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Two interviews Wednesday and Thursday

I am so excited like a little kid but also really nervous.

My company talked to me on Friday last week to tell me what would happen if I decide to stay.  First I will have a big cut in pay (which I knew already) plus I may have the day that I get to work from home taken away.  So not only do I lose pay then I have to drive an extra day. So that would be 5 days up to Allentown instead of 4.  So as I was pondering what to do on Friday I got a call about a job that is like 15 minutes from my house and the gentleman wanted to know if I was interested, and sent me the information.  On Monday he called me back to see if I wanted to setup an interview with the Company I was really excited.  Then my phone rang again and it was a different guy wanting to know if I wanted to have an interview with another company.  So I was really excited.

I know have an interview early Wednesday morning and one on Thursday at night.   I am really happy about the interview's especially since both companies are close to my house.  May 20 minutes tops.  The only down side is they are both only Temp position's that may or may not lead to full time.   I will have to find out more tomorrow.   Both of them are for a lot less pay but it would be close to what I would be going down to in the company I am at now. 

So I am excited that I have two interviews over the next two days, but anxious since I have not been on an interview in 18 years.   I am hoping I don't stutter, talk to fast or do something dump like trip in the hallway. 

I will have to update later how I make out and maybe post some more books. 


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