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House of Dance, Let it Snow, High School Debut, Wanted, Family Complex, 9 lives

Wow two days in a row. This is only because I am checking the internet for jobs and figured while I am here I will write another post. After this going down to finish undecorating can't wait until everything is put away. It's fun while it is out but taking it down is a pain no wonder some people leave their lights out all year round. Anyway here is another 6 books

Books - House of Dance and Let it Snow
House of Dance by Beth Kephart - Enjoyed reading this book. This is a story about Rosie a teenage girl who during the summer break finds out he Grandfather is dying. Since her mother is busy, she is asked to help her Grandfather out. While helping her Grandfather go through his stuff she stumbles on a dancing school called House of Dance. Where she starts to take dancing lessons. What I enjoyed about this book is how the author dealt with everything a person goes through when they find out someone they love is dying. The Sadness, mad, lonely, wanting to be there for them, spending time with them. The other thing I liked is the author had side stories of Rosie's past experience her the shore, flying paper planes, and others. I thought it was a great way to show how people remember things in the past and what is important what is not.

Let it Snow by John Green, Maureen Johnson and Lauren Myracle - Enjoyed reading all three of these stories. I like how they all tied together. To have different characters to show up in each book and then in the third book they call end up at the same place. The stories where cute and some made parts made me laugh. It must of been hard for all three authors to get together and figure out how to tie all of the stories together, with the names of the characters and the places, and what happens. I want to have a teacup pig it sounds really cute.

Manga - High School Debut, Wanted and Family Complex
High School Debut vol 3 - Loved this volume. It made me laugh the way Haruna was avoiding Yoh. It was cute with Haruna trying to figure out if she should tell Yoh how she feels about him. She was so nervous when they where together. Does she end up telling him or doesn't she. You will have to read the volume to find out. Let's just say this volume made me happy.

Wanted - I loved this book. It has everything in it I like. A little romance, humor, some angst not alot, and pirates. Yes this reminded me of the romance novels I so enjoy. This is a story about a girl that has fallen for a boy who is taken by pirates. She disguise's herself as a boy to find the pirates that took him, to be with him. Does she find him that you would have to find out when you read the book. I just love this manga artist stories and characters. I really wish this had more volumes to it the manga artist writes that they would like to make another of these characters I really hope they do I loved it that much.

Family Complex - ENJOYED! This book is about Akira one of the boys from Princess Princess and his family. It shows how he is from one of those families that everyone shines but him (even though he shines in his own way in Princess Princess). Different chapters cover different things one chapter is about his Birthday and being out in public with his family. There is different chapters that deals with the Older Brother, Older Sister and Younger Sister of how their lives are at school and how people relate to them.This was a really cute volume and I liked watching how the family reacted to one another and the people around them. I was laughing through the volume.

Yaoi Manga - 9 lives
9 Lives vol 1 - This was a really good book to read. This book is about cat-bois and them living on earth. It was sad to see how the cat-bois where treated that they have to be someone's pet. But I do enjoy the story Conri comes to earth to find his sister and he doesn't want to be anyone's pet. He encounters a guy that is willing to let Contri stay with him and not be his pet. Conri is a really cute cat-boi and when he first goes to this guys place does nothing but makes a mess, and breaks everything. He was making me laugh. Enjoyed reading this looking forward to volume 2.

Movies - The Cutting Edge and Knocked up
The Cutting Edge I love this movie. Me and my daughter just decided to watch it one day in December. It always makes me laugh "Toe Pick".

Knocked up we had free HBO one weekend so we put on the second half of it so I didn't see how they meet. I thought it was cute. One of these days I will have to rent it to watch the whole thing. (yes if you are on LOMG teen reads you already know I watch these :) )

Well that is all for now. I realize if I write about the book as soon as I read it I have a lot more detail in them. Sorry the posts seems to be getting longer.

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