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Lord of Misrule, Sleepless, Black Cat, Never Give up, Beauty Pop, Hissing

I was really going to try and be better this year and post more often.  Just got a little crazy.  I got sick and took a day off work I never do that.  I had a record of 10 years with no sick days, and the last 3 years I had missed one.  So I felt really bad when I started work in January to take a day off sick.  At least they where understanding.  So now for the update with work.  Yes I am still working it went from hiring for 2nd but ended up being on first.  Now the other consultant is leaving so it is back to 2nd shift for me.  Just when my sleeping habits where getting normal it is going back to having strange sleep patterns. 

I haven't read as much as I was with being sick and all but since I haven't updated in 3 weeks I do have a little pile so I will start out with a few and do the rest later.

Books Lord of Misrule and Sleepless
Lord of Misrule by Rachel Caine  - Love this series. Can anything else go wrong in the town of Morganville. Never mind the humans, and vampires there is a big storm a brewing. Is it with the two vampires, is it with the humans or is it the weather. You would have to read it to find out, but I will warn you you in advance this ends on a big cliff hanger and leaves me wondering what is really going on, can this really be happening! Claire, Shane, Eve, and Michael and do not disappoint me in this book. They still are showing what friendship is all about. Even Myrnin seems to be helpful through most of the book. He is still one crazy vampire but when he is sane he can be very gentlemanly.

Sleepless by Terri Clark - Loved this book. I didn't want to put it down. It really is a fast read. This is a book about Trinity and when she sleeps she dreams but in her dreams people come and visit her. In one of her dreams she is visited by a girl that is about to be murdered and the guy that murdered her. Trinity doesn't like that fact that she has these dreams and the dreams are getting worse with the murderer. What I liked about this book was Trinity was a strong character but she has flaws, she tries to shut everyone out of her life and doesn't actually live life. I liked the character Dan he has family issues and he is trying to help Trinity. I also like the interaction between Trinity, her mom and her friend Coral.

Manga Black Cat, Never Give Up, Beauty Pop and Hissing
Black Cat vol 14 - I enjoyed this volume it made me laugh. Black Cat and Eve they run into a guy called Gin who is trying to create a group of Elite Sweepers to get together and Capture Creed. It has Black Cat and Eve working together to beat a game so they get the location of where Gin will be having the meeting of the elite Sweepers.

Never Give Up vol 8 - I love this series. It is cute. I like how Kiri doesn't want to give up no matter what. In this volume you find out who wins the exclusive contract. Once that person wins things start to change and it gets harder for Kiri and Toyha to be together. The new manager is very stern so far and is keeping people away from the winner of the contract. If you want to find out who won you have to read this volume. I don't know if Tokyopop dropped this title or not I am hoping they haven't but I don't see anything about the next release. If they dropped it I hope someone else picks it up I really like this series. If they haven't dropped it I hope they have a new release soon

Beauty Pop vol 9 - Love this series. In this volume they are still having the competition and they have to clear the next level. While they are waiting around for the next level they are practicing at Kiri's house. He father has to leave home really fast and puts Narumi in charge of her. Needless to say everyone ends up staying over. In this volume some characters are letting their feelings show for Kiri. If you want to know who they are you will have to read it to find out. I will say I love how the aroma guy Iori is always fighting with Narumi little sister. These two are always bickering and calling each other names it makes me laugh.

Hissing vol 5 - Enjoy reading this series but this volume had me so upset. My favorite character in this whole book is Da-Hwa the little brother to Sun-nam and Da-eh's. I think both families do not treat him well. All he tries to do is make his family happy and wants to be with them. Sun-nam to me is a selfish character when it comes to her little brother. Plus the way she treated her friend in this one I also felt bad for him that she didn't tell him anything. This volume Da-Eh and Sun-nam learn the truth about Da-hwa being both of their brothers. Not sure if they will still have a relationship after this or not.

Anime - Junjou Romantica and Hunter X Hunter
Junjou Romantica I was watching through internet.  If you read the yaoi manga you will like the anime.   I wish it would be licensed I really enjoyed watching it.  Yes new episodes are still coming out.

Hunter X Hunter - We picked up this series and I only watched episodes 1 and 2 but I am enjoying it.  Hopefully we will watch the rest soon.

Movies Baby Boom, Horton hears a who, Once Bitten and the Dark Knight
Baby Boom is one of those movies I watch whenever it is on.  For some reason their is just something I like about this movie.
Horton hears a Who - Honestly I fell asleep during it.  (I think this was when I was getting sick).  It seemed cute for what I watched.
Once Bitten - Jim Carey early days.  This stupid movie still makes me laugh.
The Dark Knight - I thought it was a good movie, but I was sad while I watched it.  I love Heath Ledger (he did play an excellent Joker). 

TV  I was watching American Idol with them going to all of the cities.  Some of those people are really out there don't know why they even try out.  If you haven't watched Hollywood then don't read this sentence.I really can't believe an Osmond didn't make it through Hollywood.  Wondering how Castro younger brother did. 

See because I had normal work hours and my nights again I was actually able to watch some movies.   This takes me to the middle of January next post I will finish what I read and watched in January.  (Hmm seems like I watched alot more tv then I normally do). 

Off to do wash and start cleaning my room.  I think I need a big dumpster or a bigger house not sure which :)

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