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It's that time of year to wrap up all of my lists of what I did last year.  Instead of having to go to all post this one sums up the Drama's (Even though it has all of them that I have watched since I am not sure if my pc will end up dying and I don't  have the list saved some placed. (which is highlly unlikely since I save it to hard drive as well but just in case).

Korean Drama's

Boys Over Flowers *
Playful Kiss *
The 1st Coffee Prince *
Princess Hours (Goong)
Secret Garden *
To Beautiful You *
Protect The Boss *
Creating Destiny *
Lie To Me *
Flower Boy Raymen Shop *
Personal Taste *
You're Beautiful *
Heartstrings *
Kpop (extreme survival)

9 ends 2 outs
I Miss You *
School 2013 *
Sweet 18
Shut Up Flower Boy Band *
Can we get Married
Flower Boy Next Door
Unexpected You *
Level 7 Civil Servant
A Gentleman's Dignity *
White Christmas *
Love in Memory
Nine: Nine Time Travels
Nail Shop Paris
Dating Agency - Cyrano
Monstar *
You’re the Best Lee Soo Shin *
I hear your voice *
Good Doctor *
Unemployed Romance
Marry Him if you Dare
Secrets *
Golden Rainbow
Infinite Power
Reply 1994 *
Melody of Love *

My Love from another Star *
twenty-year olds (20's) *
Emergency Couple *
Dream High 2
Bride of the Century *
Sly and Single *
Sungkyunkwan Scandal
Gap Dong
Doctor Stranger
Your surrounded *
High School - Love on *
It's okay that's love *
Marriage not dating *
Whats with this family *
Discovery of romance
Secret Hotel *
My Lovable girl
Plus nine boys
The Greatest Marriage
Tomorrow's Cantabile
Modern Farmer
Pride and Prejudice *
Love Cells
Mr Baek *
Pinocchio *
Sweden Laundry

Persevere , Goo Hae Ra (aka sing again, hera gu)
Kill me Heal Me *
Hyde, Jekyll and I *
Loves Fool *
Heard it through the grapevine
Dream Knight
Milky Love
Angry Mom *
Sensory Couple
School 2015 *
Jeju Island Gatsby (warm and cozy)
Princes Prince
The time that I loved you 7000 days
We broke up
Oh My Ghostess *
Yong Pal
Healer *
The Virtual Bride
Twenty Again *
To be Continued
Nobel, My Love
She Was Pretty *
Cheer Up (sassy go go) *
Because it's the first time *
Start Love
The Village: Archiara's Secret *
Falling in love with Dojeon
Reply 1988 *
Oh My Venus *
Imaginary Cat *
9 Seconds Eternal Time

High End Crush *
Cheese In The Trap
One More Happy Ending *
Missing Korea
Remember *
Click Your Heart
Nightmare Teacher
Page Turnover *
The Entertainer *
Thumping Spike
Ms Tempter & Nam Jung Gi
Five Children (Five Enough) *
Doctor Crush
Touching You
Cinderella and Four Knights *
Fantastic *
Jealousy Incarnate *
Shopping King Louie *
Go Ho Starry Night
7 First kisses
Weightlifting Kim Bok Joo *

My Shy Boss
Strong Woman Do Bong Soon *
My Father is Strange *
My Secret Romance
Queen of Mystery
Love in Trouble (Suspicious Partner) *
Third Rate My Way (Fight my way) *
The Best Hit *
School 2017 *
Hospital Ship
Thumping Spike 2
Girls Generation 1979
While You Were Sleeping *
The Master Sun *
Because This is my First Life *
20th Century Boy and Girl *
The Package
Go Back Couple *
The Vineyard Man *
I am not a Robot *


Wise Prison Playbook *
Longing Heart
Radio Romance
The most beautiful Goodbye
Call me Mother *
Waikiki *
Just between Lovers (Rain or Sine) *
Queen of Mystery 2
Shall we live together (Marry me Now) *
Chief Kim (Good Manager) *
Suspicious Housekeeper
You Drive me Crazy *
Greasy Melo (wok of Love) *
Come and Hug Me *
Handsome guy Manual (The undateables)
Miss Hammurabi *
Why Secretary (What's wrong with Secretary Kim) *
Still 17 (I'm 30 but 17) *
To Jenny
Lovely Horribly *
Devlish Joy
100 Day Prince *
Arang and the Magistrate
Witch's Love
Love Alert (Fluttering Warning)
Feel Good to Die *
It's too bright outside

My Healing Love*
Clean with a Passion for Now*
My Strange Hero*
Spring turns to Spring*
Three Color Fantasy: Queen of the Ring
How to Pbulsih Love (Romance is a bonus book)*
Touch Your Heart*
I hate you Juliet
Sky Castles*
I Picked up a celebrity in the street*
Mother of Mine*
He's a Psychometric*
Kill It
Beautiful World
Her Private Life*
The secret Life of my secretary*
Angles Last mIssion(Dan's Only love)*
Extraodinary You*
Bring it on Ghost (Lets Fight Ghost)*
Woman with a Suitcase*

Never Twice *
Melting me Softly
Psychopath Diary *
Love with Flaws
Beautiful Love Wonderful Life *
When Camelia Blooms *
Stove League *
Tree of Heaven *
Hospital Playlist *
Best Mistake
Level Up
Fix You (Soul Repair/Mechanic) *
Timings *
Oh My Baby
One Fine Week
Once Again *
Was it love *
To all the guys that love me (men are men)
Reply 1997
Lonely Enough to Love (Love is annoying, but I hate being lonely) *
The Birth of a Mrs
You Smile (Smile You) *
Do You like Brahms
Record of Youth
The School Nurse Files
My Dear Youth Coffee Prince *
Do Do Sol Sol La So *
Start Up *
I'll Go to you when the weather is nice *


Marmalade Boy - 2012
Fated to Love You -2012*
Just You – 2013 *
It Started with a Kiss -2017 *
They Kissed Again 2017*


Mischievous Kiss: Love in tokyo - 2013 *
Mischievous Kiss: Love in tokyo 2 -2014 *
Good Morning Call - 2018
Good Morning Call Our Campus Days -2018
Coffee and Vanilla - 2019
Didn't watch any this year


Accidentally in Love - 2018 *
A Love So Beautiful-2018
Put Your head on my Shoulder - 2019*
Master Devil Do not Kiss me Season 1 - 2019
Master Devil Do not Kiss me Season 2 – 2020
Count Your Lucky Stars – 2020

Currently Watching

No Matter What - Loving long weekend drama
One Percent of Something - This is cute
Love struck in the city
A love So Beautiful - Korean remake

Drama's stopped and maybe someday I will get back to

K Drama
Pretty Man
Glorious Days
Fated to Love you (korean version)
Orange Marmalade
The moorim School
Madame Antonio
Secret Message
Bubble Gum
Sweet Savage Family
Descendants of the Sun
My Little Baby
Vampire Detective
Romantic Doctor Kim
Tomorrow With You
Romance Full of Life
Radiant Office
My Golden Life
Revolution of Love
Two Cops
Something in the rain
Hide and Seek
The smile has left your eyes
Room number 9
Just Dance
Coffee Do me a favor (coffee please)
Fate and Fury
Autumn in my Heart (Autumn Tale) ep3
Welcome to wakkii 2 Ep1
Stranger from Hell
Good Casting
Backstreet Rookie/Convienance Store

T Drama
Love Now
Fall In Love with Me
Love Myself or You

J drama
A clinic on the sea
Bungaku Shojo

C drama
Love 020


To All the Boys I loved before PS I still love You
Before I Die
West Side Story
Mary Poppins Returns
White Christmas
Dolly Partrons Christmas on the Square
The Prom
Christmas Chronicles 2
California Christmas
Emmett Otters Jug Band Christmas
How the Grinch Stole Christmas
It's a Wonderful Life


Anne of Green Gables 1-4 episodes


Hwaiting episodes 1-4
BTS up to 73-75 (still really behind)!
Weekly Idol – Got7, (G) Idle, NCT Dream, NCT 127, BTOB
Ask Us Anything (Man on a mission) 243 Yonghwa and Lee Joon
Kpop Start with CNBLUE


Fruits Basket (2019) Season 1* Loved!


Currently Reading – Lightening by Dean Koontz and One Trick Pony by Daniella Brodsky
Manga – Love Com re-read 6, 7, Skip Beat 40, 41, 42
Young Adult – Pants on Fire by Meg Cabot


Had a lot of good song this year that I enjoyed.  Happy that BTS got to break so many records with their album sales, topping billboard 100, grammy nomination Dynamite really made a big impact I, actually after Christmas I have heard on the radio playing when I was driving home I have it multiple days :)  Happy Pentagon finally got their first win! smiling watching a TXT video right now and I am happy they are doing so well, also Enyphen and Drippin I am enjoying their debut.  Woodz from Uniq I am also enjoying his solo's. Loved Twice comebacks, and really enjoyed (G)-Idles songs, April, . There were a lot of girl group songs that I really enjoyed this past year.  Happy to see B1A4, CNBLUE and some of BTOB members back from the military and performing, and Kim Sung Ki from Infinite!

Sad just found out that Got7 are not re-newing their contract.  I loved JJProject and when GOT7 first came out I would watch everything.  But just like what happend to Vixx it seemed to get centered around one member and I slowly stopped following everything that they did.   It still makes me sad that the are all going their seperate ways, hope they are able to have a re-union in the futre because I still liked their music and liked the members.  There was so many of the groups that I loved that have lost member due to scandels or they have moved on.  Beast, CNBLUE, BTOB,other groups that just didn't re-new their contracts and went their seperate ways.  After listening to Kpop for 7 to 8 years now I noticed how things seem to stay the same but also change.  Your favorite group at first is all over having comebacks,
winning and doing everything, then as the years go on you see them less and less and then all of a sudden they are having issues within the group or their contracts are done and they disband.  It really is sad once you stop to think about your favorites just diseappering.   I guess the same thing happens in US and UK groups promote for so long and lose members and have less and less comebacks.  But there really are groups that are still around from when I was younger.  They may not promote as much but once in a while they have a come back and it makes me happy!

Well this post has gotten a lot longer then I expected but again it is a list.  I have to go and put all of the Christmas decorations away so I can relax the rest of the night.  Everything is taken down just needs to be put away!

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