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Reincarnation, Honey and Clover, La Corda D oro, Skip Beat, Immoral Darkness, Doust thou know

Well here is another update.  Yes I got the job.  Everything happened so fast with the approval I actually start tomorrow (Friday).  I am so nervous I haven't started a new job in 18 years.  Yes I moved from one location to another with a new name but it was all the same people that I had worked with for all those years.   My stomach is in knots I keep asking stupid questions.  I have everything all ready to go my outfit, my bag with pens and paper.  Not sure if I will like the shift but it is a 6 month contract so I figured you could do anything for 6 months maybe I will grow to like them. You never know.

So here is an update of books I read in December one more pile after this and I am all caught up.  Yeah thanks for sticking with me even though I am driving everyone nuts.  :)

Books Reincarnation by Suzanne Weyn
Reincarnation - **spoilers** enjoyed reading this book. I liked the concept of the story. I enjoyed them going through all of the different time periods throughout history and that their where others that where other characters that was in those periods with them. I liked how the characters developed over time. What I did like was how the author had things they could do or that may of affected them in one life continue in another. Such as singing, archery, good at sports. Also the problems they may of had such as headaches, afraid of fire, ankle problems, jaw hurting. Also enjoyed how the author covered issues throughout history slavery, civil right the wars throughout the different time periods.

What I was disappointed in was the ending. It just felt kinda of rushed. You had these people meeting through time and living different lives but the last chapter current day all happened within one day. I just wished the last story with the characters where longer.

Manga Honey and Clover, La Corda D' Ono, Skip Beat
Honey and Clover vol 2 - Still like this story. The college kids had me laughing in some of the parts but in this one it had some sad moments. Especially with Sensei going away for a year. But this is still a cute and funny series to read.

La Corda D'Ono vol 8 - ** spoiler alert ** I really liked this volume. This has them finishing up their 3rd competition. Kahoko's violin loses its magic, so she has to decide what to do. A new girl in introduced in this volume she was an old girlfriend of Ryotaro's. Kazuki is so cute with his feelings for Kahoko. If you haven't read it yet one of the best part is the amusement park and Len's
reactions and the Haunted house.

Skip Beat vol 13 - Love this series. In this volume Ren is having his test to prove that he is the great actor that he is and to continue his career in acting. He has to show how well he can play Katsuki and have the girl that he acting against be able to improvise and get her to act the scene the way he wants. Also Kyoko notice's how all of the female actress can fall under Ren's spell. Kyoko was making me laugh with the "Sway Sway" when she was waiting around for Ren to get done talking with the President.

Yaoi Dost thou Know, Immoral Darkness
Dost Thou know - I enjoyed this volume. Some of it I kinda got confused who was in what Kendo outfit but I liked the characters. I liked Hanamori the big brother he made me laugh a few times with just his reactions to things. This is about the Hanamori trying to have Yaegashi surrender his heart to him. The little brothers are also cute with their reactions to each other and the older brothers.

Immoral Darkness Yaoi Novel - I liked this story. I felt bad for the student Shina and the way his family life was. I'm not sure how I felt about the other main character the teacher, and the way he treated Shina. I did like Shina's homeroom teacher and his wife I thought they where nice and I liked how they had wanted to help Shina out.

Movies on Christmas Eve on the lifetime channel
Undercover Christmas this was okay but I am not sure if I would watch it again.  I mainly watched it since I liked the actress.
A Christmas Wedding this was also okay. I watched this to see how it would turn out the Bride was busy working and was trying to get back for her Wedding and of course where not working out for her to get home.  Weather, airports, cars etc.

So you can tell since I listed the movies I watched on Christmas Eve that I am almost caught up.  The other thing I started to do was Wii Fit.  Let see how long this lasts LOL. I started it two days after Christmas and then didn't do it again until yesterday and today.  I have started by doing 30 minutes a day.  I want to see how long this will last.  If you haven't used Wii fit it has trainers that talk you through things I stand there and argue with the TV.  I know I am losing my mind but I put my foot down and they tell me not to put my foot down, or like today I stopped and he told me to get back on the board.  It makes me laugh that I am yelling at someone that is not real.  

Well that is all for now.  I will give another update this weekend with how the new job went and the last pile.  Yeah I can see over my little desk.

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