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Happy new year! Movies, Manga and Anime just my weekly update

This is now the third day into the New Year but I still hope 2008 will be happy for everyone.  I already know my year will have changes in it down the road in the summer with my job.  So I wasn't really looking forward to 2007 ending but everything has to move on.   

It is funny I've been hearing people asking if they made a new year resolution last year and if they did, did they do it.  I don't think I made one last year since I never stick to them.   This Year the only one I made was to fix up my resume since I most likely will have to look for a new job and read those manuals and try to the tests (if I get through the manuals alone I will be happy).   

I hope my daughter stops getting the flu/colds she has to go to the doctors again and has now missed 15 days of school.  I really don't want them to hold her back if she misses to much school.  She is getting A's and B's, so I am hoping this is the last day she misses. (Arrg she still has to make it from Jan through to June) Nuts!

Anyway the only book I started was a romance novel the Scottish Brides it has 4 stories in it from different authors.  I am only done the first two stories.  So I will either finish this or pickup another book while reading this.  But I did read some Manga, watch movies and an anime. So here is my what I have been doing since my last post.

New year's Eve what I did
Not that anyone really cares but I worked during the day.  Then my daughter had two friends come over,  my sister came over with my two nieces around 6:30 so we sat around playing Scattergories.  (my one niece was to young she was in watching television which make her happy LOL).  Then my sister left around 9:30 since her youngest wanted to go home to bed.  So we watched the Transformer movie see below (I really did enjoy it).  Once it was over time to clean up then went to bed. (I had a really good time playing the game I was laughing so hard at some of our answers that my checks hurt).   The next day got up and cleaned up some more then started the roast pork (I never time it right it always gets done an hour later then I planned).  Made Saukerkaut  (spelled it wrong)  we always have pork and saukekaut for good luck.  Then I had to work again since I had taken Monday night off.  Plus I wasn't feeling up to par since I had also gotten the flu over the weekend.  Stupid flu's and cold's 

Manga - Star Project Chiro, Ultra Cute and Inubaka (crazy for dogs)
Star Project Chiro – This was cute and had some funny things happen.   It is about Eun-You Song is a girl that is popular with the boys (not nice to girls). And she likes Chan-Kyung Woo who’s smart, nice and popular and he wants to be a star. Somehow she also meets pop-singer Nan lee, and these two just don’t get along. He keeps trying to blackmail her into things.     
Ultra Cute Vol 8 – This has been a cute series so far. I think there is one volume to go then it is done.   I did not like the end of this volume.   I know they like to have cliffhangers before the next volume but I did not like this one. I don’t really care for the girl Sana in this. I think we are supposed to feel sorry for her at one point but for some reason I can’t. Maybe in the next volume I will but right now I don’t. (That sounds mean doesn’t it).   Koizumi I think we are not supposed to like but the way he goes about things make me laugh. I did like the scene with Noa and Tomohiro in the library they both looked so cute with there glasses on. So now I have to wait for the last volume to see how everything turns out. 
Inubaka (crazy for dogs) Vol 6I keep forgetting how much I like this series. It is one of those I buy because I know I like it but then I will read other first and think that was stupid of me I really like this series. Anyway in this one I feel bad for Lupin the dog. Yes I know this is only a manga, but he was being left alone, so he was acting up alittle and I just felt bad for him.   Also Eppei the owner of the store I felt a little sorry for when he was trying to not pickup the little stray kitten. But I love how is his dog (Noa) just went ahead and retrieved the kitten. If you like dogs and manga this is a really cute and good series to read. 

Anime - Wallflower :) 
Wallflower - I really enjoyed the anime. I just think the guys are cuter in the Manga then in the anime. But this was still a good anime it made me laugh. This story has the extra characters as little white people/ghosts running around which they do in the manga, it is just funny to watch them move in the anime. I love Sunako she just cracks me up, and her laugh in the anime makes me LOL. This is anime is about a girl that just wants to be left alone in her own dark world. She likes horror movies and doesn’t want anyone to see her. Her Aunt has 4 guys live in a mansion with her to teach her to be a proper lady. Which of course strange things happen to Sunako and the guys! Since the guys are really good like she thinks they are to bright and tries to stay away from them otherwise she gets major nosebleeds. She is normally running around as a chibi character but once in awhile they show what she really looks like and I think she is pretty. I would recommend this series to anyone it is funny.  

Movies - Hairspray, Jeff Dunham and Transformers 
Hairspray – I really enjoyed this silly movie. The part that had me laughing the most is John Travolta dressed as the Mom. I just couldn’t get over seeing him dressed as a big lady and his voice coming out. It made me laugh each time he came on.  
Jeff Dunham (Arguing with myself) – Okay this isn’t a movie but a comedian that is a ventriloquist and uses different puppets. My friends came in from Colorado and was showing me their I phone and how you can watch youtube and he brought up this video with Jeff Dunham. When we found out there was a DVD out we went out and rented it. I was laughing so hard my checks hurt, and yes water was coming out of my eyes. My favorite puppet was Walter the old guy and Peanut (I’m not sure what he is). If you haven’t watched it and you like comedian’s I would recommend this. It has two modes Bleeped and Unbleeped. We of course watched the unbleeped. I loved the part when the guy got up out of the audience and they actually waited until he came back from the bathroom. Just the stuff Walter was saying while the guy was gone cracked me up.   My favorite part with Peanut was with him saying Santa Ana, and how he kept saying things where going over one guy’s head. I have looked on the Internet and realize there is another DVD that came out in September I will have to find it so I can watch it.
Transformers – I gave this to my Son for Christmas. When he was younger we use to watch the anime and he had some of the transformer toys. Of course over the years I hadn’t seen it so I figured I would wait until the movie came out on DVD. So on New Year’s Eve after playing some games we decided to watch it. I really enjoyed this movie. It was great. I will try not to give anything away but I did love the part where the Transformers where trying to hide around the house it made me laugh, and some of the comments they where making! I loved BumbleBee! This movie had a little of everything it was very entertaining. It was funny, sad, action packed and even a little romance.   I think this is a good movie for both guys and girls. (Not sure about little kids some adult content, and violence). I am sure I will be re-watching this multiple times. I hope there is another one.   

Manga Yaoi (if you do not know what Yaoi is please do not read this next lj cut) Dash and Invisible Love
Dash – I really enjoyed this book. It made me smile and laugh. There are different stories in it. The main story Dash and then a second story Cheeky. Dash made me laugh a guy goes and gets into a school to follow the guy he admires in Judo. Since he likes him he runs errands for him, gets him drinks, lunches etc the guy treats him like a dog. Once in while the guy will actually go Woof, which cracked me, up.   The second story is about two cousins’ the older cousin promised that he would always be on his side (of the younger cousin) and then they moved apart. Then 10 years later the younger cousin comes and stays with him. This had some sad moment but for the most part it made me smile the way the older cousin reacted to the younger cousin and the things he did.  
Invisible Love – I really like Rie Honjyo all of her stories. This book has 7 different little stories in it.   I enjoyed all of them. I just wished they where all a little longer since they where really good. I think my favorite one was the first story with two high school boys where the one really loves the other one and only admits it to him when he is drunk but he thinks he is dreaming when he does it. The other guy get frustrated since he only admits it when he is drunk and not when he is sober.  

Well that is all for now.  I have already started to read Red River Manga and I am hoping to watch some anime this weekend along with some movies. 
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