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Devilish, Chuck and Larry, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Zig Zag, Never give up, other manga

Wow I can't be leave it has been over a week since I updated.  I had a busy weekend getting out decorations and starting to decorate.  Still have a ways to go.  Then there's shopping don't know what to get for anyone.  As you can see since I changed my avatar I am looking on the web to find Christmas Avatars and backgrounds.  One of these days I will get a handle on it.  Anyway this past week was really busy but I was able to get  in some reading and watched some movies.  

First off Guilty pleasure I guess. Yyes I watched dancing with the stars.   I was voting for Mel or Heilo so it didn't matter to me which of them won.  I think Mel is the better dancer but I think Heilo improved so much and was fun to watch.  So to me I am just glad it was out of those two couples.  If Sabrina would of still been in that would of changed who I wanted to win.   

On with the list of what I was doing last week.

I'll start off with movies watched Chuck and Larry and Deck the Halls
Chuck and Larry – I enjoyed this movie a lot.   This movie is about two straight guys who pretend they are gay for benefits reasons.   Some of the parts are the typical straight guy pretending to be gay scenarios. But other parts since it is Adam Sandler and Kevin James had me cracking up.   And there wedding ceremony the guy that married them was hilarious.
Deck the Halls – This was an okay movie. I laughed at some of the parts, some made you feel bad but overall to me it was just an okay movie.

Books Read Devlish by Maureen Johnson -  I Loved this book :)

Devilish By Maureen Johnson – I couldn’t put this books down I enjoyed it so much.   Okay just the way it begins makes you wonder what is going to happen that you want to read it just to see why the first few pages happened.   I really liked Jane and I loved Owen. The author wrote some scenes so vividly I could imagine it happening. I really enjoyed this book and hated to see it end.   

Anime - The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya - Loved this first volume 

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Dvd Vol 1 – I just started watching this series. I was laughing so hard during the 1st episode (which really isn’t an episode) it is considered episode 00. They are making a movie using some of the characters. I loved the narrator.   Then watching episodes 1,2 and 3 I fell in love with this series.   All of them are nuts.   I love the way Kyon talks and acts. It makes me laugh the way Haruhi is always dragging him around, and the poor guy is always walking in when Haruhi is making Mikuru change. Can’t wait to go and buy volume 2.

Manga New Series Zig Zag, Also Never give up, Tail of the moon, and some Yaoi

Zig Zag vol 1 – New manga. I really liked this volume. Some of the chibi faces made LOL. Of course you tell that there are going to be pairings. I would like one of them to be Taiyou and Kenbuchi together they crack me up with her always calling him squirt, (but there is another girl that Taiyou like Marika so he could end up with her). His friend Tatsuki also made me laugh. The way he chases down Mei and then Kenbuchi always stops him and they get into fights and he calls her a tomboy. (Hmm that could be a different pairing Kenbuchi and Tatsuki). Then there is Mei who is always being chased by Tatsuki and she is afraid of Sonoh. Of course Sonoh is one of my favorite types in the manga the boy with the bad attitude but secretly has a nice side. The other character in this book is the resident advisor JinJin. I loved the way he is always hugging Taiyou and Taiyou reactions. Of course since this is the first volume it is almost hard to guess who may end up with whom.   
Never give up vol 6 – I love this series. Kiri is funny. I feel bad that she has a crazy mother that won’t let her be with Tohya. Except in modeling. I loved this volume it had so many different feelings. Funny, Sad, Sweet, and crazy.   Kiri has really good friends and people that care for her. I love how the author can have Kiri look so different! Sometimes you really think she is a guy, other times she looks like a cute girl. Also in this volume it show more of how much Tohya cares for her. 
Tail of the Moon vol 8 – Okay here I go again I love this series.   Usagi always gets herself into some kind of mess. I loved the part where she gets a nosebleed just from kissing. I also enjoyed Hanzo getting jealous it is about time we see that he really cares for Usagi.   I really like Usagi and Hanzo together but I also like Goemon. I loved it when she was wouldn’t get off him and he was trying to eat, take a bath and sleep it made me laugh. Can’t wait to see what happens next in this story. 

Below is Yaoi Manga don't read if you don't like this kind of manga.

The moon over sandals vol 2 - Yaoi. I got this a while ago and never got a chance to read it. I enjoyed this book the couples made me laugh. Of course there is miss understandings in it but I still liked it.
World’s EndYaoi. I am glad we got to see these two continued from Dear myself but I thought this one was sad. I felt bad for Daigo in the beginning, then I felt bad for Hirofumi. Then at the end I felt bad for both of them. It does have a nice ending.   The last two extras in this book Kiss on a honeymoon was cute and Papa 18 cracked me up. 
Hate to Love YouYaoi. I enjoyed this one.   Maysaya and Yuma always fighting in school made me laugh.   Maysaya was always upset with something (He seems to cry a lot). I also like Maysaya Dad. One of my favorite I thought that was when Maysaya Dad was outside working out and of Maysay and Yuma are in the house fighting.   

I read alot of stories through Yaoi Daily and I am still trying to get caught up from over this weekend. LOL almost caught up.

I am counting down the days until Dec 18th when Wallflower comes out on Dvd.  I am also trying to get my Christmas list together to give to my sister.  (mainly movies and music cd's. I am going to try and ask for the Alice shirt from twilight but I doubt she will buy that LOL.  Since I read so many vampire books , talk about anime and manga she thinks I am in kind of a cult ), and I can't ask for books they think I have way to many :(  

Well that is it for the past week.  I will give an update next week.  Even though it is now Tuesday and I haven't even finished the manga I started to read on Sunday
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