro really likes it there. In the another chapter they go to another town where Husky saves a young man from drowning and the guy falls for the mermaid not realizing that it is Husky. The town keeps trying to see the mermaid.   The last part of this volume is about Senri. I like all of the characters in this series, they all care about each other and they are so cute.
Skip Beat volume 10 – Another series I love. This volume all about Kyoko trying to get into the character of Mio the drama part she got. The actress that played Mio previously is now the mother and doesn’t exactly like a newcomer playing her role, so Kyoko is trying to find how to play the role differently.   Of course this still has Kyoko doing her usually glares that causes people to cringe, souls leaving the body. The normal silly stuff Kyoko does.   The parts most enjoyable in this are some of Ren faces he makes. When Kyoko is talking to the manager, he’s watching her and how fascinated he is on what she is doing. Sho manager they way she was driving and acting. Of course it ends on a cliffhanger and I can’t wait to see how Sho reacts.
Crimson Hero vol 7- I enjoy this series. Nobara is really pushing herself in this one. It seems like she is outgrowing the girl’s volleyball team. They have a new coach who starts pushing them even harder to get better. In this volume the boy’s volleyball team is having problems with the 2nd year guys. This volume has a lot of emotional things going on it.  

Manga Yaoi - June Pride, A Kings Lesson
June Pride (Takuami-Kun) vol 1 – This is a sweet story. I know it continues on in other volumes. This is about Takaumi and Gui. Gui is confessing he loves Takaumi throughout this volume. Takaumi has something in his past that he doesn’t like human contact.   These two care for each other but Takaumi doesn’t feel worthy of Gui and Gui just wants to be with Takaumi.   Of course this wouldn’t be a yaoi series if someone else weren’t involved. Another guy is trying to get Takaumi and Gui has a competition with him to see who should get him. 

A Kings Lesson – I enjoyed reading this. Sui is a new student a broading school where an old friend of his is staying. They have a dorm master Daira aka “king” who Sui has feelings for. Daira treats him badly, and says harsh things to him. But that is because Daira doesn’t know he has feelings for Sui, and as they start develop he is not used to having feelings. This story has Sui helping Daira overcome his issues.

Well that is all for the updates.  Should go and clean or do something constractive, or maybe just go and finish reading click.   (I think that is what I am leaning towards).  

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