reader17 (reader17) wrote,

Hmm Livejournal issue missing dates in friends view?

Is it just me or is livejournal acting weird?  I usually keep my view as all friends and got really behind with reading everything.  Last night I was reading the 10th and saw stuff from the 11th and 12 for my friends I just didn't have time to read everything.  Now today when I go into livejournal on view All Friends it skips from the 13th to the 8th.  It is like pages are missing.  If I go directly to the communities I belong to the post all show up from the 11th and 12th.  It seems if I change my view to be just a special view (example online friends, local friends etc) then everything show up again. 

It just seems like all friends is having the issue and if you switch to communities view.  Something isn't work right anymore.
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