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Been busy but not with reading or movies.

It has now been a week since last post .  I was able to finally finish my Romance novel,  Red River and then read two other Manga.  I did get to watch Friday night Lights recommended to me by Maxiekatt2.  What have I been busy with well before the holiday's you have to decorate.  After the holiday's you have to take everything down.  So over the weekend it was taking down some of the decorations.  Visiting my Grandmother in the Hospital (which ended up being all day, while we where there they said she could go home.  So we took her home and had dinner with them : ).  It was nice and I am glad she is back home.  But I still have to finish taking decorations down in the reckroom and putting everything away.

Also doing wash it is a good thing I brought the kids new socks and underwear for Christmas or else they would be out LOL.  Now those are almost gone, so I have been busy trying to catch up to at least 3 weeks of not doing any wash (it may of been longer  all the hampers where overflowing).  

Now for the update of romance novel, Manga and Movie then back to wash, work and maybe I can finally start to read other books, manga and watch some anime : )

Romance novel  Scottish Brides – Christina Dodd, Stephanie Laurens, Julia Quinn and Karen Ranney

I finally finished this book (it took about a month). This is an older book that I had laying around that I hadn’t read. I picked this to read over the Christmas Holiday since it had 4 stories, figured I could read a story put it down and be able to do other things, then pick up then read the next story. All the authors are very good. I did enjoy each of the stories. The only prolem I have with reading a few stories in one book I think they should be longer and have more detail the stories always seem rushed.   

Under the Kilt by Christina Dodd  – I liked this but I thought it could have had more detail and lasted longer. This was about a couple that had already been together but it was just for a moment. The guy secretly wants to be with her so comes up with an excuse for the story he is researching about the Marriage kilt. Her staff puts it away up in the attic and while they go up and look for it the staff locks them in. They have all night to work things out.

Rose in Bloom by Stephanie Laurens Again I thought the story could have been longer but I did enjoy reading this I didn’t want to put it down.   This was about a girl Rose who over the summer she was staying at a house that every year since she was little she stayed at this house. The guy Duncan had been gone for a few years and hadn’t realized how she had grown up. Duncan brought back another girl he was thinking about proposing to and Rose had brought a guy she was thinking about marrying. It seems when Rose and Duncan where little she followed him all over the place. So this was a good story where they referenced back to when they where kids and how she had changed and how it now affected him. 

Gretna Green by Julia Quinn I couldn’t put this story down it was so good. This had me laughing with some of the things these two where doing. It is about Margaret going to find her brother who she thought was eloping to Gretna Green with some girl. Of course Margaret had a bumpy ride getting to Gretna Green. She comes across a Scotsman Angus who is looking for his sister who is leaving home without his permission and is heading to London for the season. They have one interesting night of pretending to be married to get a room at the inn, and some food. The liked how this story ended but again I would of loved it this story was longer I enjoyed it so much.

The Glenlyon Bride by Karen Ranney – I liked this story. It is about mistaken identity. Lachlan is suppose to marry and English lady that has money to help rebuild his Scots holdings. He goes to see what this bride looks like and comes across Janet who is the companion of the bride he is looking for. Needless to say he never really asks her name just for another name then her given one. And Janet thinks he is someone else. (I know I haven’t given anything away since we all know this by reading the story). Or course these two meet over the next few days without realizing who the other one really is. 

I am sure I have not done justice to any of the above stories and if you like romance novels and you like any of these authors I would recommend reading this. (That is if you could find it since it was published back in 1999). I’m really behind with my romance novels.

Movies - Friday night Lights
Friday Night Lights – I really enjoyed this movie. I can’t believe the way it ended. (Trying not to give away the ending away). If you haven’t seen it I recommend watching it. These kids; they have a lot of pressure on them for High School football. When playing high school football it does happen where a lot of pressure lands on some of the kids that are trying to make a career out of it or their parents pressure them. But I hope they are still enjoying the sport while they are playing.  

Manga - Red River, Wild Ones
Red River volume 19 - I do like this series. In the beginning of this volume I was thinking how much more canYuri go through in this series since there are still a few more volumes to go. By the end I can’t wait to read what happens next. (Luckily I picked it up today so I won’t have to wait to long to find out). I didn’t like how the way those 3 Egyptians where treating Rusafa. It was sad what happened to Kail’s brother.
Wild Ones volume 1 - I enjoyed this new series. It is about a 15 year old girl Sachie and her mother just past away. She didn’t know where she would go and her Grandpa who is the head of the yakuza gang shows up. She thought he was dead.   They assign Rakuto on one of the guys in the gang as her bodyguard. This has some very fun moments with Yakuza guys trying to make hamburgers, and then they try to buy her a birthday gift. At one point she wear’s a tank top and they are apologizing for seeing her naked. Rakuto she can not figure out he keeps calling her princess and one minute he is nice and then the next he has this fake smile that she doesn’t like.    

Manga Yaoi (if you do not know what Yaoi is or like it do not read on).
Laugh under the sunI liked this story. It is about 3 guys that grew up together Chika, Sohei and Naoki.   Chika has had a secret crush on Sohei for all these years. He persuades Sohei to go back into boxing since he had stopped years ago because of an accident in the ring.   I like Yugi Yamada stories she always seems to have one guy that is cranky this time it is Chika. He keeps telling Sohei that hey are not friends and this upsets Sohei. So Sohei complains to Naoiki about Chika.

Well that is all for now.  Going to start another batch of laundry before lunch is over.
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