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Pandora gets Vain, Chocolat, Reborn, Trinity Blood, Dorothy of Oz, Mixed VegetablesThe Devils Secret

It is the new year and I have a bunch of books/manga that I read  that I didn't post from still back in November.   I really am going to try and get caught up this week so if you get sick of seeing my post sorry.   Alot of them I have done in GoodReads already so it will make it easier I will just copy and paste the review I did.  The past two weeks I have been good with GoodReads as soon as I get done a book I go in and mark it as read.  So now it is just getting caught up to the past two weeks.   I hope eveyone had a nice holiday.  It is sad when you are taking all of the decorations down.  We still have the whole reckroom to finish undecorating.  And my flowers in the flowerpots are frozen in so I can't undo them (they may have to wait for spring). 

I am going through major book buying withdrawal.  Since I brought books the first week of December I did good the rest of  the month, but this past Saturday I was trying to go out and buy Lord of Misrule but some things came up that stopped me.  So next week I will go to the bookstore and get a few that should tie me over to February :).  I figured I would let myself have shopping spree of a few books a month so I don't totally lose it.  Anyway here is my list of books that I have read.

Books - Pandora Gets Vain by Carolyn Hennesy
Pandora Gets Vain - Loved this book it is so cute. This is the second book to Pandora trying to capture the 7 evils that she had accidently let out. In the book she is trying to capture Vain. Of course Hera is still not making her journey any easier. They have a new person join their group Homer. I like homer he doesn't say much but I do like him. I enjoyed the Dolphin part the dolphins where making me laugh especially the part with Homer. I really need to take a page in Alice cursing ways I love how it always comes out as some kind of fruit. If you want a good quick and enjoyable read I recommend this series.

Manga - Chocolat, Reborn, Trinity Blood, Dorothy of Oz, Mixed Vegetables
Chocolat vol 5 - I enjoy this series. I felt bad for Kum-ji in this.  She gets beat up in this volume but E-Soh comes to help her out. It is sweet him trying to take care of her. Also E-Wan doesn't feel real well in this volume and Kum-ji just happens to be there to see E-Soh so he makes her runs errands for him.   Kum-ji confesses to someone that she likes him.  Who was it.  You will have to read the volume to find out.

Reborn vol 7 - Love this series.  It is still so silly.  In this volume they try to teach Tsuna how to swim.  They are so funny the way the 3 different people try to teach him. Also in one of the chapters Giannini comes to fix the weapons and instead he makes them all go wrong.  Hayato accidently gets fired on and he becomes little which he doesn't realize that he has been shrunk down. It was cracking me up that whole chapter.  Needless to say I was laughing through all of this volume.

Trinity Blood vol 2 - I like this series.  But some really strange things happen in it. The priest makes me laugh.  At one point Ester needs to be rescued and a new guy shows up Leon Garcia De Astura's.  He was making me laugh with asking her out on dates and the way he acted.  

Dorothy of Oz vol 2 - I enjoy this series.  It is one strange take on Dorothy of Oz. In this volume Mara finds out about some boots that can make you have powers.  She tries on the boots and her clothes, body, hair transforms and she gets alot of power. There is some fighting in this volume and I was sad when someone died in this.  At the end of the volume she encounters the Scarecrow.  Looking forward to reading more of this wacky take on Oz.

Mixed Vegetables vol 1 - Enjoyed reading this volume. Hanaya growing up came in counter with fish and ever since then she wants to be a Sushi Chef (for some reason she thinks she has to marry someone that is in the business for her to become a sushi chef). Enter Hayato the son of a Sushi restaurant but Hayato really wants to be a Pastry chef. These two where fun to read and the things that happened while they where cooking made me laugh. Especially when Hanaya was learning to chop things other then fish.

Yaoi -The Devil's Secret

The Devil's Secret - I enjoyed this volume. I love how Hinako Takanaga draws, and her stories I have enjoyed all of them. In this volume Father Mauro is leading a very quiet life until he meets Raoul. Is Raoul a demon since he has horns and a tail, but the way he acts is nothing like a demon (except when he is trying to get the father to sleep with him). Raoul brother makes me laugh in this.

Movies - Twilight and Interview with a Vampire

Twilight - Not sure if I wrote that I went to see Twilight in December it was an okay movie.  I think it could of been better.   I didn't like all of the just gazing at each other.  I know that sounds silly but it felt like half the movie was them just looking at each other. Since I read the book I understood it but if you hadn't read the book you may of been confused.  I think they could of left the gazing in but had them voice over it like wondering why he is looking at her, or her feelings towards him.  But that is only my Opinion.

Interview with a Vampire - I like this movie.  Some of it I actually cringe at the way the vampire's act but Tom Cruise does crack me up with the way he fly's off the handle in this movie.

I saw the movie's way back in the beginning of December yes I haven't updated my books or movies that much.

Update later this week.

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