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Face off, Tantalize, Bleach, Basara, and other manga

Well here is my weekly update.  Yes I was able to do some reading but not alot since I didn't feel well, and my daughter was still sick.  Usually when I don't feel well I just want to relax on the couch put something on that I really don't mind falling asleep to and then just fall asleep.   Then of course there was Thanksgiving and start decorating for Christmas.  Lets just say I normally never go shopping on Black Friday.  
But this year my son who doesn't drive had to be at  Staples at 5:00am.  Since I had to take him I decided to go and get one of those Digital frames as a Christmas gift for my grandmother.  Needless to say my son doesn't pay much attention.  He told me the stores opened at 5:00am since that is what time he had to be there.  So we pulled up at 4:45 and there was already a line about 7 people.  So I got out and stood in line thinking it was going to open in 10 minutes what did I have to lose.   Well by 5:15 I realized it wasn't opening until 6:00 am.  By that time the line had grown by another 10 people.  So I just stayed in line.  GOOD thing I did.  I got in the store had my item and back out by 6:03.  My son said the digital frames where all where all gone 10 minutes after I left.  SO I went shopping on Black Friday even though I really do like to go shopping and really have always avoided the malls on Black Friday. The only shopping I like to do is go to my favorite book store and buy books. 

Movies Face Off, Princess Diaries two and One Special night
Face Off – I really like this movie. I know it has a lot of violence in it. But I think John Travolta and Nickolas Cage did a great job in this.   Both of them can portray bad guys so well that you really hate them. But then they can also be the really nice sweet guy that you love.   In this movie they get to play both parts and they do such a great job in it. 
Princess Diaries two - This was the movie I was watching while I was sick.  So needless to say I feel asleep part way through it.  But I had seen it before and liked it.  I don't think it was a good as the first one, but for some reason I like these kind of movies.  Ones you don't have to think about just enjoy.  

One Special Night - This movie was on lifetime and it starred Julie Andrews and James Garner.  I love these two actors.  It was on Thanksgiving night and I still didn't feel too good so this was just let me sit and watch something movie.   I enjoyed it but I think the time frame was off.  I could understand him meeting her while his wife was sick but I couldn't imagine if he loved his wife that much that he would meet her for breakfast that week, and then he wife died like 3 days later and he was with her like a month later.  I understand it is just a movie, and since it most likely is a Christmas one that they had to have them get together before Christmas.  But they could of made it Christmas of the following year.  I guess since I saw it once when my cousin died, her husband was out dating within 1 month and married before a year was up.  I just didn't think it was right.  But then again when someone loses a spouse everyone act differently. 

Anime Bleach I just love this series.
Bleach volume 7 -  I cannot believe how fast the episodes go. I sit there watching and can't believe that all 4 episodes where already done.  In this  volume they land in the Soul Society. It had me laughing when the bald guy (I am not good with the names) was doing his lucky dance. It cracked me up.  And the way the one guy (I forget names) the captain of the 11th division has the one person on his back and they keep coming to dead ends. LOL.  I really enjoy this and can not wait for the next manga February and the next DVD Jan.

Books - Tantalize by Cynthia Lettich Smith
First off I really enjoyed this book.  I will try and not give any spoilers away but it might be harder with this one.  This is about a teenage girl Quincie that has a restaurant,  her parents had died and she lives with her uncle.  They are remodeling the restaurant since it wasn't doing very good business, and they come up with a Vampire theme.  Needless to say a few characters die in the book.  (well I already gave two away her parents but they where already dead when the book starts).  I will not say anything else.  I really feel bad for her friend Kieren in this and they way she treats him in some parts of this book

Manga Satisfaction Guaranteed, Basara, Me and my Brothers, La Corda and Boys over flowers
Satisfaction guaranteed vol 5 – I like this series. Shima is funny. He always gets upset about something and for some reason he always ends up dressing like a girl, and get upset about it. I love the way Shima and App relate to each other, and I like how Kaori is always there for him even though he is very busy.
Boys over flowers vol 26 – I still enjoy this story. The problem with this is it has 36 volumes. I am to the point wondering what all-else they can do to keep these two apart.   To me it should do the point of wrapping up. I know some series I really hate to see end. I think when it seems they keep repeating the theme over and over it is time to end the series. I know I will finish reading this series since I still enjoy it and I want to see how it ends, I just think 36 volumes is lot. (Where for Fruits Basket and Hana Kimi both end at 23 volumes and I will hate to see them end).
La Corda vol 5 – I like this series.   I feel bad for Hino she is so nice to everyone and she just feels like she doesn’t belong since it is a magic violin.   In the volumes before I didn’t like how Azuma was treating Hino, at the end of this volume it has a twist at the end where they seem to be getting along sorta?) poor Hino. Now I can’t wait for the next volume to see what happens next.    
Basara vol 25 – Is this the end? I really enjoy this series.  But I am confused on some websites it says 27 volumes but on page one it says the "Stunning conculsion", and part way through the book after one of the chapters it says Fin.   The chapter with Fin at the end could be the final chapter just by what happens in it with the red king/Shuri and Tatara/Sarasa. Plus it covers some of the other characters of where they were going.   But I think the story should cover more of what happens in the future.  So I am hoping that it is not finished. If it is the end I would recommend this series to anyone.  It has fighting, romance, action, conflicts, hardships, friendships, betrayal, sadness, so many different emotions and so much happens.  It shows how Sarasa tries to discover who she really is, and Shuri changing his way to be a better person.  Plus I think some of the other characters learn things about themselves and other's in this volume.  
Me and my Brothers Vol 2 – I really enjoy this series it is so cute. This story has all the kinds of characters I love. Sakura she is sweet, nice and so cute no wonder her brothers always want to protect her and hug her. Takesshi he is the sweet and silent type caring for his plants and sister. Tsuyoshi always wanting to beat someone up, but he actually has a good heart when it comes to his sister and brothers. Takashi he is the responsible older brother who is a teacher that cares for his sisters, brothers and students. And last my favorite character Masashi the oldest brother who really cares for his brothers and sisters but show is in very strange ways. He loves to wear womens clothes, he cries, he acts like the Mom, he just has so many different sides he always makes me laugh. I would recommend this series to anyone it makes you laugh, sometimes it has some sad moments but it is just a sweet and cute story.
Normally on Sunday's I try to read at least 2 manga's, but I had to go to my Grandparents 60th anniversary party.  It was nice but sad since they are both 87 years old, and they don't look that well.  But I am lucky that they are still around.  In the morning my Dad wanted to start decorating for Christmas.  So I got the decorations out and I did the flowers and bows and put lights around the shed.   He will put the rest of the lights out later this week. 
Hopefully I will have some updates next week.  Might not since it is back to the work and hopefully studying.  I really have to quit putting that off.  LOL yeah right, knowing me I will be laid off and complaining that I can't find anything and it will be my fault for not taking the test.
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