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Wonderous Strange, Gentleman's Alliance, Boys over Flowers, Me and my Brothers, Feverish


Second shift is going okay I guess.  It is only my first week and one night I wasn't there half the night.  I just feel like I have no life.  Go to work, come home go to bed get up run kids around then take a short nap since I only had about 4 hours of sleep then get up and go to work.  But that being said I am able to get one Manga in a day between running kids around and taking a nap.  Maybe in a few weeks I will get a better routine and try to do some cleaning or something before nap time or maybe if I get out of work on time take no nap.

I wondered how long it would be before I stopped updating Goodreads and as of this last week I stopped keeping up.  Maybe it has something to do with sleeping and not being in a routine.  So I am going to update this journal to be up to February.  Then in the next couple of days try and update Goodreads of the few manga and book I have read.

Books Wonderous Strange by Lesley Livingston
Wonderous Strange - Enjoyed this book. At first it started out slow for me and I wasn't really grasping what I was reading. But by halfway through it was all coming together and I was enjoying the story. By the end I didn't want to put it down, and I hope there is a sequel to come out. Part of this book had me smiling and towards the end I really needed to know what was going to happen next. I liked Kelly and Sonny I think there characters where good where they had insecurities but they where trying their bests. I also liked Bob, Tyff, Maddox. I can not forget Lucky which makes me laugh with the choice of cereal it likes to eat and blowing bubbles out his nose.

Manga The Gentleman'ss Alliance, Boys over Flowers, Me and My Brothers
The Gentleman's Alliance vol 1 - Since I didn't like how she had the last volume of Full Moon I wasn't sure if I really wanted to start reading this series. But I decided to finally read the first volume to see if I would like it, and I actually enjoyed it. I like the character Haine and how she has fallen in love with the (Emporer) just by the way he treated her years ago and talked to her and gave her a smile. This had parts that where making me laugh with the way Maguri kept treating her. Also Maguri and Maora made me chuckle with their relationship. For Haine used to being a Yanki she is still sweet and Naive.

Boys over Flowers vol 29 - I enjoy reading this series. In this volume Tsukasa and Tsukushi sneak out and go on a date. Of course his mother finds out. What steps does she take this time to ensure they no longer see each other you will have to read it to find out. At the end of this volume I was upset with how it ended. Glad I have the next ones to read to see what happens next.

Me and My Brothers vol 5 - I enjoy this series about Sakura and her brothers. In this volume the soccer team is trying to have Sakura come to camp with them. Needless to say her brothers figure a way to follow. She also is invited to an amusement park needless to say two of her brothers follow to make sure she is not on a date.

Yaoi Manga Feverish
Feverish - I enjoyed reading this volume. This volume was about two different couples. The first couple made me laugh. It is about a guy that is the landlord son and he falls for another guy living in the same building. He is always going into the other guys room and waking him up, and trying to make him fall in love with him. The next couple is about a designer of silver and only sells it to certain customers. A guy falls in love with the silver and wants to buy it so he is always going to the bar trying to get the guy to sell him the silver.

Movies watched Garfield and Georgia Rules
Garfield this was cute it was making me  laugh.  But we didn't know why they had Ode and everything else as real animals instead of CG like Garfield.

Georgia Rules I enjoyed this.  But I didn't like the step dad.  I couldn't believe he would do something like that.  (But I do love the actor that played the step Dad at first I couldn't believe he was playing a bad guy like that).

Anime Watched Mulan, Whisper of the Heart and Trinity Blood

Mulan Love this movie I could watch it over and over.
Whisper of the Heart this is such a sweet anime movie.  After watching it Country Road goes through my mind for days and days. 
Trinity Blood eps 1-3 this was nice to see in anime since I read the manga.  Looking forward to watching more of it.

Well that's all for now.  Hope everyone has a nice Valentine's Day :D


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