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Mermaid Park, Girl at Sea, Chibi Vampire, Kanna, Love Lesson

It's a rainy ugly Sunday I should be cleaning but here I am in front of t he computer.   So I figured I would write out a few more books and manga.

Books- Mermaid Park, Girl at Sea
Mermaid Park by Beth Mayall.  I enjoyed this book.  It was cute and I wanted to know what was going to happen. This book is about Amy who is on the swim team in school and she the guy she likes doesn't really notice her.  She has a Mom, Stepdad and younger sister.  She seems to have problems with the Stepdad and the way her family acts.   They go down to the Jersey shore for a vacation and Amy ends up staying behind to stay with an Aunt.  While at the Jersey shore she has to get a summer job.  This goes into her meeting some new friends at the new job, and working her way into fitting in and some self discovery.  At one point I didn't like the way she was treating one of her new friends. That is one of the way's I can tell if I really enjoy the book if it makes me have deep feelings while reading it.  When I read this book it was in August and I was glad it was summer.  Everytime she wrote about swimming it made we jump in the pool just to cool of to enjoy the feeling she wrote about.   She explained swimming so clearly. 

Girl at Sea by Maureen Johnson.  I did enjoy this book. This book is about Clio and she has to spend her summer on a boat with her Father, Martin her Dad's best friend, Julia a research partner and her daughter Elsa.  Then there is Julia's assistant Aidan who seems to rub Clio the wrong way.   They are doing research on a lost item that they are trying to find.  I only thing I didn't really like about the book is I think (this could be a spoiler so don't read on if you haven't read the book).   *** Spoiler***  she wrote about the treasury find to fast.  It just seemed to happen.  Everything leading up to it was written about and good but the actual dive I thought was kinda glanced over.  Maybe it was suppose to be since this book is about Clio and and her relationship with her Dad.  Plus I think the end was a little rushed with who actually took the boat and why.  I would still recommend this book to anyone that wants to read it.   These two parts are only my opinion the book is still a very good book to read.    

Manga - Chibi Vampire, Kanna
Chibi Vampire volume 10- Enjoy this series.  I always forget how much I enjoy it until I pick it up and start reading it.  In this volume it center's around Karin and Kenta not being able to be friends anymore.  Plus it focus's on Kenta Father and Mother and their past relationship.  Kenta Father makes me laugh in this book.   Also Karin parents are still trying to look out for her and watching what see does.  

Kanna volume 1 -  This series has me confused but looking forward to see what is going to happen next.  Kagura is living an okay life until a little girl (Kanna) seems to enter his world.  For some reason she is calling him Daddy.  Then strange things start happening around him.  His boss goes bezerk and kills people .  I'm not exactly sure if he is possessed by a demon or just was a demon or evil spirit.  That is what I still have to find out.  I loved the part when Kanna went to find clothes and the cosplay shop owner gives her all those cute cosplay clothes.  She looks adorable in them.   

Yaoi Manga  - Love Lesson
This volume consistes of 6 seperate stories.  I liked the stories they where cute.   One is about the teacher and the student where the student keeps telling the teacher he is cute.  One is about a couple who is dating and the other one doesn't tell his feelings alot.  they find a lid that belonged to a cup that belonged to an old boyfriend.  Which leads him to believe the guy he is dating still has feelings for his old boyfriend.

That is all for now.  Will be back sometime later in the week with more updates.  Maybe I will go and watch dancing with the stars since I taped it and never got a chance to watch it. :)
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