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Like a Charm, The Wallflower, Her Majesty's Dog, Vampire Doll, Red Angels, and Necratholic

Well still no news on the job front.  Had some head hunters call but that is it.  So the last two days I have been busy trying to Christmas shop.  Some of the things I am looking for I can not find (nothing usual there), so I have tried to order them online.  Needless to say 3 things are backordered and 2 things are out of stock and won't even let me order them for later.  Then I ordered something for my Son and it is coming for another Country 7 to 28 days shipping.  So I told him if it isn't in by Christmas consider it a Birthday Gift and we can just move his birthday to January *Smiling*.   So tomorrow I will hit the store I usually spend the most in (Nope not borders this time around) but Game Stop and get all of those lovely electronic games everyone wants (hopefully they will all be there or back to the internet for me).  

Yes I have lost my job and I have been actually checking what I am spending which I usually never do.   Why is it every year when I go Christmas shopping I end up buying stuff for myself.  I don't know if it is because I hate to shop (except for books, anime and music).  So most years I have brought a movie, cd or some kind of clothest.  I caught myself doing it again yesterday and today.  (I had to talk myself out of stuff.  You are unemployed do not buy).  Of course I couldn't pass up that $5.00 dvd of Now and Then :).   Enough about my spending habits at Christmas time.    I think I am going to have to buy another bin not like I don't have enough already but all of my YA books and manga that I have read are piling up (no more room on the shelves) and my to be read piles don't seem to be getting any smaller. Oh well maybe I can get a good deal on bins after the Holiday :D.  Now onto the next group.

Books Like a Charm

Like a Charm by Candace Havens -  ** spoiler alert ** Librarian dies while she is home. I liked this story it was cute and I liked the interaction between her and her friend Sam. I also liked the romance in this. And some of the ghost she encounters made me laugh. First time I ever read about a drag queen ghost

Manga - The Wallflower, Her Majesty's Dog, Vampire Doll, Red Angel

The Wallflower volume 16 - Love this series.  In this volume Sunako cracks me up as normal. In the first part she is going on a shopping trip with the guys. The outfits the guys end up wearing :) The next part is Valentine's day of course Sunako only wants the guys Chocolate but they are trying to run away from all of the girls and the craziness that surrounds them on Valentine.  In the last part of this book Sunako thinks she has to go on a diet.  She starts working out then she decides she wants to get really muscular the things Kyohei makes her does cracks me up.  So if you want a enjoyable funny series this is one of them. 

Her Majesty's Dog volume 8 - Still enjoying this series.  In this volume there is some misunderstandings between Amane and Hyoue.  Hyoue actually disappears for awhile and Amane doesn't know what to make of it. She is looking all over the place for him.  She finally sees him in the distance but he doesn't see her and it looks like he is not coming back. 

Vampire Doll volume 5 - Enjoy this series.  Of course trouble is arising again at his school and Guilt-na has to figure out what is going on.  There is a new god that has shown up and he is looking for Guilt-na. Part of this volume has to do with the new God and Dune.  I like the part with Dune and showing his past.  

Red Angel volume 1 - This was an interesting volume. It is the first volume in the series about 2 vampires. I wasn't really sure what was going on in some of this series.  Are their really two different vampires or is it one vampire with split images.   Some parts seems like it is two vampires but other parts made me think it was the same person only sometimes a girl and other times a guy.  Hopefully I will get to read the second book to find out more. 


Yaoi Necratohlic
Necratochlic - I really liked reading this.  It was making me laugh.  This is about a vampire and a vampire hunter.  The whole book is about the vampire that no longer craves blood except for the vampire hunters blood, but he doesn't want anything to do with the vampire hunter.  The vampire hunter will appear and tease the vampire and then disappears only to return later on 


Movie Harry Potter
We seemed to of had a Harry Potter marathon but we only watched the first 3 movies. My daughter watched the 4th without me and then we don't own the 5th.But I enjoyed watching Harry Potter it is amazing how much these kids have grownup over the years.

Is it just me or since the last change (not the move but the change) LJ cuts have become a pain to deal with.  Each post I play for awhile getting them to work the correct way.  I post privately before posting in public so I can fix them but it still seems to have one or two things wrong even after I fix it. Grr

Well that is all for now.  Do you believe I still have at least 10 books/manga to write up.  So I am slowing getting caught up to what I read.
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