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Okay I know I said I would do an update this past weekend then I got busy coping all of my pictures from my Daughter’s pc up to snapfish.  I still have 2007 and 2008 to do but I have done the previous years.  Her pc is having problems and we have to roll it back and I  don’t want to lose any pictures.   

My pile is toppling over.  Some of these I have read over a month ago and have updated in Like OMG teen reads, and Goodreads just haven’t done it in Livejournal.  So if you may see the same review in both places.  Especially since I am just copying and pasting Live journal into Goodreads, or coping from Goodreads into Live journal.  I know I am lazy but hey it gets them both updated.

Books - Sisters of Misery, Hell Week, At Face Value  (all wonderful books that I loved reading)



Sisters of Misery by Megan Kelly Hall - Loved this book. I couldn't put it down. It was such an amazing book. You never knew what was going to happen. Still at the end I don't know what happened to the sister. Who is telling the truth, who was involved and what actually happened.  It was an amazing book that kept you guessing at every turn. 


Hell Week by Rosemary Clement-Moore - I really enjoyed this book.  This is the second book in the series.   In this book Maggie is determined to be a journalist but the college she has joined doesn't let freshman join.  So she goes undercover for pledge week to be part of the sorority.  She finds someone that is willing to help her post her work in the paper but she is anonymous.  One of the house's she is pledging has some hidden secrets.


At Face Value by Emily Franklin - Loved this book. It was so cute. This is a different twist on one of the old Play Cyrano de Bergerac. Only this is modern day story about Cyrie Bergerace a 17 year old girl who is a senior in High school. Her friend Leyla is shy and gets nervous around (Rox) Eddie they use email to write back and forth. Enters Cyrie who is very good at writing. What I loved about this book was all of the characters. I liked them all. I couldn't decide who should be with whom. I didn't want to put the book down. It had me laughing, smiling and at some parts I was sad or upset. This was a very enjoyable book to read.


Manga - S.A., Seductions more beatuiful than love, Fairy Cube

S.A. Special A volume 4 - I enjoyed this series. It always makes me laugh. In this volume Kei comes down with a fever and Hikari there to help him out. Somehow they end up deciding to go out on Sunday. I loved the part where he gives her a quick kiss since she is so bothered about what happened in Hawaii. Also in the volume Special A class going to another school and being split up in classes for a week. Then there is the chapter with the date with Kei and Hikari. This was such an enjoyable volume.


Seduction more beautiful than love volume 1 - This is an interesting story. I am enjoying it. It is about Daoun a teacher that is just starting out. One of the students is making a pass at her, but she isn't sure if he really is or isn't. There is also another male teacher that has been her friend since college that has had a crush on her for years but she doesn't realize it. I felt bad for the guy teacher no matter what he tries to do it doesn't come out the way he plans it.

Fairy Cube volume 1 - This book surprised me. When I saw the word fairy I thought cute and sweet. Nope dark and mysterious. I should of  known since the author had done Godchild. This is about some fairies that are murdering people that they are trying to use as hosts. There is a young boy who used to have wings but doesn't anymore. His name is Ian and for some reason a spirit kept telling him he hated him. I liked Ian he was a sweet gentle guy that everyone calls Liar since he said he could see fairies.


Yaoi Manga - Sugarmilk

Sugarmilk - I enjoyed the stories in this they where all very cute. The first one with the guy walking his dog and the way the dog acted towards the kid in the shop made me laugh. Especially with the way the dog would jus sit on him.


Anime  Wallflower, Ghost Hunt, and Ouran Host club


Wallflower dvd 3 - I love the Wallflower this is such a funny anime.  Sunako cracks me up. 

Ghost Hunt - The week before Halloween I watched Ghost Hunt the first part of the season.  I loved the Ghost Hunt manga and I love the anime.  It was so good.

Ouran Host Club - I watched the first few episodes of Ouran Host Club.  This is such a great anime I love it.  . 


Movies – Mama’s boy, Cruel Intentions, Men in Black


Men in Black is one of those movies if I see it is on I watch it.  It still makes me laugh. I love it.

Cruel Intentions this movie is really good.  It has twist’s in it that I like.  

Mama’s boy was cute.  It was about a 29 year old boy who doesn’t want to grow up. He still loves with his Mom.  His Mom starts dating and of course the rivalry begins.


Well that is everything for now. Yes it looks like I have been busy watching tv and reading but this was over the past few months.  I still have about 15 manga to write up and a few more books.  If  I have time I will write them up later and post this week.  Haven't made a decision on the job front.  Waiting to hear some answer's back to some questions.  So I am off to check the internet to see if there are any new job postings :)



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