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Graceling, Speed Demon, Tail of the moon, Monkey High and Minima

Well it i has been awhile since I posted the books I have read. So I am going to post a little each day just to get caught up. (I know I say that all of the time). But if you haven't heard already I did take the lay off instead of staying. I know it is crazy to do in this economy but in my heart I don't think I could of done a good job at something with credit and collection, or cash apps which is where it was heading. Plus the pay cut and still driving all the way to Allentown. I would rather find a job still in my field I.T. (Which I believe is one of those fields that if you get out of, it is hard to get back into since it changes so often). All of the interviews went okay I guess one I was over qualified for and under qualified for at the same time. The next one they seemed to like me but I don't have enough outlook experience. The next one didn't really get any feedback on just they asked for a list of references which I provided and they did call my boss so I have no clue where that one stands.
So I figured now that I am unemployed I will do a few books each day to get caught up.

Books - Graceling and Speed Demon (both excellent books)
Graceling by Kristin Cashore - Loved this book. It was an amazing reading it. The story is about Katsa who has a grace. At first she thinks her grace is to be a killer since she can easily kill anyone. But later on in the book she realizes there is more to her Grace. She meets Po who is also graced and these two become good friends. I loved the side characters in this and how Katsa, Po and Bitterblue all change and grow. When I first started reading this book it reminded me so much of a romance novel. So anyone that likes to read a good romance novel I would recommend reading this.

Speed  Demon by Erin Lynn - LOVED THIS BOOK. This is the squel to Demon Envy. If you haven't read it I suggest that you do. This story is about a teenage girl Kenzie who is in the bathroom and drops her acne cream in the bathroom which opens up a demon portal and Levi the demon comes through.
In this second book another portal is accidently opened and Kenzie has to figure out how to close it. She has been grounded since the first book and how she dealt with that portal. She ends up having boyfriend, friends and demon troubles in this one. Plus there is also the new cat Marshmellow Pants to deal with.
I just love this series. I laugh alot in it. Kenzie wit makes me laugh, and I enjoy the relationship between her and Levi. Hopefully there will be another book since there are more portals 

Manga - Tail of the Moon, Monkey High, Minima
Tail of the moon Vol 14 - I enjoyed this volume. *Spoilers if you haven't read* In the beginning you Usagi and Honzo are almost completely together as a couple but Honzo stops when Usagi is becoming to loud while they are kissing. Then there is the part with Mamezo I felt so bad for him when Usagi left him behind to be with his old family. It was sad.

Monkey High vol 2 -Love this series it is so cute. In this volume Haruna and Macharu try to go on a date. First they head to the amusement part where things don't go as planned. For some reason all of their friends end up showing up. Then in another part the whole gang signs up to play in a game that is on TV to win a prize. The game is kinda crazy with the questions they ask and the things they have to do. I really enjoy this series and the friends it makes me laugh.

Minima vol 2 - This series is cute. This is about the Toy Nicori that comes to life and helps Ame out. In this one Ame gets kidnapped the kidnappers wants to get their hands on Nicori. So it is up to Nicori to rescue her. 

I have been watching some movies and Anime since I no longer was doing the day/night shift thing so I will add the few to my list's as I go along.

Movies - Sleepless in Seattle for some reason whenever this is on I have to sit and watch it.

Well that is all for today. Tomorrow I will post a few more :)
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