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I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday day.  Mine was nice but I really didn't feel like it was Christmas this year.  I guess I haven't felt like it was going to be Christmas all month.  Glad it is over I feel like I was run over by a car even though I  wasn't as busy as everyone else.

A few things happened this year with decorations and things, that made me upset, I think I scared my daughter and her friends yesterday.   Earlier in the month while decorating downstairs I went to wash this big glass bowl that we usually put Christmas balls in and I broke it.  I know it came from my Mother in Law years ago, so I was sad I broke it.  Then yesterday getting the dishes and stuff out for the table I knocked over the hurricane lamp that we have and broke the glass on that.  I think I can replace the glass part luckily the base did not break.  Then my sister accidentally dropped a big platter and it broke but she said it was plastic no big deal.  So I was very klutzy this season I am almost afraid to touch anything that is breakable at this point.    Then when I was going to wash the dishes I accidentally put my hand on the meat thermometer point.  It bleed a little bit nothing major but boy does my thumb hurt today wondering if I bruised something.

Other then that it was quiet I got some cd's and movies I wanted (now I can finish my Harry Potter marathon we where having), and I got a big stuff Eeyore with a Santa hat (I know I'm a big kid). 
Read some books but still have some posting that I have to do from before.  I just have to clean my room to find a place to put all of the one's I have read.  Debating on either putting away the one's read or putting the one's to be read in a bin.  


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