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So confused what to do

I have read some books that have to post and the pile is about to fall of my table so over the next few days I will fit some time into writing them up.  This post is mainly just to write about what is happening at this moment.  So you don't have to read it, this is just one way of hoping to come up with a solution that I don't have an answer to and I think no matter which way I go I will be kicking myself with the results.

Anyone that has read my post over the last year off and on I have written about losing my job.  Well the time has finally come.  I can accept that.  But the issue has come up that I have to make a decision.  I have worked for this company for so many years and they appreciate me being a good employee so they are giving me the chance to stay instead of getting laid off.  I appreciate the thought and it would be great to stay on except it would no longer be in my department since it is going away.  It would no longer be in my field. I am in the I.T. field now and this would be an administration job.  When they told me about the job that is all they said nothing else.  So I don't know what it would entail what I would have to learn.  It would be a pay cut which I am going to have to do even if I am able to find a new job.  If the economy wasn't as bad as it is I think it would easy for me to make the decision to take the lay off and find another position.  I have been looking not as hard as I should be since I didn't know that date I would be done. But as soon as I see a position available I have sent in my resume (now maybe the position had been there a month I'm not sure) but I have only heard back from two companies that the position has been filled. The other 18 I sent resume's to I have heard nothing from.   I know not alot of resume sent out but there isn't a lot of job openings in my field that I have all of the qualifications for.  There are some things I am staying away from which could change like a temporary job for only a few months, or the hours are 2nd shift.   Eventually I know I will end up looking at these jobs as well. Also I was trying to work closer to home instead of an hour and half away.  Less then 45 is what I am aiming for but that might be out of the question.   I think I have strayed off of my orignal thought.  Funny how that happens when you have pro's and con's going through your head.  I will list them

Pro's for staying
a job
my vacation time and years of service
know the people I am working with

Con's for staying
lesser pay (which will most likely happen anyway)
still an hour and half drive
lose serverance
no longer work for my boss
a position not in my field (that I may not like)

Pro's for taking the lay off
no longer drive an hour and half (find a job closer to home)
find a job in my field that I enjoy

Con's for taking the lay off
economy is rough
may not find a job
lose years of service and what vacation time I have
pay most likely will be less
will I get benefits
will I like my new boss and the people I work with
will I like the new job

Everything doensn't come down to money.  Just it is a big factor in the choice I make.  The economy, and unemployment are also waying my choice.   But then I would be happy to get a job closer to home. I feel like I am being a brat for even thinking about not taking the job.  The other part is if I take a position there then someone else may have to be laid off since it was coming down to head count.  Yes I have been there many years and have done above and beyond what was asked of me, but I will feel really bad if I accept the position and then someone else is let go.  What a moral delima this is. 

Do I feel a little better now after typing this not really but it does help a little.  Sorry for the long post just trying to get things from going around in my head and go through them.



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Nov. 7th, 2008 11:54 pm (UTC)
Can you take the position and keep looking? That way you at least know you'll have money coming in as you look. I just saw on the news that the average time it's been taking for people to find a job is 5 months - which is a little scary. Though, if the pay cut is the same as unemployment, then you could leave and focus 100% on searching for a job ...

Nov. 8th, 2008 12:38 am (UTC)
I would still be able to look for a job even with the new position. I would just lose the serverance if I find another job. The thing is the past few days they have given work to do and by the time I get home at night around 7:00 then eat. There isn't alot of time left before I am so tired and go to bed.

If I leave I get Serverance would be for 9 months and there is also unemployment. I would just have to really watch what I spend my money on. I have tried to look for work while at work but it doesn't work to good. Everytime I bring up the websites someone walks in. So if they keep me for the other position I know I won't be able to look at work.

I took a vacation day today to take Sean to the airport and sat for 2 and a half hours and only sent in 3 resume's in that time frame. By the time you find something, then read to see if you are qualified and fill out the screen half hour goes by just applying for one job. Since I haven't looked for 18 years I forgot how much time it actually takes to find a job.

I think I agree with my sister, if I take the position I will stop looking for a job and be there forever. If I am laid off I have to look for a job. (plus I feel so guilty that someone else will lose their job, and they didn't know it was coming. Where I at least have known I was going to lose my job). There is this side of me that says it is not fair of me to do that to someone else.
Nov. 8th, 2008 12:39 am (UTC)
the anoymous is me somehow the system logged me out. See what happens when you have alot on your mind.
Nov. 8th, 2008 12:24 am (UTC)
that is a long drive and gas isn't cheap, but i'd probably stay. you should find out more info on the new positition first.
Nov. 8th, 2008 12:42 am (UTC)
I did send my boss an email with about 10 questions and one of them is what is the position, what are the hours, who would be my boss. These are important when you drive an hour and half if they change my times I might have to turn it down because I can't make it in with getting my daughter up for school. Plus I have worked with everyone for so many years and one or two of the people I am not sure how I would do with them being my boss. Nice people but I don't know if I could work for them. But luckily it is only one or two hopefully it wouldn't be one of them.
Nov. 8th, 2008 12:48 am (UTC)
i think finding that stuff out should help you decide. good luck!
Nov. 8th, 2008 06:09 am (UTC)
I think you should stay, at least for now. The economy is pretty bad right now but I think it will start to get better with the change of president. You know, now we have one that is smart and all. He's already got a team of people working on it. If you take this job at your company you know you have money coming in, and who knows, maybe it won't be too bad. Plus, the vacation time is a big pro. At most places it will take a long time to get any substantial vacation time. In a few months, the job market might open up a little more and you might find something in your field that you enjoy. But for now, it's probably safer to have any job. A lot of people didn't get an option like that. They just got the boot. You might as well take advantage of it. If it doesn't work out, what's the worst that can happen? Ok, you will lose your severence, but is that worth the struggle if you can't find a job right away? Who knows, if the economy turns around you may end up with a better offer from the company. They obviously value you if they want you around even though your department is gone. You can even explain to them that you are staying out of loyalty and that may get you some points later on. If it doesn't work out, keep looking for something else. That's just my opinion.
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