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I just realized I haven't posted and annoyed everyone for awhile.  My pile of books has grown don't know how since I really haven't been reading all that much lately.  I have been reading Graceling for the last week.  Great book but I have been really tired and busy so I haven't had a chance to read.  I have watched some tv and watched two movies maybe that is why I am not reading. 


I have decided I want to be a bear and go into hibernation.   Not because of the weather I just have been so tired and want to sleep all of the time.  I think it is depression setting in.  This is how a felt years ago.  Didn't want to do anything including my favorite thing which is to read.  So I just lay down and put on the TV and let time drift away. 

The other thing I have been doing up to last week was I became obsessed with  You can put in the books you own and put them into shelves.  I started adding my books back in September.  They have 3 spots that are default  Read, currently reading and to be read.  After that you can make your own shelves.  So I have been adding my books.  I am almost done my romance novels except what I have hidden away in the cross space.  I have added all the books such as young adults that I need to read or I have read.  All that is left is to finish adding my Manga.  I have added all that I need to read but I still have to add most of the manga I have read.  I took a break from it for a week and just started again today.   Yes if you use goodreads my name is the same as here.  I think I use the same name wherever I am so.  If you ever come across Reader17 on goodreads that is me :)

Yes this post seems to have become very big. 

Books I have read Cycler and The Hunger Games


Cycler by Lauren McLaughlin -  This book was okay.  Don't get me wrong I enjoyed it but it took some time to get used to.  This is a story of a Jill who when she gets her period each month she turns into a boy.  Her name while she is a boy is Jack.   **spoilers if you haven't read it ** It took a little while for me to like the character of Jack because when you meet him he only wants to watch porn and talks about sex and stuff like that.   So that is where it took time for  me to get used to it.  I did feel sorry for Jack for the way the parents treat him  it isn't right.  Also it it seems to cover more about Jill and her relationship with her friend and a guy she likes. When the book ends I was at the point wanting to find out what was going to happen to the characters next.  Yes there is another book, so I will be looking forward to seeing where these characters go from there

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins - LOVED THIS BOOK!!! This book was excellent.   I didn't want to put it down.  I didn't know what was going to happen next in this book.  This book is about a game that the Capitol has different districts play.  They take a boy and a girl from each district and have them kill the other players until only one is left standing.  I never knew what was going to happen next.  At parts it had me crying, smiling, routing for Katniss and others, sad, astonished so many different feelings.  Since there is a sequel to this book you still don't know what is in store for the winner when the winner returns to the district.  Can't wait for the next book to come out. 

Manga read Cynical Orange, Tactics, Demon Flowers, Sand Chronicles

Cynical Orange vol 4 - It had been awhile since I had read the last volume of this series.  Since it used to be Ice Kunion and now Yen Press picked it up.  It was over a year and half so it was hard to get back into it and figure out what was going on.  In this book Ma-Ha has broken up with Bora and Bora asks Hye-Min to step in and help her get back with Ma-ha.   Ma-ha still wants to be with Hye-Min.  You also learn more of the relationship between Shin-bi and Hye-hin when they where younger. 

Tactics vol 4 - I enjoyed this volume.  It was making me laugh.  I always forget how much I like tactics.  In this one they are doing a job for a powerful businesswomen by getting rid of a youkai.  But everything is not how it seems to be.   The story that made me laugh in this was amber chan the fairy in the mountain and she has fallen in love with Hasumi.  Hasumi keeps thinking she is a butterfly.   It is really cute and funny this chapter. 

Demon Flowers vol 1 - I liked this book. This is about a Demon that is sent to take the soul and destroy this one family. The little boy stops him by talking to him and giving him a hug. The Demon decides to take off with the little boy and create a new life (where he doesn't kill anymore). Along the way the pickup a little orphan girl. The three of them live together and are on the run for the people looking to kill the boy and get the Demon back into the family. 

Sand Chronicles vol 2 I love this series. In this volume they are a little older then in volume 1.  **spoilers** Ann has gone off to Tokyo to stay with her Dad. Daigo is still back in the country. They are trying to make their relationship work through long distance. Fuji is also in Tokyo. This volume made me smile, sad, laugh and have one of those moment of I can't believe that just happened. 

Movies watched The Golden Compass and Defininetly Maybe

The Golden Compass - This was a really good movie. I enjoyed it. Luckily my son had read the books so he could tell me a little background what the movie was about and the creatures that are in it.   I couldn't believe the way it ended.   Nothing is resolved.  There is suppose to be another movie after this but they haven't decided if they are going to make it.   I hope they do otherwise I will have to get the book and see how it ends.

Definitely Maybe -  This was a cute movie that actually brought a tear to my eye.  This is about a guy that is about to get divorced from his wife.  He picks up his daughter from school and she wants to know how he meet her mother.  The movie is based around him creating the story for his daughter of what took place in his life when he meet her mother.  So it flashes back to him younger and dating different women.  You don' t know until the end who the little girl mother really is since he changes the name.  I was trying to guess the whole time.  I really enjoyed this movie.  Must buy it so I can watch it again. 

Well that is all for now since this is so long and Live journal cut is really making me mad.  I have had to redo them and re-type a few times.  Will come back later with more book reviews and more manga reviews. Also sorry to anyone that is on Like Omg teen reads if you have to read my reviews again :)

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