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Eon: Dragoneye Reborn, Ultimate Venus, Reborn, Wallflower, Body Language, Shy Intentions

Wow I can't believe almost a month has gone by since I last posted.  I know everyone is sick of me bringing up my job but here is the latest.  Went from 1st shift to 2nd shift that was what I was doing trying to get used to that shift.  Then last week I was switched to 3rd shift.  (I like these hours much better then 2nd shift). I am still trying to figure out the sleep thing but I feel like I am doing my favorite things spending some time with my kids and reading.   While I am at home I can see my kids for a few hours before work, and at work the shift is really quiet that I am able to read some.  So at this moment it is an okay situation.  Just wondering when I should do house work :)

Well since I had some time on my hands I have read some books, and watched some tv.

Books Eon: Dragoneye Reborn by Alison Goodman
Eon: Dragoneye Reborn - At first it was kinda hard to get into and I some parts I was confused when reading it. I also think some of the details the author went into didn't really need to be as detailed as they where. But even though I say that this was an amazing book once the action started and things where moving, then the book moved along really fast. Eon/Eona is a very strong character and the setting is amazing.
Also I really liked Lady Dela, Rilla, Chart, Ryoko and the prince. I am hoping everyone is okay in the next book. Enjoyable book marking down on my list to pick up Eona: The Last Dragoneye in January of next year.

Manga Ultimate Venus, Reborn, and Wallflower  (may contain spoilers)
Ultimate Venus vol 2 - LOVE THIS SERIES! I love the artwork and the story. In this volume you find out more about Hayashibara what his personality really is and about his family. And we meet a new character Iyo-kun. Yuzu learns about how these two know one another and what it is all about. They also have the school festival and the grandmother and her have a minor battle of wits trying to up the other with getting Hassaku as their partner at the festival.

Ultimate Venus vol 3 - Yes I read one volume after the other :) In this volume Yuzu is now put in charge of dealing with the grand opening of a Wedding Chapel and they are going make a promotional video. She meets the director and also his sister who is a new transfer student. The director is one scary guy he likes scary movies and seems to have a terrible personality. Yuru has to come up with a theme for him to use for the video. Also Yuzu finds out that her grandmother has arranged a marriage for her. You will have to read this wonderful series to find out more about this arranged marriage and who it is to.

Reborn vol 8 -
Love this series. If you want a crazy, fun read this is the manga for you. I still can never predict what is going to happen in this series. There are new characters being introduced again. These characters some of them have escaped from jail and are working together to take out Tsuda. This volume has the normal fighting, blowing up things, and the kids Lambo and I-pin doing some wacky things. Also in one big fight you have Bianchi throwing poisonious food. These new characters certainly are making things lively.

Wallflower vol 17 -
Love this Series!! Iknow I sound like a broken record (lol). So many great things in this volume. First of all Sunako and Kyohei end up having to be in a ball room dance competition. These two are really amazing and fun at the same time. Sunako keeps fainting and have nosebleeds every time she is suppose to look at Kyohei so it is making it hard to do ballroom dancing. Also in this volume the Landlady Sunako Aunt decides to renovate the house so everyone has to move out. Sunako being the person she is doesn't want to go and stay in the hotel with the creatures of the light so she goes of by herself. But of course Kyohei has to go and find her. You will have to read this volume to see if he finds her and what happens.

Yaoi Manga/novel Shy Intentions, and Body Language
Shy Intentions - Enjoyed reading. Liked how these two met in the hospital while visiting family members that where there. They slowly built a relationship out of those visits. In this book it takes them time to realize their feelings. Even though they are dating it takes awhile for them to recognize what they really feel which I liked since it wasn't one where they fell in love immediately more realistic then most yaoi.

Body Language - I liked this Yaoi novel. It was a light and fast read. It is about two friends Kanae and Nagao. Kanae has a crush on Nagao who likes to sleep around with lots of women. One night these two decide to sleep together. They are still good friends with benefits and for awhile it seems to work. But Kanae really likes Nagao and starts to be afraid of being hurt and is wondering if it better just to be friends

Movies Another Cinderella Story and Bring it on All or Nothing
Both of these where okay movies.  They where just something to watch.  I think I was not feeling well when I watched them and it was something I didn't have to think about while watching.  Yes I will admit I really enjoyed the first Bring it On movie.

Well that was what I read the first part of February I still have the 2nd part to post.  I just didn't want to bore you with so much stuff at once.  I will try to update again later this week with the rest of February :)

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