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Enchanted, manga Hank Kimi, Wallflower, La Corda, Bride of the Water God and Suppli

I was able to go to the movies this weekend and see Enchanted, also I got to read some manga, and start another book. 

This week has been different I work strange shifts about 6 hours during the day and 2 to 3 hours at night, and I try to nap between since my commute is kinda long and I don't want to fall asleep at the wheel while driving. 

But something most be bothering me because most of this week I couldn't sleep during my naps or at night.   Yes I tried it must be things at work starting to get to me with the merger and not know what is going on, and hearing on the news about the recession that we might go into.  I really don't want to be unemployeed and have to find a job during the recession.  Since I am not sleeping well maybe this will be what gets me to start moving and finish my resume and start looking.  (Yes I did check Monster this week and there looks to be a few jobs that I could look into but most of them are temp to perm if they like you). I know eventually I will be let go, but should I leave a full time job and go work temp and hope it becomes perm or should I just stay where I am till the end.  (I think these are the things keeping me awake).   Now since I am awake you would think I would be reading, or cleaning, doing laundry, looking for jobs or working on resume's.  Instead I stay in my bed trying to sleep tossing and turning, and if I fall asleep I am having strange dreams that wake me up.   

Good thing that happened my daughter was in a FBLA competition last Thursday night and she won first place.  I was very proud and happy for her,  She was so excited!  I have promised to take her out to dinner and tonight was the first available night and of course it is snowing (It hasn't snowed at all this year).  Her next step is competition in Hershey I hope she does good, if not I am still proud of her. 

Guilty pleasure or should I just say guilty.  Yes I have watched American Idol the past two nights.  

I usually watch these parts to see who all try's out, and what strange people are going to show up.   I usually stop watching American Idol part way through the season since I don't like when someone stays on that shouldn't and someone goes home that I think should be in a little longer. (yes I vote for my favorites) at least until I stop watching.  Some of these people I feel so bad for them, they really can't sing and they seem like nice people.  Others I think just want to be on the TV and does really wacky things.   


So onto my updates of Movies and Manga 

First stop Movie Enchanted 

I enjoyed this movie it was really cute. My daughter kept telling me to quiet down everytime I laughed. This was a good movie for all ages (I think).   This is about a princess who meets her prince and they are about to get married. But of course the evil stepmother doesn’t want them to so she sends the princess of to a different land. Where the princess lands in real life New York, and she waits for the Prince to rescue her. In the meantime she meets a guy and his daughter and starts to learn more about real life. Of course one of my favorite characters in this movie was Pip the chipmunk. I loved all the scenes when he is using Charade trying to tell the prince what was going on since he lost his voice

Manga - Hana Kimi, Wallflower, La Corda, Bride of the Water God and Suppli
Hana Kimi Volume 21 – I loved this volume. I will try not to give spoilers but this volume made me so happy. I did feel bad for Nakao. I loved when they went bowling it made me laugh. How could Mizuki never of gone bowling? I could say so much about this volume but if I did I would give away spoilers. This volume had some very special scenes that I am treasuring.   I am so sad that there are only two more books to go and then this series is over. If you like romance novels, gender bender or just a sweet really good story I recommend this series. This is one of my favorites.
Wallflower Volume 14 – I love this series.   Sunako and Kyohei always make me smile but this one they are great in.   In the begging of this volume I felt bad for Yuki. The feelings he was having about his girlfriend, The misunderstanding between him and his friend. Then the story line with Sunako and dressing up like they do in the movies she watches was cute. She is always in her own little world that is why I love her. Then the last story with Sunako and Kyohei fighting over the candy was priceless. I hope I haven’t given anything away just what some of the different chapters where about. This is one of those series that you never know what to expect next.  
Suppli Volume 1 – This series was different I liked it but I think I need to read the next volume to see where this leads. This is about an older women (not really that old but in her mid 20’s) she and her boyfriend break up.   She realizes that she only has work and she had her boyfriend of 7 years. Now she is throwing herself into her job to forget but at the same time she starts going out the people from work and she is discovering new things.
Bride of the Water God Volume 1 – I did like this but some of it I got confused at in the begging. Some of the artwork is so detailed in this. This story is about a village that has a drought and they are sending a girl out as a sacrifice to the Water God Habaek for rain. Things are not what they appear to Soah she thinks that the water god is going to be a monster instead he seems like a little boy to her. But even that is deceiving if you read the book. I would love to know more about this story to learn more of the water god and also some of the other people in the story.
La Corda D Ono Volume 6– This is one of those series that I enjoy. I think I wrote this before but I forget how much I like it until I start reading it. The last volume they left off with a story with Azuma and Kahoko I am glad to know how that ended. Then in this one we find out more about Kazuki. I really like him. This is one of those stories you don’t know whom you want Kahoko with if anyone. At first I liked Ryotaro, then I wanted her to be with Len, now I think I want her to be with Kazuki. I keep changing my mind, the next volume I may change my mind again. Of course this ended on a cliffhanger with Len asking her a question that she couldn’t answer. So I can’t wait for the next one to see what happens.   At the end of this there are two cute extra’s one about the guys in the changing room that made me laugh. The other extra was an older story of her’s which was cute.

Manga Yaoi (if you do not know what Yaoi is or like it do not read on)
Ordinary Crush vol 2 Have I mentioned how much I like Hyouta Fujiyama stories if I haven’t I really enjoy all of her stories. This was the second and last volume of Ordinary Crush about Nanase and Heiji relationship and going to the next step (who should be Uke and Seme). Nanase’s brother finds out about them dating and isn’t really happy about it. This volume has so many moments that made me smile and laugh especially with the brother and their friend Saijo. I also enjoyed all of the extra stories. Sad to see this story ending I really enjoyed these guys. 

I can't wait to watch Bleach DVD 8 we picked it up this past weekend and haven't had a chance to watch it. Well that is all for now I will update later.  Hopefully I will get some sleep tonight.
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