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Yes I am back again with the next group of books I have finally finished November book and I am now into the books read in December.  If I do two more posts I will be caught up to January.  Yeah. Well I had some development in the job market not an actual job yet they are waiting to see if the position is approved then they have to do a background check on me.  So I should hear something by the end of this week.  Also I had two other companies call me.  The one I think I just blew it but that is because I am lacking some of the knowledge needed for the position.  But they lady said she would keep me in mind for a position for the Help Desk that they may need in 3 or 4 months.   So here I am with it raining and cold and figured I would just write up some books. 

Books How to Ditch your Fairy by Justine Larbalestier
How to Ditch Your Fairy - This was such a cute book. I enjoyed reading it. Laughing at how they where trying to ditch their fairies. Charlie has a parking fairy and everyone wants Charlie to ride with them to get them a great parking space. Charlie doesn't eve like driving in a car so she is trying to ditch her fairy. I liked how the main character Charlie had flaws and was always getting demerits. I don't think I would ever want to go to that school I would end up with lots of demerits. When I first started reading this some of the words I didn't know what they meant but I was told their is a glossary in the back which made it better to know what Spoff, pulchy and doos means.

Manga Short Sunzen, Anima, Venus in Love, Make Love & Peace
Short Sunzen vol 2 - Enjoying this seris!  I laugh through most of it.  Just Aya expressions alone make me laugh.  In this volume they are made to go and clean up the beach it made me laugh as they where trying to clean it up others where messing it up.  Another chapter Aya is suspended and Satsuki goes to help him keep up with the work.  Satsuki is so clueless about Aya liking her. I even enjoyed the extra story in the back. 

Anima vol 7 - This series is so cute.  I know I have said it before but I love the characters in it. In this volume Husky wants to go and see his Mom on the way their they go to a town where it seems that Anima are being kept as slaves.  Husky and Senri are captured so Nana and Cooro are trying to free them.   When Husky got separated from them in the cave I loved Nana trying to rescue him. And the map showing they landed where they started out at.

Venus in Love vol 2 - Enjoy this series.  I like the relationship between the characters. Fukami was cracking me up in this volume every time he saw the girl from before he would become klutzy and do something silly like crashing on his bike, running in his underwear.  In this volume they go to tennis camp for a few days and silly things happen while they are there. Also we find out more about Eichi family. 

Make Love and Peace - This manga is definitely a mature rating.  This is about a girl Ayame in college that is dating a police officer Koichi.  He tries to protect her.  In one of the chapters a women abandons her child and Ayame is to take care of the child until the mother is found.  In another chapter Ayame meets Koichi younger brother.

Yaoi Manga Just Around the Corner
Just Around the Corner - This is a yaoi story about Kiriya and Yuuya. Yuuya is a student that used to play the piano but his hand got hurt so he doesn't play anymore and Kiriya is getting over breaking up with someone. The first meet in the streets and end up meeting up hear and there.  What neither of them realize is that Kiriya is a teacher and Yuuya is a student.  Will they continue to date once this comes out or will they dissolve the relationship.

Movies Almost Famous and Juno.  This was the weekend we still had free HBO
Almost famous - I liked this movie, the music they played in it was good.  It is about a young boy trying to become a reporter for a band.  It has him following the band around and the things that happen to him and the band while they are traveling. 
Juno - I like Juno there is just something about the character and her sarcastic remarks and how she seems like she doesn't need anyone but she actually does. 

Well that is all for now.   Be back again in a day or so.

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