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The Dust of 100 Dogs, Captive Hearts, Slam Dunk, Bleach, Tea for Two, and Skip Beat

Wow it has been a little while since I updated again. A few things have happened since then. First of all my son finally passed his Lerner's permit test. Since this was his 6th try it really made me happy. I have taken him out driving for at least a 1/2 hour everday. He should be going out for longer periods just between him working, and me trying to sleep we can't seem to cordinate much time. He is doing really well. There are a few things he has to still work on but for the most part he is doing better then I thought. He was so excited today he drove to Target and home. It really isn't that far and we took back roads but he was happy he drove himself. I get nervous when we go over the one lane bridges or one's that let two cars but should really only be one. My neck is really tense and I think it has something to do with cringing when he goes over these bridges. Not that he is doing anything wrong I just tense up.
The next really exciting thing to happen was Cassandra Clare was in Exton at Borders for the release of her City of Glass book. I was nervous by the time I got to her and forgot to ask her the question I wanted to know. Like who was her favorite character. They may of gone over this in the questions and answers but I had missed that part. Since this was my first ever book signing to go to I forgot to bring a camera, and my other books to get her to sign them. When it was my turn I just kinda went up and gave my book and didn't say anything. She asked me what does Michelle make me do and I responded she makes me buy everything. I couldn't think of anything else to say. Then as I was about to leave the table I remembered to finally tell her I love Simon in the books. She said most people always say Jace so she was glad someone liked Simon. She seemed really nice and I didn't want to take anymore of her time there where still a few people behind me and she had already been there over an hour and half longer then she was suppose to. But this made me really happy just getting my book signed :) I will give an update once I am done City of Glass.

Books The Dust of 100 Dogs by A.S. King
The Dust of 100 Dogs - spoiler alert ** I enjoyed reading this book. All of the side parts about the dogs I loved reading, and I liked that Saffron was able to keep all of her memories of being Emer and all of the dogs. I believe she learned valuable lessons from each of her lives. She lead one horrible life. Enjoyed reading how she went from having a shy personality to being the tough pirate that she was, and even though she was a pirate she still loved sewing and making her capes. This book had one character in it that actually made me so mad at the character every time they did something to their dog. Also I was frustrated with Saffron family and the way they acted both her parents and her one brother. At the end of the book I like how she was able learned from her past mistakes and was able to move on with her life.

Manga Captive Hearts, Slam Dunk, Bleach, Skip Beat
Captive Hearts vol 1 - New series enjoyed reading. This volume had me laughing at the antics of both the son and the father. This is a new series about a family that is cursed to work for the other family. It is an old curse from generations before. Whenever the person makes eye contact with the other family they start acting like the butler/manservant and doing everything for them. That is what the curse is about. In this series it is Megumi the son of the butler who is introduced to the daughter Suzuka that has recently returned from China (where she has been living). As soon as he makes eye contact he goes into manservant mode and he can't help himself. Megumi and his father make laugh with how they act and are they spazz and over the top. Looking forward to more of this series

Slam Dunk vol 1 - Loved this book. It had me smiling from the beginning to the end. Sakuragi had me laughing with the way he acts. One minute he Mr. tough guy about to rip your head off, and the next minute he is pouting in the corner. It seems like his major dream is to walk to school with a girl. But he keeps being rejected by girls. One day he meets a girl that seems to like basketball. So to impress her he is going to try to get into the game. The antics start with this tough gangster like guy trying to play basketball. Cracking up at him and the captain of the basketball game always fighting. Looking foward to the next book in this series.

Bleach vol 25 - Love this series. In this one Ichigo is trying to learn how to control his hollow. The Visoreds are helping him by battling with him while his is having an inner battle against himself. I love the battle he is having with himself. Also at the end you learn what the Arrancars are up to.

Skip Beat vol 14 - I love this series. I enjoy reading every minute of it. In this volume Kyoko meets up with a new band that is copying Sho and everything he does, right down to looks, songs and quotes. Why is this band doing this I have no clue, but Kyoko is not happy about it and confronts Sho about it. Is it a good encounter or a bad encounter you would have to read it to see what you think. Also in this volume the manager of Ren was making me smile and laugh. He is trying to get Ren to tell Kyoko how he feels even though Ren still will not admit to himself or the manager that he cares for her. I love the part where Kyoko is out talking to Sho and the manager is trying to get Ren to go out and get her. 

Yaoi manga Tea For Two

Tea for two vol 1 - I really enjoyed this volume. In this volume you are introduced to the characters. It starts out with the Tokumaru being told by his sister that he has to join the Tea club since he is always breaking things. He is athletic and has lots of friends. He joins the club and meets Hasune the head of the club and from prestigous family. The are the exact opposite. Tokumaru is rough and likes to fight, and Hasune is cool and keeps it together. That is what I enjoyed about this they are such opposite that it makes to story interesting.

Anime watched
Azumanga Daioh eps 1 - 7. Yes my kids are going through wanting to watch this silly series again. I am enjoying it more this time then I did the first time we watched this. The characters in this are something else. I like the girl with the cat. I always cringe everytime she put her hand out to one.

Gravitation all of it again. For some reason I just wanted to hear the songs. Yes I have them on the cd but that is in my car. So I put it on just to hear the some songs and ended up watching the whole series again. This series makes me smile.

Movies Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist
I enjoyed this movie. Some things where different then the book. Plus the removed alot of the curse words that was used in the book. I think it was a cute movie and I liked watching it. We where all laughing about his friends they where funny. I could see myself watching this again that is how much I enjoyed it.

Well that is all for now. I am getting more used to 3rd shift. I just seem to get really tired between 4:00am and 5:00am. So any reading or writing I try to do it before I get tired. Hopefully I will get better with updating next month these where just the books from February I still have all of March to type up.

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