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Prom Dates from Hell, Dan in real life, The shining, Spider man 3, other christmas movies and manga

Okay it has been about a week since I posted.  It is now raining/sleeting outside I am on vacation to be Christmas shopping, Wrapping, Cleaning and writing out Christmas cards, and finding old pictures to scan into the computer for a project I have for my grandmothers christmas gift.  But as usual I am pushing everything off and writing my live journal.   Really I have to get into the swing of things.  

Anyway since I am on vacation these last few days we are trying to fit in one Christmas movie a night since next week I won't be able to.   I know some of them I have watch alot and don't want to watch anymore,  others you can't wait to watch (since you save them for only at Christmas time).    And some of them my kids won't watch with me anymore since they think they have outgrown them.  (Can you really outgrow The Grinch who stole Christmas or Charlie Brown Christmas?)

Being on vacation I thought I would get everything done early and have lots of time to read but it seems I am still reading the same amount I normally do, since I have been running around looking for Christmas gifts and other strange items.    So below is the list of books, manga's and movies from this past week. 

I will start with Books 
Prom Dates from Hell by Rosemary Clement-Moore. This is one of those books that once you get the time to actually sit down and read it you do not want to put it down. (It seems I have read a few of them lately). 
This story is about Maggie Quinn. One day a boy is being bullied by the jocks and she steps in to help him out. The guy being bullied he was not happy that she stepped in. From that moment on she starts having dreams again (which she used to do) that seem to tell her something is going to happen or is happening. She has to figure out what her dreams means and in the meantime strange things start happening to other kids around her. She has meets Justin a guy in college that helps her try to figure out what some if it may mean. I really enjoyed this story since Maggie doesn’t seem to be the most popular person but she also has people that care about her.   She has a quick retort for most people and it is mainly sarcasm, which a lot of times made me smile or think oh no what did you just say. Also it wasn’t until the end of the book that you could put some of the pieces together, you might have a slight idea of what is going on but it isn’t until near the end of the book you understand it better.     

Next I will cover movies I saw. The Shining, Spiderman 3 and Dan in real life
The Shining – We where suppose to watch this around Halloween and never got to it. This is one of those movies as kid it scared me a lot more then now as an adult. Don’t get me wrong some parts I still jump at and say EWW. I think Jack Nickolson is great in this the faces he makes, and he does look like a crazy person by the end. And some of the lines he says cracked me up.
Spiderman 3 - I have said a few times since the movies are so expensive that I would rather rent and only go see the movies I really want to. I am glad I rented this and didn’t see it in the movie theatre. Don’t get me wrong I love all of the Spiderman movies including this one. But I don’t think it was as good as the first two.   Some of the parts just seemed so out of character and yes I think that is what was suppose to happen in this movie but it still seemed over the top. If you like the Spiderman movies I think you would still enjoy it for the action parts. But some of the plot I didn’t like in this one. (But I will still go out and buy the DVD since I am a Spiderman fan).  
Dan in Real life - I did go see this in the movie theatre and I was glad I did. Some friends had called at the last minute and asked if I wanted to out to the movies and dinner. My friend picked the movie. I had never heard of it or saw anything about it.   We where the only ones in the theatre since it was during the work week and the middle of the day.   I was glad we where the only one’s there since we where laughing so hard and we didn’t have to worry about bothering other people. This was a really good Romantic Comedy. I loved the family in this. The kids had some of the best lines for the Dad. And when he was dancing I was laughing so hard I had tears coming down my eyes.    I would recommend this movie to anyone that likes a good Romantic Comedy. (When this comes out on DVD I will go and buy it, so I can watch it again).
Christmas movies - Christmas Vacation and Jingle all the Way
Christmas Vacation – This is one of the ultimate Christmas movies that you have to watch no matter who you are. Every year I watch it and it still makes me laugh. The squirrel, when he is hanging lights and what happens to the neighbors still crack me up.   Chevy Chase is great in this and the family is nuts. I know some of the movie is over the top but I still enjoy it.
Jingle all the Way - I’ve added this to one of the list of Christmas movies I watch every year. Yes some of it is stupid. But there are parts that make me laugh! When the throw the balls up in the air, and everyone scrambles for one., the way all of the clerks at the store laugh at him, and the reindeer in the house. I had never watched the end after the credits before I didn’t realize there was an extra part. It was funny especially since I never realized it was there before.  

For the manga I am sorry if you haven’t read the volume I discuss and if I give away any spoilers I apologize. Some volumes I just like to talk about my favorites parts or things that upset me. 

Manga I have read - I hate you more then anyone, My Heavenly Hockey Club, Beauty Pop and Animal Paradise
I hate you more than anyone Vol 2 - I like this series.   I felt bad for both Kazuha and Sugimoto.   Kazuha finally discovers in this book she has feelings for Sugimoto.   But since Senko also has feelings for him she is confused and doesn’t want to hurt her friend. I can see that happening you don’t want to lose your best friend over a guy but you really care the guy and not sure what to do. I feel bad for Sugimoto because he thinks she doesn’t like him, and also the way she acts to him. But this book also had some sweet moments like the kiss and when she comes off the wall. It also had some fun moments in it, with the new guy that was introduced Arata. I try not to give out spoilers in this books let’s just say I can’t wait until January when the next book comes out to see what happens next. (Sorry if the kiss is a spoiler but it mentions it on the back cover so I am not really giving anything away I hope)
My Heavenly Hockey Club – Vol 3 – If you want to read a fun manga I would suggest this series. Almost every page has something that makes you laugh. Yes some of the stuff is over the top but that is why I love this series. The two main characters Hana and Izumi I want them to get together eventually but right now they love to argue and I enjoy their arguments. Hana is not your typical female, she loves to eat and sleep and she isn’t one bit delicate about either. When Takashi lost his glasses I really enjoyed him trying to be stiff and proper but crashing into the trees and trying to find things was funny :), and I loved when Hana tried to wind up Izumi’s Dad. 
Beauty Pop vol 6 – This is another series I really enjoy reading. I love how Kiri face really never shows any expression. (but you can still tell her emotions just by what she is doing). The last volume I think she smiled a little but it is so rare.   I love how Narumi always calls her mussy-head and hasn’t stopped.   In this volume Narumi has a dream and then he keeps trying to avoid her it was making me laugh. I also like his younger sister better in this volume with how she was trying to help her prince with the cat burglar outfit. Now I can’t wait for the next volume to see what is up with the imposter. 
Animal Paradise vol 2 – I like this story and sad that it was discontinued and will not be able to read the rest of it. Especially since it ends on a cliffhanger.    I like the guy that is the tiger he cracks me up. And the younger brother is funny with two different personalities that he is calm when he dresses like the boy, and loud when he dresses like a girl.   I really hate when this happens to a series!   This one and Sweet and Sensitive I really wish someone would pickup and finish.

Yaoi Manga -  Love Pistols and Prince Charming.  (please skip if you do not know what yaoi is or read it)
Love Pistols Vol 3 – This is one strange volume. I enjoy the series but strange things happen it this.   The first story I kinda had trouble following in the beginning but by the end I figured it out. Then it goes to the main characters where Norio and Shiro are supposed to be getting special training.   Some things happen in this story and I felt bad for Norio. Actually at one point I wanted Norio to forget about Kunimasa and go for Kunimasa brother. But it is only because of what Kunimasa had said and how he was treating Norio. So now I have to wait until volume 4 to see if Kunimasa starts to treat Norio the right way. 
Prince Charming Vol 1 - I liked this story. It about a teacher (Asahina) being blackmailed by a student to start dating him.   The student (Yuasa) thinks he loves the teacher. What I liked about this story is Yuasa friends Kogami who I think is funny. He keeps bothering another teacher it makes me laugh. It seems that the teacher (Asahina) actually likes him better then Yuasa. Then Yuasa has another friend Nagi who seems to care for Yuasa. I am glad there is another volume to this since I am not sure who ends up together.

Well that is all for now.  I am going to go down and write out Christmas cards and put away the Christmas boxes.   More next time.
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