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Happy New Year!!

Wishing everyone to have a safe and Happy New Year.

Just a brief update had a second job interview today for one of the positions I interviewed for back in November.  This is the same company, same job but a different shift.  They have to get the position approved.  They did hire someone for the dayshift position so this would be second shift.  Second shift was the one shift I was trying to avoid since my kids don't have their license's and with working part time and doctor's appointments.  The position is temp for 6 month which could lead to a permanent position.  So if it gets approved I think they may give me a call.  Now I am getting really nervous.  So I guess if the give me call the next step would be to find out the salary.  If the Salary is within range I can not see turning down a job in this economy, but I was really looking forward to finding a job with more normal hours after working those strange hours for 3 years.   I will let everyone know how I make out.  They should now whether the position is approved next week.  

Last year I had read people having goals of how many books they wanted to read.  So I what I had done was started a spreadsheet to see what all I read.   Total as of 4:30pm EST  170 Manga,  50 Yaoi Manga, 40 (young adults or other I don't always know the catergory they fall into), 10 Yaoi Novel, and 2 romance novels.  (I think I fell behind with reading the romance novels).  If I add the Manga and Yaoi manga together that would be 220 manga all together, then add the young adult, yaoi novels and romance together that would be 52 books.  With a grand total of 272 for everything.   To me that was an accomplishment.  I am not going to try and beat my total next year, but I will keep a list again to see if I come close.

So hopefully in the next few days I will have a book review up (just when I was almost caught up I got behind again) LOL.   So everyone enjoy and will update in the New Year :)


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