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Juno, Bleach Dvd and manga, Heroes, Pandora gets Jealous, Vampire Kisses and other manga.

I had productive week with Reading and watching shows just not productive at anything else. (I guess it is one or the other).  This weekend went and saw Juno in the movie theatre,  watched heroes tv show for the first time, finished watching Bleach Dvd.  Read two books Pandora gets Jealous and Vampire Kisses, and 7 manga's.  I had fun!

So on with the normal weekly update.

Movie Juno - Wasn’t sure about seeing this movie but I’m really glad I did.  
It had so many things that where funny, and at one point I was about to cry.   It really surprised me how much I enjoyed this movie. The girl that played Juno was really good in the part. Juno’s father made me laugh. I would recommend this movie it was really good.

Tv show Heroes - This show is about to go into the third season and my daughter got started watching it recently so she brought season one with her Christmas Money. So we sat down to watch it. 
I am now hooked on this show. I only got to watch 3 episodes this past weekend but I am sure I will watch more when her friend brings back the DVD that she borrowed so she could continue to watch it. My favorite characters so far are Hiro and Ando they are fun to watch.

Books Pandora gets Jealous and Vampire Kisses
Pandora’s Gets Jealous by Caroly Hennesy – This was a cute story that I enjoyed. This story is about Pandora (Pandy) she is 13 years old and she is the daughter of Titan and her mother is works for Zeus. She has a class project and she wants to have something that no one else has. She finds a box of her fathers and takes it in.   She tells the story of the box she heard from her father of how evils where locked up in this box. On the way home the accidently is opened, evil and misery are released. Pandy is called in front of Zeus and because of Hera his wife Pandy must get evil and misery back into the box. So begins the journey of Pandy and her friends to collect evil and misery and return them.   This book had me laughing and sympathizing with Pandy and her friends. She is also getting help from some of the Greek gods and they aren’t exactly how I pictured them. Can’t wait for the next book Pandora Gets Vain.
Vampire Kisses by Ellen Schreiber – Loved this book! Picked up this book to read and I could not put it down. (Luckily it was not a huge book). I started reading it late yesterday evening and I finished it today. This story was about Raven who lives in “Dullsville” and ever since she was a kid her when anyone asked what she wanted to be when she grew up she answered with “I want to be a vampire”.   Raven is different then everyone else she only has one friend Becky. She is obsessed with Vampire movies, goth outfits and loves the mansion on the hill.   The first part of the book is about the Mansion being empty and then people moving in, and there is rumors in the town that they are vampires. Raven wants to find out the Truth. She meets Alexander the son that lives there, who also is different. A lot of the book is about Raven and how she gets the best of the town bully Trevor. (I know Trevor is the town bully but I did enjoy the banter between these two). Yes the next 3 volumes are out and I am going to pick them up this weekend so I can continue reading this series.

Manga - Chibi Vampire, Bleach, Trinity Blood, The knockout Makers,  and Gauken Alice
I buy a lot of manga. Some of the series are started and I’m waiting on the next volume. Some of them have been out and we just started to read them and others are brand new.   Sometimes I forgot how much I enjoy a series since we are reading so many. 
It is taking longer to read the next volume when it comes out since I have this huge pile to read. (I keep trying to come with a system but they never seem to stick. Now I am trying the system read one new series, then one I have had sitting around for a month or two, then new volume out in a series, then one yaoi.) This system will change again I am sure. 
Chibi Vampire vol 6 – Here is one of those series I forgot how much I enjoy until I start reading it again. Karin is so cute and cares a lot about Kenta. In this story we meet someone that looks exactly like Kenta, and this person I think was funny. This volume had so many revelations in it. And the way it ended! I am just glad that then next one is due out in February to see what happens next.
Gakuen Alice vol 1 – This is only the first book but I enjoyed it so much that I can actually say it may end up being in my favorites list. This is about a young girl Mikan and her best friend Hotaru who moved away to Tokyo to a secret private school. This volume shows how the two girls where friends, how Mikan took the separation, and then her going to the school to find Hotaru. Now Mikan has to try to get into the school so she can stay with Hotaru. Some of my favorite parts in this volume involved the Teacher and the one boy Narumi. This book had me laughing at some of the antics in it.  
Trinity Blood vol 1 – Talk about an interesting series.   This one is about a perpetual war between the vampires and the human’s. Esther the nun crosses paths with the Priest Nighroad who is sent from the Vatican to combat the local vampires. Since it was the first volume many things surprised me, it had some twists and turns I didn’t expect.   As soon as I get a chance I will read the second volume to see what happens next.
The Knockout Makers vol 1 – At first it reminded me of Beauty Pop (which is one of my favorites). This series is about 3 guys that are the Knockout Makers that will make a girl over (her hair, advice on what to wear, makeup etc). This volume had them make over 4 different girls. The first story and the last story I liked the best. The other two stories where cute. 
Bleach vol 22 –I LOVE this series. This volume had me laughing out loud. I was reading at lunch and my boss actually was looking at me strange for laughing. I will try not to give any spoilers but the part with the soul society showing up at the school, and then when they where in Ichigo bedroom were the best. We learn in this volume about hollows called Arrancar, that is why the soul society is there to see Ichigo. Yes this volume still had fighting, and some sad parts. I will patiently wait (Not) for the next bleach volume (June is so far away!).

Yaoi Manga Vanilla, Love is like a Hurricane
Vanilla vol 1 – This series is about a high school boy who Morio who discovers he isn’t really into girls. He meets a teacher, whose personality isn’t the best, and he treats Morio coldly, Morio becomes fascinated with him.
Love is like a Hurricane vol 2 - This is the continuation of the student president Azuma and Mizuki. In this volume Azuma is still chasing after Mizuki and Mizuki realizes that he has feelings for Azuma. The way Mizuki acts and his facial expression make me laugh. We also meet Azuma little sister and big brother who I enjoyed. This has a side story of two brothers that was cute.   Yes I have volume 3 sitting here waiting to be read. Hopefully I will get it soon.
Anime Bleach DVD 8
I already wrote that I watch one episode of this and loved it. Finally got to watch the rest this weekend. In this DVD Ichigo fights Renji. At first Ichigo gets a beating from Renji but then he remembers his training with Hat and clogs. One of the episodes is remembering the training. Another of the episodes is Renji remembering how he meet Rukia and them growing up. I enjoyed this DVD a lot now I will wait for the next one to come out in March. 

That is all for now.  Not much else to say. 
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