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Well it is the end of August so I am going to give my monthly Drama update, and do you believe I actually got to finish the one book and then read another along with a few manga's.  This is the most I have read in years!  I did it over my vacation which made me happy.  I forgot how much I love to read.

Update on my Dad they found he has an abdominal aortic aneurysm.  He went and saw one doctor but he says he does not do that kind of operations so we have to take my Dad to another doctor in the city and have him look.  They may not do it because it isn't big enough yet it is 10cm less then when they do the actually operations.  But they say sometimes if it is growing they do the operations.  He goes next Monday to the doctor.  This doctor said they might not do it since my Dad is 89. I am thinking what they are going to do is just say lets monitor it and see how it is growing and if it goes up the 10cm then we make a decision. I just hope my Dad is okay and if he needs the operation the perform it since I know aneursym if they burst they can kill a person. 

Update on the pool it has been getting green again,  we have to keep battling the algae.  The nights are getting colder and the water is now cold when we get in.  And last week we had some days that were not to hot. We have to get in and clean the algea, they are not going to close the pool until the end of September I think we will have a long few weeks trying to keep it clean. 

Korean Drama

Mother of Mine Episodes 49- 67 Still watching and I like this drama, Still feel bad for the Father-In-Law he wife still doesn't listen to him, he has now taken a part time job that she doesn't know about and he has me smiling he loves to talk to people and he is talking their ears off! The husband was caught renting a room and storing all of his toys. He is starting to take on a little bit more responsibilities. The youngest daughter I didn't like that much but she has grown on me along with her story line. I don't really care for the Chairman's younger wife or her brother they are both slimey! Will have to see how it goes from here. The middle daughter got married and living with the Chairman and his wife I don't know how she can do it.

The Secret Life of my Secretary episodes 6-16 I like this drama I feel bad for Do Min Ik because we now why it is called the Secret Life of my Secretary. Since he can not recognize anyone she goes to tell him that Veronica couldn't make their date when he thinks she is Veronica. So she ends up pretending to be Veronica. They end up going out on a few more dates where the secretary pretends she is Veronica. In the meantime the real Veronica starts to fall for Do Min Ik friend and partner Ki Dae Joo. Veronica cracks me up she is so fun to watch. At first I didn't think I would like her character but I really like her.

The Abyss episodes 4 – 9 Enjoying this drama it has taken a weird twists and turns in the story. I am still enjoying it because I really like Ahn Hyeo Seop and Park Bo Young!

WWW episodes 4 – 9 Enjoying this drama and I like Ba Ta Mi and Park Mo Gun. I also really like Cha Hyun I am not sure how she is going to react to different situations, is she going to want to beat someone up, or is she going to agree, or what, and I love it when she is watching the drama's and get so worked up over them, I also am enjoying her relationship with Seol Ji-Hwan.

Angels Last Mission (Dan's Only love) – episodes 4 – 16 I like this drama a lot. Kim Dan makes me laugh and Lee Yeon Seo she is really tough on everyone but I like when she is with Kim Dan. I haven't figured out why the one Angel that should of died is still around. But maybe I will find out later in the story.

Japanese Drama
Japanese drama is called Coffee and Vanilla episodes 1- 7 both of the leads were in the drama I watched last year called Good Morning Call. This one is about a college girl that meets and older guy and their relationship.

Chinese Drama
Chinese Drama is called Put Your Head on My Shoulder episodes 1-6 this is a story of about a college student Situ Mo who has a crush on Fue Pei it seems like a one way crush, even though he is sometimes there for her as a friend he forgets that he promises to do things and doesn't show up or sends he one room mate Gu Weiyi. She first meets Gu Weiya when Fue Pei and her are riding a bike to school and they crash into Gu Weiyi. Gu Weiyi seems to end up being there for her, and helping her when needed. I really am enjoying the build up of their feelings for each other. Since the drama shows snippets in the intro you know what is going to happen because of the pictures. I just enjoy watching it all unfold. Even though I am enjoying all of the drama's I am watching now this is the lightest and fluffiest to watch. It is really cute. She also seems to have a backbone and stands up for herself.

Bts won the MTV awards for Best Kpop and Best Group.  They are taking a two month break that the definetly needed to rest!
Pentagon came out with Humph Love it, Red Velvet came out with Umpah Umpah which I like, and Oh my Girl came out with Bungee which is also good.
Also with the mess that was going on with Jonghyun in CNBLUE he just announced that he is leaving the group.  On one hand this makes me sad since I love CNBLUE but on the other hand I sorta like Jonghyun but he wasn't may favorite in the group.  Ever since I heard how he treated Jungshin the one time I was always wondering about him, I wasn't sure if I liked him as a person or not.  I like his voice and loved the group, just wasn't sure how I felt about him as a person. I am still not sure what he did so I will not take a stand on what happened.

Everlasting by Kathleen E Woodiwiss.  She used to be one of my favorite authors, and this book was good, This was an historical Romance about an English girl Abrielle and she was engaged to a guy but he was killed, and then she had to marry another guy that died on their wedding night, but during all of this time she had meet Raven and she thought he was only interested in her money that she got from her husband.  Raven on the other hand fell in love with her at first sight before she was married or engaged.  I felt like they didn't spend enough time with Abrielle and Raven it was more centered on the revenge of the other guy in the book and the battles with him.  I just felt like the ending was more rushed.

Secrets By Jude Deveraux.  She is another one of my favorite authors and I really enjoyed this book and wanted to know what was happening next.  This is a story about Cassandra Madden who fell in love with Jeffson Ames when she was 12 and he was much older.  When she grows up she ends up being the nanny to his daughter since his wife had died.  She still loves him and wants him to recognize that she is all grown up.  The story also has an twist with an older actress that lives next store and about what Jeff real job is. Cassandra doesn't know what he really does for a living.
Skip Beat Vol 37, 38 and 39 still love this series!

Yaoi Re-read How is Your exboyfriend and Picnic, also read Hero Heel volume 1
Our house during the summer I have had to turn my pc off some nights so my Dad's ac and my son's would work so one night I actually watched a movie on my IPAD that was on netflix called I'll Always Be Your Maybe.  It was cute!  Also went to the movies and saw BTS Bring the Soul The Movie.  Enjoyed every moment of it.

Well that is all for now I will be back in September with more updates about my Dad, and drama's and other things.  September is a very busy month starting with my sister's birthday tomorrow, and my daughters birthday later in the month, and closing the pool, and doctors appointments. 
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