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I am just not in the Christmas spirit this year.   We already decorated outside but I still have to drag out the stuff for inside, do cards and buy presents.  This year I have no clue what to get for anyone, and for some reason I don't feel like shopping either.  Yesterday (yes my first day without a job) I woke up with a bad headache that came and went most of the day.  So I kept laying down (that was really stupid to do with so much to get ready for Christmas.  Then today I woke up with that same headache.  I am wondering if it is weather related or stress related.  Hope it goes away so I can get busy doing things.
Well here is the next write up.  

Books - Frostbite and Paper Towns
Frostbite by Richelle Mead.  This is the second book in the series Vampire Academy.  This was better then the first book.  I didn't want to put it down. In this book Rose has to deal with feelings for Dimitri and Mason. She encounters a new character Adrian who is a Moroi, she doesn't actually like him but she feels compelled to talk to him. Her Mom shows up at the academy and she has to deal with her feelings for her Mom. The ending was so sad. If you enjoyed Vampire Academy I highly recommend reading this.

Paper Towns by John Green.  On our Forum Like Omg teens read this was our book of the month for November.  I enjoyed this book so much. This books is about teenagers Margo and Quentin who have been friends since childhood. They are now in 12th grade and have different friends. One night Margo has Quentin drive her around to perform 11 tasks. After their night out Margo disappears the next day. Quentin and his friends are looking for clues as to what happened to Margo and where she maybe. What I loved about this book was how Quentin and his friends got along and how they where there for each other. Even though each of them had their own agenda. This book had me laughing so hard in some parts of it I had tears in my eyes.

Manga Vampire Knight, Bleach, Angel Diary and Castlevania

Vampire Knight volume 4 - I love this series.  In this volume they have a ball that has both the Night class and the Day class both attending.  Most of the Day class is looking forward to it.  Also the new girl Maria everyone is telling Yuki to stay away from her Zero and Kaname.  It is revealed in this volume who Maria is and why Zero and Kaname don't want Yuki around her.

Bleach volume 24 - LOVE this series.  In this volume Ichigo and the Soul Reapers are battling the Arrancars.  There is a lot of fighting in this volume. Laughing at the part when Keigo brings some of the soul reapers home with him and his sisters face.

Angel Diary volume 6 - Here I go again I also Love this series. In this volume Dong Young is kidnapped and Bi-wal has to resuce him/her.  The person that kidnapped Dong Young is Bi-Wal twin.  During the rescue some things are revealed to Dong Young that Bi-Wal knows some things.  Which causes these two to have a falling out.

Castlevania volume 1 - This was an interesting but violent book.  This is about a young boy Ted who is waiting for his father a mercenary to return from the war against Count Dracula.  While waiting a nice Nun is providing him with meals and also a stranger that happened to wander into town.  We find out this stranger is a General and a fighter that is going up against the aother General.  Ted seems to of landed in the middle of this fight.

Yaoi Novel Like a Love Comedy

Like a Love Comedy - I enjoyed reading it this was cute. This is a yaoi novel about Biwa who came from Japan as a young boy to America.  He wants to become a screenwriter.  He watches alot of old comedy shows and loves them.  There is a Japanese actor brought over that he meets and they have a bad first meeting.  Biwa doesn't like this actor at all, but has been assigned to help him learn english.  These two start to become friends through this

Anime Ghost Hunt and Nadame Catabile 

Ghost Hunt I loved this series.  Enjoyed watching the anime.  This was the last 13 -26 episodes.  What I like about this anime series is it follows the manga really well and I loved the manga.   It is about a group of people that goes to places to find out what is happening is it really ghosts or something else.  If it is ghosts they have to perform rituals that will make them go away.

Nodame Cantabile I watched the first few episodes that where subbed.  This is such a cute series.  It was cracking me up.  The girl you never know what she is going to do, and her apartment is such a mess.


Well that is all for now.  Heading off to check out Career Builders, Monster and Dice :)

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