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As I can see with the Holiday's everyone has been busy.  Some that usually can not post made post and others who make post just didn't have time.  Well I fall into that catgory.  My post usually cover what I read and watched.  Since the last update I have what was I did the first week and then after that everything got out of hand.   

Me and my sister had brought our grandmother a digital picture frame.  Which is really nice except we had to go through all of our pictures, scan them into the computer and copy them onto the frame.  Seems easy (yeah right).
  I got alot of pictures from my Aunt (we had asked for pictures of her and my mom when they where little) her kids when they where little and my cousin kids picture.  Since it is for our grandmother we wanted to have everyone on it.  Needless to say her pictures alone took me over a week. Other then work and a few hours of sleep that is what I was doing scanning her pictures.  Then finally about 2 days before giving to my grandmother I got to go through my pictures and grab some of my kids.  Over 700 pictures where scanned into my computer and my sister did about 175.   Of course my sister said alot of them shouldn't go on the frame so we spent about 2 and 1/2 hours deleting about 100 pictures. Then we tried to load them all on the frame (which says around 2000 pictures).  Of course at first we couldn't get 200 hundred to fit, then we realized there was software we could load on that would help and if we removed the setup it would allow more.  So we deleted the setup file and ran the rest of the pictures through this software.  YEAH!  They went on except the picture frame froze.  To our horror around 2:30 am on Sunday night.   So I came home and played around some more until around 4:00 and gave up.  On Monday got up and finally was able to get in and start to delete more pictures while trying to call Tech support.  After deleting around 20 pictures got Tech support on the phone and there was a fix for this frame.  So we had to load the fix on.  Luckily it worked and the picture frame is very nice.   We gave it to my Grandmother Christmas Day needless to say she was a bit confused (she 86 years old).  She thought if the frame would stay on one picture to long it would burn it up.  We explained the pictures are in memory and not the real picture.  By the time we left she had tears in her eyes so I think she enjoyed it.  Of course she doesn't want to delete any of the pictures but add her own.  So that was my stressful weeks of Christmas.  I didn't even wrap anyone Christmas gifts until Christmas Eve which was also strange instead of spending alot of time to be with my family I was busy wrapping.  (I wasn't really happy about that).

So the list below is what  I read/watched before the whole picture frame incident since once we started the project I didn't have time for anything else.  (Note I write what I have been doing in Word to copy later so I don't forget anything) I know I am a little strange. 

Movies The Santa Claus 3 and Polar Express
The Santa Claus 3 – Okay the first Santa Claus was the best with Tim Allen, but I did like this one it is not going to be one of my top Christmas movies but I would watch it again (maybe not every year). This one had some funny moments in it and was silly.   I did enjoy some of the scenes when they went back to the first Santa Claus and the guy that used to where the funny sweaters still cracks me up.
Polar Express - This was a different kind of movie. At first I didn’t like it and some of it I thought was strange but in the end I enjoyed it. I like how the 3 kids developed a friendship over the movie.  
Anime Beck, Kalediso Star, and Azumanga Daioh
Beck I watched the first DVD and loved it. I normally don’t like rough language but for some reason I really enjoyed this series.   
Kalediso Star we only watched the last dvd of the series since one of my daughters friend had not seen it yet. This is a cute.
Azumanga Daioh is one of those anime that I am not sure what the purpose of this anime is other then to make you laugh. To me it is total Crack. I like watching it when I don’t really care about a plot and just want to watch something that is upbeat and fun.   I would recommend this movie for anyone not really caring about a plot but enjoy watching anime for the fun of it. I love the girl that the cats do not like. 

Books Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist
Nick and Norah’s infinite playlist – by Rachel Cohn & David Levithan
I will start out and say I did like this book. I liked how the whole book was written one chapter would be Nick’s point of view and then the next chapter would be Norah’s point of view. Some of the things they talked about confused me since I didn’t know what they where trying to say, and Norah (who admits she has a potty mouth) curses every other word.   Since I only hear some of those words once it awhile I was taken aback at first but then I got used to it by the end of this book. 

Manga Heaven create series.
Heaven – I love this series it is so funny and cute. It is about a Rinnie who is a medium and there is this spirit Keiju that has taken over Masaharu body, and poor Masaharu spirit is put into a stuff monkey. Masaharu before Keiju took over was the school bully and everyone didn’t like him. But when Keiju took over his body he has a different personality and everyone loves him.   In this book Keiju and Rinnie both end up being sick and the poor monkey has to take care of them. Keiju and Rinnie start to have feelings for each other and Masaharu tries to keep either of them from admitting anything. This book is so much fun it makes me laugh the monkey and the way he acts and is always yelling at Keiju not to do things while in his body. Rinnie for the way she is around Keiju in this one.   And Keiju himself is funny.  

Yaoi Manga do not read if you do not know what Yaoi is.
Sensitive (graph) - Even if I write the name I could get in trouble so I won’t. This is an adult manga no minors should read this. There are 4 stories in this that actually have a plot. I do like the story about the two-manga artist. The one that I thought was funny was about the guy that gets beat up and then falls for the guy that beat him up. I know it sounds strange to like a story about a guy that gets beat up but he says and does things that are funny to the guy he likes. Also the story about the guy that comes back to his home with two kids that keep calling his childhood friend MAMA since he looks like her. The faces he makes is funny. 
L’Etoile Solitaire – This was cute.   I know I could say more about it but it was over a week and a half ago.  I put the book away since I tried to clean up alittle, and this I was finishing reading just as I was starting all of the scanning  I thought I would go back and add more. (sorry) . I know I did enjoy it.   I liked the artwork and the story. 

For christmas I got my own digital picture frame from my kids.  I really like it but it maybe awhile before I start adding picutres.  I am sorta pictured out.  Plus I would put different ones on mine then I did my grandmother more of my kids, my nieces, friends and my kids friends.   I also got a Twilight tee (Alice) Yeah!  Bruce Springstein new cd and Pirates of the Caribean DVD.  I really like my gifts.   

I had started a romance novel that I has 3 different stories in it.  I just got done story number one (it took 2 weeks just to read that, I also started Star Project Chiro and Dash.  We have Wallflower  to watch, Beck 2, and another new anime to watch so I will update later.  I have to go finish cleaning for my Son's birthday party tonight.  He is now going to be 20 so he is just having friends but the house still needs to be straighten up all boxes and Christmas presents put away.  

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