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Book Accelaration

I just finished reading an excellent book that I really enjoyed called Accelaration.

Book Accelaration by Graham Mcnamee

Enjoyed reading this book. It was very interesting to read. I liked Duncan and his friends, they remind me of typical older teenage guys, just they way the talk and the the things they do. Yes one or two of them could be deliquents but then again I used to know one or two deliquents so they reminded me of them. This story is about Duncan finding a diary that has no name or who it belongs to but while reading the diary he thinks the person may end up being a killer and he is trying to figure out what to do with this information

Later on this weekend I will be back with other books I have read and some manga.   But I just wanted to post this while it was fresh in my mind.  And recommend it to others that may a could suspenseful story to read.
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