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I'd say I love you but then I'd have to kill you, Love attack, Rure and other manga

Here is my usual weekly update.  I was going to try and do one earlier but things got away from me.  On a happy note I feel like I was able to read more then I have in awhile but when I look back it is probably the same I just feel like I was able  to read.   (I know that sounds silly).  I did start to watch the Bleach dvd volume 8 but only go to watch one episode then it was to late everyone was tired or not feeling well.  So maybe this weekend I can finish it.  Loved the first episode.   

I fell sad that one of my favorite actors has past away.  Unless you are living under a rock or have been away from the TV, news, computer etc you must of heard that Heath Ledger has passed away.   I loved the movie 10 things I hate about you, Knights tale and I enjoyed Cassanova (of course I own all of these).  I did enjoy the Patriot and Brothers Grim.  I have not seen Brokeback Mountain or Four feathers or some of the other movies he has been in. 
Usually when I am picking up a film I lean more towards romance and comedy, so unless I am in the mood for drama, science fiction, etc I usually don't rent them.  I feel bad for his little girl that will never really know him, and his family members.  I know there is nothing concrete on what caused his death, but I think it is bothering me that so many people are saying drug addict, duper, etc.  From all indication yes it seems to be drugs but when I think of drugs I think of the illegal ones not the over the counter/prescribed ones. (yes I know they are drugs) but so many people are on prescription drugs I don't think each and everyone of them are addicts. (yes some maybe).  Unti they have found out,  why do people bad mouth the unknown.  Well I am done my rant about people jumping to conclusion's and they maybe right, but it is still the thought that someone so young has died and he had alot to look forward to in life.  

Strange habit while typing I realized.  I use the word I alot.,  See did it again.  Also I use the word really alot.  (I'm trying to stop but the more I try it seems the more I use those words).  It is starting to drive me nuts! :-)

Anyway I will start out with my updates haven't watched any movies since last week.  We did buy Dance revolution for the Wii and I have realized how out of shape I am. Got all F's.  So I only finished one book and read some manga plus I cleaned out all of my files from 1990's,2004, 2005 just have to shred everything, filed 2006 and 2007 and my cabinet is now ready for 2008.  (Now I have no excuse to have tons of paperwork laying around).  

Book - I'd Tell you I love you but then I'd have to Kill You by Ally Carter - I liked this book
This book is about Cammie a student that attends the Gallagher Academy for Exceptional Young Women, which on the outside it looks like a private school for rich girls. But on the inside they are actually learning how to be a spy.   Cammie meets a boy in town and from there they start to date. Since she is going to a spy school she cannot tell him about it, and since she is not your typical girl she doesn’t always know what a typical girl would do in this situation. She does get help and suggestions from her friends; I enjoyed the interaction between them. There where parts that made me laugh out loud such as when her friend Bex gets behind the steering wheel for Driver’s ed.   I recommend reading this series there is a second volume out Cross my heart and hope to spy.

Manga - Love Attack, Boys over Flowers, Rure, Let Dai
Love Attack Vol 1 – I loved this new series. It had me laughing. This story is about Chiemi Yusa who is always getting in trouble for fighting. Her teacher gives her an option that if she can get her classmate Akifumi Hirata to come to school and clean up his act she will wipe Chiemi records clean. She accepts and immediately goes after Hirata with a flying kick to get him to stop fighting. There where many things that made me laugh. I loved Hirata little brother when Hirata was carrying him home from school. I would recommend this volume to anyone looking for comedy/romance.   I can’t wait for the next volume to see if it as good as this volume.
Boys over Flowers Vol 27 - I enjoyed this volume. I am not going to give to many details because I don’t want to give any spoilers but this volume made me happy. I did feel sad for Yuki. I did enjoy the bathhouse part it made me laugh. When Tsukasa got out of the bathhouse I liked his hair being down instead of all curly. Him and Sojiro they look a lot alike but I just really liked his hair down. 
Rure vol 1 – This volume came out in October and I finally got to read it. I did enjoy this story. It is about Ha-ru and her half sister Mi-Ru. They are both part of a family the rules the remote island.   Ha-Ru and Mi-Ru come home for a ceremony that they have every year.   While they are there they tell Ha-Ru she will be the heiress and Mi-Ru will end up going away. Mi-Ru is upset and goes away but Ha-Ru follows.   They end up falling and end up in a foreign land. They are taken captive as slaves. The part I enjoyed are Ha-Ru friends when they first see her house and traveling with her, the way her brother’s act to her (I don’t like the way they acted to Mi-Ru), and when they are in the foreign land the guy that is holding them capitive Ku-Ya, he is making me laugh. Towards the end of the volume I was getting a little confused and it is becoming more serious (not that there was already serious parts). When the next volume comes out I am sure I will pick it up just to see what is going on.
Let Dai vol 9 – I am not sure if this should be under my Yaoi section (it is Shonen-ai). Last time I commented on this book I wrote a lot. But this story is so compelling.   This volume had so many different things happen in it. Funny, death, revaluations, things start to get better for Eunhyung. But of course with this story everything keeps changing. I am so glad I already have volume 10 and don’t have to wait months to see what happens next. I recommend this series to people that like drama and the darker side of things. 

Manga Yaoi - Duetto- Cutie Beast 
Duetto – I like this volume. It is about college mates Shinobu Miura and Eiichi Tahsiro and they neighbors and in college together and they start dating. Not that the other friends know this. What I like about this story is it covers over a period of time.   Eiichi goes away to work for an American Photographer and he travels all around. Miura is the business type and stays in Japan. Over time in this book it shows how they progress. 
The re are 2 other side stories in this volume I also enjoyed reading.
Cutie Beast – There are 5 separate stories in this book. The first story cutie beast was so cute. I loved how he kept imaging the guy as a bear.    The other stories in this volume are all really good, and some of the parts made me laugh. 
Well that is all for now.  I will update later whenever I have something new to say.  (Most likely next week) 

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