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The Midnight Twins, Me and my Brothers, Gakuen Alice, Let Dai, Wild Adapter, The color of Love

I am updating my journal with one book that I read. The Midnight Twins it was the book that was selected for the month of August in the forum group Like OMG Teens Read. Plus I have read come volumes of manga about two weeks ago. 

Things I have done this past week.  Nothing really I did watch the season premiere of Heroes. Not that I ever watched much of Heroes before.  I did see the first few episodes on season one over the summer but that was all before it was borrowed.   I enjoyed the series so I watched the premiere with my Daughter.  What a great first two episodes I enjoyed it and was sitting on my seat for most of it.  I love Hiro and Ando they are great.  Every time they are on they make me smile.   I won't give any spoilers in case you taped it but I can't wait to see what happens next week :)

My one car is still acting up and they have not figured out what is wrong with it.  But I did take my other car in to be fixed since we can tell what is wrong.  It needs a new radiator.  So hopefully it will be fixed by the end of the day and no more of me having to put water into it every time I have to drive.   (It was starting to get annoying).

Sorry to anyone on LOMG Teens if you read my reviews or comments a second time since The Midnight Twins and some manga I commented on the forum :)

Okay onto the books
The Midnight Twins by Jacquelyn Mitchard
The Midnight Twins - I really liked this book. Enjoyed reading it I didn't want to put it down.  It is a book about Mallroy and Merry who are twins. When they are born are able to communicate to each other  through there minds.   They can hear in their heads what the other is thinking.  They come into special powers as they get older.  One can see into the future and the other can see into what has happened in the past.  Something is happening to them as they come into their powers and the people around them and within their town.  They try to put a stop to what is happening.   In this story they have a neighbor Drew who I really liked.  It seems he also likes one of the twins I will not tell you which one you have to read it to find out.  But he is always there for the sisters.  I would recommend  this book to read.  I was actually sad that there wasn't another book after this.  It ends well but I think there could be more to this story as the twins get's older and to use the powers that they have again.  Plus I want to know who they end up with :)

Manga Me and My Brothers, Gakuen Alice, Let Dai, Wild Adapter
Me and My brothers vol 4 - Love this series it is so cute. . Sakura is sweet and cute, also I like her brothers. They all get along so well. Her half brothers really care for her and look out for her.  In this volume Sakura meets a man that thinks she looks like his old girlfriend.  He asks her to join him at a party.  Of course her brothers can not let her go alone so they tag along but they are put to work as waiters.   Why does Sakura remind him of his ex-girlfriend you would have to read this volume to find out.  I was cracking up at the extra in the back when her brother Tsuyoshi when they where little was trying to find a birhtday gift for her and what he gave her.  Poor girl the face she was making but I would of made it to :) 

Gakuen Alice vol 3
- Love this series.  The way Mikan wants to help everyone but yet she is also a little bit selfish. I am enjoying that each series comes up with a different adventure, within the class and what she has to go through. The President Yuu is so cute always being there for her, and her friend Hotaru cracks me up. Of course I love Natsume because he is the cranky character and always getting into troubhle and I like his friend Luca who cares about Natsume and animals.  In this volume Natsume is taken away by some group.  Mikan and Sumire try to follow and rescue him.   In this volume you learn more about Natsume and Sumire.  You even learn what Sumire special ability is.  This is such a cute story  I enjoy it. 

Let Dai vol 10 -  I love this series but I was so upset with it.  I am almost afraid to read the next volume.   I cried during it and after I got done reading it, and the few people I talked to that day I told them what happened in the story (and I would choke up again).   You know it is a good story when it affects you so much that you have to tell everyone and it gets you so emotional.  I know the other posts I have done on Let Dai I go on and on about this series.  Yes it is a dark series, with violence, but it sucks you in and you want to know what is going to happen next and will any good come from any of the relationships, be it friends, family, couples.  

Wild Adapter vol 1 -  I can say I enjoyed this volume.  I actually went out to pickup volume 2.  This story is dark and it is about people murdering and hurting other people so far. Makoto Kubota  he is the head of a youth gang dealing with the yakuza wars.  He stumbles upon a strange drug called "wild adapter" that produces bizzare side effects.  Kubota meets up with a stranger Minoru Tokito.  In this volume they have just meet.  I want to learn more about Kubota why he acts the way he does,  and since Tokito was just introduced I want to find out more about him.  I'm finding this story very interesting and want to know more.

Yaoi Manga - The Color of Love
The Color of Love -  I thought this was a cute volume. It consists of a couple of different stories.  One is about a high schooler Nao who is in love with his friend Taira he doesn't want Taira to know his feelings.  When Taira begins to notice a change in  Nao will Nao finally let him now his feelings.  In another story makino has a history of bad luck with love.  He seems to only date guys of a certain type until he friend Sasaki admits his feelings.  I enjoyed all of the cute short shories within in this ovolume.

So that is my list from now.  I will be updating again sometime over the weekend since I have more books and manga to post.   I also picked up Dvd vol 12 of Bleach and vol 7 of Kyo Kara Maoh, hopefully I will get to watch them sametime over the next few days.  Plus I have to watch dancing with the starts.  Taped it just didn't watch it yet.  

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